Alstom Metropolis C751C

Alstom Metropolis C751C
C751C Car End
C751C Car End
In service October 2015 – Present
Manufacturer Shanghai Alstom Transport
Constructed 2014 – 2016
Number built 108 Vehicles (18 trainsets)
Formation 6 cars per trainset
Fleet number 7051/7052 – 7085/7086
Operators SBS Transit
Depot(s) Sengkang
Line(s) served North East Line
Technical Data
Car body Welded aluminium
Doors 8 per car
Electrification 1500 V DC overhead catenary
Track gauge Standard Gauge (1435mm)

The Alstom Metropolis C751C is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train operating on the North East Line (NEL). Entering service in 2015, these were the North East Line’s second generation of rolling stock. These trains are an effort by LTA to increase the capacity of the North East Line by 70% during the peak hours.

Eighteen trainsets comprising six cars each were procured. They were manufactured from 2014 to 2016 by Shanghai Alstom Transport Co., Ltd. (a joint venture of Alstom and Shanghai Electric) in Shanghai, China. Deliveries commenced in July 2014.


Awarded to French company Alstom Transport in February 2012, Contract 751C (C751C) for the procurement of rolling stock called for of 18 trainsets of six cars each at a value of S$234.9 million. They were built by Shanghai Alstom Transport in Shanghai, China.

The trains were built as part of Alstom’s Metropolis family of urban EMU trains and bear greater similarity to the Circle Line’s C830 trains than its C751A predecessor. They draw power from a 1500 V DC overhead catenary, unique to the North East Line as other Mass Rapid Transit lines in Singapore rely on the 750 V DC third rail for electrification. Running on Alstom’s Urbalis 300 CBTC signalling system, these trains are fully automated (ATO GoA 4) and do not require an attendant on board.

Each 6-car train is actually two 3-car trainsets coupled together, each comprising of a Driving Trailer (DT) and two Motor Cars (Mp and Mi). The second and fifth cars of each train (Mp) are equipped with a pantograph.


These trains entered revenue service in October 2015.

Current Design

The exterior of C751C trains was a mix of black at the top and white at the bottom, with a central orange and purple stripe running the length of the train. The front of the train was sloped to create a streamlined look. Additionally, a large viewing window above the Emergency Exit Ramp gives more commuters a view of the tunnel.

All C751C trains are comprised of six cars with open gangway connections between all cars. Each car has eight doors, four on each side. The interior features longitudinal seating in uniform color scheme of purple. Priority seats (in red) are located in every car, near the doors. Trains were also fitted with a Visual Passenger Information System, with ceiling-mounted LED textual displays and Dynamic Route Map Displays above every door. LCD screens, formerly fitted to C751A trains, have no longer been supplied. Two Wheelchair Bays are located in the middle two cars of every C751C train, at doors 9 and 16.

Emergency Exits are located at both ends of every train, with a ramp that can be deployed in an emergency. Within the cabin, Emergency Communication Buttons (integrated with Door Unlock Handles) are located at the side of the train doors, enabling passengers to speak with staff or open the train doors in an emergency. Fire extinguishers are also placed in every car.

Train Formation

A six-car trainset is formed of two three-car sets permanently coupled together. Each set comprises one driving trailer (DT) and two motor cars (Mi and Mp). As such, the running configuration of a C751A trainset is DT–Mp–Mi–Mi–Mp–DT.

Every car is identified by a five digit number ranging from 7x051 to 7x086, where the first digit is always 7, and the second digit x is carriage identifier. The driving trailer is 1, followed by the second car using 2 and the third car using 3. The last three digits refer to the 3-car trainset of which the train is comprised of. SBS Transit’s 18 trains are actually 108 3-car trainsets coupled together in an even-odd arrangement, i.e. Set 7051/7052, Set 7053/7054 and on to Set 7085/7086.

As such, a sample Set 7069/7070 will contain the carriage numbers 71069-72069-73069-73070-72070-72070. Depending on the direction of travel, the sequence may be reversed. All sets were built by Alstom Transport.

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  • 9 April 2023 at 4:27 PM

    Just refurbish the entire NEL fleet to likenthe C751A so the train will be updated.

    • 22 May 2023 at 6:35 AM

      I think it’s a little too soon, don’t you think. The C751Cs are only at most 8 years old.

      • 15 September 2023 at 10:36 PM

        Trains get refurbished when they about 20 years old like the C151 (2006-2008), C651 (2016-scrapped) and the C751A (2019-2026)


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