[Defunct] Premium Bus Service 784

Premium Bus Service 784 was a morning peak Premium Bus Service between Eunos and the CBD, passing through Kaki Bukit, Bedok Reservoir and Shenton Way. It replaced City Direct Bus Service 658, which was discontinued on 17 December 2018.

Premium 784 was withdrawn on 1 Jan 2022.

Bedok Reservoir Road
→ Shenton Way
72061 Blk 122 Bedok Reservoir Rd
72071 Blk 133 Bedok Reservoir Rd
84501 Christ Ch Bedok Reservoir Rd
84511 Blk 608 Bedok Reservoir Rd
84499 Blk 140 Bedok Reservoir Rd
84701 Blk 151 Kaki Bt Ave 1
72031 Bef Kaki Bt Stn Exit B DT28 Kaki Bt Ave 1
72041 Blk 660A CP DT28 Kaki Bt Ave 1
72029 Opp Blk 646 Bedok Reservoir Rd
72019 Opp Blk 322 Jln Eunos
03539 Marina Bay Stn NS27TE20CE2 Central Blvd
03529 Downtown Stn Exit E DT17 Central Blvd
03129 UIC Bldg TE19 Shenton Way
03218 Opp MAS Bldg EW15 Shenton Way
Operator Information
Operator Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd
Fleet Private Buses
Departure Times from Bedok Reservoir Rd
0745 (Weekdays except Public Holidays)
Fare $4.00

Premium Bus Service 784 provided residents of Eunos and Bedok Reservoir with greater connectivity to the CBD. The service provides a travel alternative for commuters who relied on the rail network and feeder buses to and from work. The route incorporated an express sector between Jalan Eunos and Marina Bay via PIE, KPE and Sheares Avenue.

Formerly City Direct Bus Service 658, Aedge operated Premium Bus Service 784 with the same morning route after the City Direct service was discontinued on Monday, 17 December 2018.

Operator History:
  • 17 Dec 2018 – 31 Dec 2021: Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd
  • 2014 (19 May): Introduced as City Direct Bus Service 658, a bidirectional AM/PM-Peak hour service from Eunos to the CBD under the BSEP. Operates two trips on weekday mornings at 7:40am and 7:55am, and weekday evenings at 6:20pm and 6:35pm. Charges Distance-based flat fares.
  • 2015 (23 Mar): Calls at new bus stop 03241 Anson Rd – Mapletree Anson instead of 03222 Anson Rd – Hub Synergy Point
  • 2016 (25 Apr): Amended to serve Jalan Tenaga instead of Jalan Damai due to reinstatement of Kaki Bukit Ave 1.
  • 2018 (17 Dec): City Direct Bus Service 658 discontinued, while Aedge operates a single morning peak hour route as Premium Bus Service 784
  • 2022 (01 Jan): Service Withdrawn
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  • 14 July 2020 at 4:38 PM

    Has the premium service from Bedok Reservoir to Shenton Way, 784, resume operation after the Covid-19 lockdown?

    Thank you.


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