City Hall MRT Station

City Hall
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City Hall MRT Station - Exit B
City Hall MRT Station – Exit B
Address 150 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179100
Lines Served   North South Line
  East West Line
Operator SMRT Trains (NSL & EWL)
Structure Underground (NSL & EWL)
Platform Stacked Island
Opened 12 Dec 1987

City Hall MRT Station (NS25/EW13) is an underground cross-platform interchange¬†station along¬†the North South Line¬†(NSL) and¬†East West Line (EWL). It is located near Stamford Road and the junctions with North Bridge Road and Saint Andrew’s Road.

The station opened along with Raffles Place in December 1987 and both stations serve as cross-platform interchanges between the North South Line and East West Line, allowing commuters to switch trains at the appropriate station without having to ascend or descend platform levels. City Hall station offers Westbound EWL & Northbound NSL trains on the upper level, and Eastbound EWL & Southbound NSL on the lower level.

City Hall Station serves the civic district and named after the old City Hall, which in 2015, has been converted into the National Gallery Singapore together with the adjacent Old Supreme Court Building. Nearby landmarks include the Padang, the Cenotaph, Raffles City and Capitol Plaza among many others.

Below ground, a network of pedestrian underpasses connect the station to nearby developments. Commuters can walk to CC3 Esplanade station via the subterranean Citylink Mall (Exit C) or Basement 2 of Raffles City (Exit A).

First / Last Train Timings

North South Line – (NS25) City Hall
Destination First Train Last Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays Daily
NS1 Jurong East 6:05am 6:30am 11:55pm
NS7 Kranji 12:11am
NS28 Marina South Pier 5:54am 6:19am 11:53pm
East West Line – (EW13) City Hall
Destination First Train Last Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays Daily
EW1 Pasir Ris 6:01am 6:29am 12:10am
Connecting to CG2 Changi Airport 11:26pm
EW33 Tuas Link 5:58am 6:24am 11:55pm


Station Layout

L1 Street level Bus stops, Taxi stand, pick-up/drop-off point
B1 Ticket Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Service Kiosks, Passenger Service Centre, SimplyGo Ticket Office, Retail Shop
B2 Platform A North South Line towards NS1EW24 Jurong East
Platform B East West Line towards EW33 Tuas Link
B3 Platform C North South Line towards NS28 Marina South Pier
Platform D East West Line towards EW1 Pasir Ris


North South Line & East West Line (B2):
MRT_rail (2)
Platform A: North South Line towards NS1EW24 Jurong East via NS24NE6CC1 Dhoby Ghaut (→)
Platform B: East West Line¬†towards EW33 Tuas Link¬†via EW14NS26 Raffles Place (‚Üź)
MRT_rail (2)
North South Line & East West Line (B3):
MRT_rail (2)
Platform C: North South Line towards NS28 Marina South Pier via NS26EW14 Raffles Place (‚Üź)
Platform D: East West Line towards EW1 Pasir Ris via EW12DT14 Bugis (→)
MRT_rail (2)

City Hall station has a total of four platforms, arranged in two stacked island platforms. The North South Line (NSL) and the East West Line (EWL) occupy two tracks each, enabling cross-platform interchange between lines. In particular, passengers arriving on the EWL from the East can conveniently transfer to the NSL towards Orchard and Toa Payoh by walking across the platform, and vice-versa for NSL (Southbound) to EWL (Eastbound).


The station has a combined ticket concourse located at Basement 1.

Escalators, stairs and lifts connect the concourse with the platforms below. There are escalators that lead to Basement 2 and others that lead straight to Basement 3, and commuters are advised to follow the signages to the correct escalator.

Civil Defence shelter

City Hall station is designated as a Civil Defence (CD) shelter, which will be activated in times of national emergency. Apart from reinforced construction, the station is designed and equipped with facilities to ensure the shelter environment is tolerable for all shelterees during shelter occupation. These facilities include protective blast doors, decontamination facilities, ventilation systems, power and water supply systems and a dry toilet system.

Station Amenities

  • Public Toilets at concourse level
  • Retail Shop at concourse level
  • ATMs and¬†Self-service Machines at concourse level
  • Top Up Kiosks
  • SimplyGo Ticket Office


City Hall MRT station has two exits at ground level (A and B) and another two exits at Basement 1 (C and D), all of which offer barrier-free accessibility. Out-of-system transfers can be made to Esplanade station.

Exit Location Nearby
A Raffles City Stamford Road / Beach Road, Bras Basah Complex, Carlton Hotel, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, CHIJMES, Fairmont Singapore, National Library, National Museum of Singapore, NTUC Income Centre, Raffles Hotel, Raffles City Convention Centre, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Management University (SMU), Swissotel The Stamford Singapore, NTUC Trade Union House, CC3 Esplanade station (via Raffles City Basement 2)
B St. Andrew’s Cathedral North Bridge Road / Stamford Road, National Gallery Singapore, Padang, Parliament House, Supreme Court, The Adelphi Lifestyle Mall, The Arts House @ The Old Parliament
C Citylink Mall via Citylink Mall:
Esplanade РTheatres On The Bay, Esplanade Park, Marina Square, One Raffles Link, Suntec City, Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre, CC3 Esplanade station
D Capitol Building
(Basement 2)
via Capitol:
Armenian Church, Bible House, Capitol, Capitol Piazza / Theatre / The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, Funan, Grand Park City Hall, National Archives of Singapore, Peninsular Excelsior Hotel & Shopping Centre, Peninsula Plaza, Peranakan Museum, Registry of Marriages, SCCCI, Singapore Philatelic Museum, Stamford Court, The Substation, The Treasury


Transport Connections

City Hall station connects to several bus stops in the vicinity, as well as taxi stands and passenger pick-up points.


There are four official bus stops linked to City Hall station. Additional bus stops are reflected here to better represent bus connections.

No. Bus stop Exit Bus Routes
B/s 1 04167 РNorth Bridge Rd (City Hall Stn Exit B) B 61, 124, 145, 166, 174, 174e, 197
B/s 2 04168 РNorth Bridge Rd (Aft City Hall Stn Exit B) B 32, 51, 63, 63A, 80, 195, 195A, 851, 851e, 961, 961M
B/s 4 04111 – Stamford Rd (Capitol Bldg) B / D 7, 7A, 14, 14A, 14e, 16, 16M, 36, 36A, 36B, 77, 106, 111, 131, 167, 175, 652, 656, 660, 663, 665, 850E, 857, 951E
B/s 5 04151 – Victoria St (Cath of The Good Shepherd) A 130, 133, 145, 197, 851, 851e, 960, 960e
02049 – Bras Basah Rd (Raffles Hotel) A 14, 14e, 16, 16M, 36, 36B, 77, 106, 111, 130, 131, 131A, 133, 167, 502, 502A, 518, 518A, 652, 656, 660, 663, 665, 850E, 857, 857B, 951E, 960, 960e


Taxi stands and pick-up/drop-off points for cars and private buses are located next to station exits:

Exit Road Provisions
A Stamford Road (driveway outside Raffles City) Taxi stand (C15), pick-up/drop-off point
A Stamford Road (driveway outside Swissotel The Stamford) Taxi stand (C17), pick-up/drop-off point
A North Bridge Road (outside Raffles City) Taxi stand (C14), pick-up/drop-off point
A Bras Basah Road (driveway outside The Fairmont) Taxi stand (C16), pick-up/drop-off point
D North Bridge Road (outside Capitol Centre) Taxi stand (C13), pick-up/drop-off point


MRT Bus Bridging Service

In the event of a MRT service disruption affecting City Hall station, MRT Bridging Buses may be activated to ply affected stretches of the North South Line or East West Line. In which case, the buses can be boarded from the following bus stops:

Towards Bus stop Exit
North South Line (NSL Bridging Bus)
NS1EW24 Jurong East B/s 4: 04111 РStamford Rd (Capitol Bldg) B
NS28 Marina South Pier B/s 2: 04168 РNorth Bridge Rd (Aft City Hall Stn Exit B) B
East West Line (EWL Bridging Bus)
EW1 Pasir Ris B/s 5: 04151 – Victoria St (Cath of The Good Shepherd) A
EW33 Tuas Link B/s 1: 04167 РNorth Bridge Rd (City Hall Stn Exit B) B

In addition, passengers can board free regular bus services at the following bus stops when activated:

  • North South Line
    Bus Stops 2 & 4
  • East West Line
    Bus Stops 1 & 5

Passenger Usage Patterns

City Hall is a key interchange station linking the North South Line with the East West Line. Located within the Ciry Centre, the station serves many shopping centres, office buildings and other attractions in the vicinity, in addition to being a key transport node for NSL/EWL transfer passengers. Hence, the station encounters high demand throughout the day.


City Hall station and tunnels were built as part of Contract 107B .



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