East Coast Integrated Depot

East Coast Integrated Depot
Rail depot under construction
Location Upper Changi Rd East
Lines served   East West Line
  Downtown Line
  Thomson-East Coast Line
Operator SMRT Trains (EWL & TEL)
SBS Transit (DTL)
Type Multi-storey integrated rail and bus depot
Rolling Stock EWL: R151, C651, C751B, C151A, C151B, C151C
DTL: C951
TEL: CT251
Opening Year 2026

East Coast Integrated Depot is an integrated multi-level MRT and Bus depot facility currently under construction. Expected to be completed in 2025, it will serve the East West Line (EWL), Downtown Line (DTL) and the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), integrated with a bus depot. It will replace the existing Changi Depot currently serving the EWL.

Initially targeted for completion in 2024, the depot has been delayed by one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Ministry of Transport Committee of Supply Debate 2024, the opening period for East Coast Integrated Depot was updated to be delayed to Year 2026.

The depot is built in Upper Changi just off Upper Changi Road East, bordered by Upper Changi Road East, the existing Changi Depot, Laguna Golf Green and the Sungei Bedok canal. It houses three train depots and one bus depot in a single 360,000 square metre site, touted as the first of its kind in the world. It will be able to house around 220 trains and 760 buses*, and LTA estimated savings of 440,000 square metres of land should the depots have been built separately.

By optimising land use in a land-scarce Singapore, the depot not only releases valuable land for other uses, but its stacked design also results in an efficient structural scheme that allows sharing of facilities. The LTA estimates savings of 440,000 square metres of land with the stacked design.

East Coast Integrated Depot is situated between Tanah Merah and Simei stations on the EWL, between Xilin and Sungei Bedok stations on the DTL, and after Sungei Bedok station on the TEL. Reception tracks will connect the depot to these three lines.

The train depot complex comprises three levels. The DTL Depot is located underground, followed by the TEL Depot at-grade, and the EWL Depot elevated on the level above. The three train depots have been designed to operate independently of one another, and through careful planning, are able to accommodate trains with different numbers of cars. The DTL, TEL and EWL operate three, four and six-car trains respectively, and the total depot handling capacity is 220 trains.

The East Coast Integrated Depot is set to be the second integrated rail depot in Singapore after Sengkang MRT/LRT Depot which serves both the North East Line (NEL) and the Sengkang LRT / Punggol LRT.

Facilities at the rail depot include a mega intake load centre, three separate electrical load centres, a tunnel ventilation plant, train wash facilities, and a waste water treatment plant.

Reception Tracks

New reception tracks would be constructed on viaducts to connect to the existing EWL tracks, with two heading eastbound and two heading westbound for a total of four tracks. In addition, a bilevel reception track will connect the TEL and DTL depots

Bus Depot

See also: East Coast Bus Depot

The bus depot is an independent, three-storey structure located next to the train depot complex, which minimizes land use while maximizing capacity. Similar to Soon Lee Bus Park, the new depot is fitted with workshops on the ground level and parking spaces for buses on the second and third levels for a capacity for 760 buses*. When complete, the depot will likely be allocated to the Tampines Bus Package as part of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM).

Relocation of EWL Changi Depot

Once the East Coast Integrated Depot is completed in the year 2025, EWL operations will be gradually transferred from the existing Changi Depot to the new depot, after testing and commissioning are completed. The LTA said that it will work closely with the Public Transport Operator (SMRT Trains) during the transition period to ensure depot operations continue in a seamless manner.

Rolling stock:

East Coast Integrated Depot will maintain R151, C651, C751B, C151A, C151B, and C151C trains operating on the East West Line, C951 trains operating on the Downtown Line, and CT251 trains operating on the Thomson-East Coast Line.

*= The bus depot capacity was initially listed as 760 buses in a LTA factsheet published in November 2018, later revised to 740 buses in the LTA Annual Report 2018/19. It was later revised back to 760 buses in another LTA factsheet published in September 2022.


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Train Depot & Viaducts
Bus Depot


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