(Defunct) Changi Bus Park

First published on 01 June 2013. Last updated on Jan 2017.

Changi Bus Park is a bus park under SBS Transit’s East District. Located along Upper Changi Road East, it serves as a parking facility for bus operations mainly around Tampines.

Bus operations at Changi Bus Park have ceased since 11 Dec 2016 to facilitate the construction of the East Coast Integrated Depot. The last day of operations was on 10 December 2016.

General Information
Name Changi Bus Park  / 樟宜巴士泊车场
Address 52A Upper Changi Road East
Depot Information
Operator SBS Transit
Type Open-air bus parking facility
Abbreviation CGBP
Catchment Tampines
Associated depot Bedok North Bus Depot
(For Bus Washing, Refuelling and Maintenance)

Changi Bus Park (also known as CGBP) was a bus park built to supplement the limited parking space at SBS Transit’s Bedok North Bus Depot, and to accommodate the intake of additional buses under the Bus Services Enhancement Programme (BSEP). To facilitate operations, the majority of bus services based at Tampines Bus Interchange were allocated to Changi Bus Park for overnight parking during its three-and-a-half years of operations.

The construction of Changi Bus Park (Contract RD249 – Proposed Bus Park at Upper Changi Road East) was awarded to KTC Civil Engineering and Construction at a value of S$10.395 million. Construction involved a new road and traffic light junction leading to the bus park (from New Upp Changi Rd) and the bus park itself, consisting of pavement and ancillary buildings. To reduce noise pollution to nearby houses, large noise barriers (about 5m tall) were erected facing the Sungei Bedok canal.

The bus park was handed over to SBS Transit on 28 January 2013 and began operations in mid-2013, which relieved overcrowding at Bedok North Bus Depot and removed the need for overnight parking of buses at Bedok and Tampines Bus Interchanges. However, since the facility was intended to be temporary, Changi Bus Park was not equipped with supporting infrastructure for bus operations. All bus washing, refuelling and maintenance works were carried out at Bedok North Bus Depot.

East Coast Integrated Depot:

Changi Bus Depot was designed to be only a temporary facility. To facilitate works for the East Coast Integrated Depot, Changi Bus Park ended operations on 10 December 2016 was subsequently slated for demolition. The East Coast Integrated Depot consists of a multi-story train depot serving the East-West, Downtown as well as the Thomson-East Coast MRT Lines, replacing the current Changi MRT Depot. A new multi-story Bus Depot will also be part of the East Coast Integrated Depot.

Depot Fleet:

Changi Bus Park previously housed the following models of buses:

Gallery (Closed):

Gallery (Operational):

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2 thoughts on “(Defunct) Changi Bus Park

  • 21 November 2023 at 1:07 PM

    East Coast Integrated Depo,which sits on the former SBS Transit Changi Bus Park,is roughly 65% complete I guess

  • 10 October 2021 at 10:43 PM

    I think you forgot to mention that because some of the bus services previously under BNDEP/CGBP are now currently associated under Go-Ahead Loyang Bus Package at Loyang Bus Depot, they could afford to demolish CGBP without any replacement. Hence, by the time they demolish CGBP, the SBST BNDEP has already lesser fleet to deal with due to lost of Loyang Bus package.


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