Sengkang Depot

Sengkang Depot
Depot entrance
Location 91 Sengkang East Avenue
Singapore 545072
Operator SBS Transit
Type At-grade (MRT)
Elevated (LRT)
Rolling stock C751A, C751C (MRT)
C810, C810A (LRT)
Opened 2003

Sengkang MRT/LRT Depot is an at-grade MRT train depot serving the North East Line (NEL), integrated with an elevated LRT train depot serving the Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT.

The depot is built in Sengkang West, covering an area of 270,000 square metres, and is located along Sengkang East Avenue. It contains a maintenance facility and stabling areas, and is accessed from Sengkang East Avenue by road, with an additional pedestrian access from the Tongkang LRT station linkbridge. The depot opened in 2003 along with the opening of both the NEL and the SKLRT.

Situated between Hougang and Sengkang station along the NEL, there are a total of 3 reception tracks: 2 tracks heading northbound towards Sengkang station and 1 track southbound towards Hougang station. On the roof of the MRT depot building is the LRT depot, situated between Layar and Tongkang station. There are a total of 2 reception tracks , with 1 branching out towards the west and east (Layar and Tongkang stations) respectively.

Contract C701 for the construction of Sengkang Depot was awarded to Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. at a contract sum of S$350 million. It was the first depot in Singapore to accommodate different types of trains under one roof.


An expansion of Sengkang MRT Depot will be built in the near future.

Rolling stock:

Sengkang Depot maintains C751A and C751C trains operating along the North East Line, as well as C810 and C810A trains operating along the Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT.


Satellite view
Satellite view

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