Bugis MRT Station

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Bugis MRT Station - Exit D
Bugis MRT Station – Exit D
Address 220 Victoria Street, Singapore 188022 (EWL)
191 Rochor Road, Singapore 188476 (DTL)
Lines Served   East West Line
  Downtown Line
Operator SMRT Trains (EWL)
SBS Transit (DTL)
Structure Underground (EWL & DTL)
Platform Island (EWL & DTL)
Opened 4 Nov 1989 (EWL)
22 Dec 2013 (DTL)

Bugis MRT Station (EW12/DT14) is an underground interchange station connecting the East West Line (EWL) and the Downtown Line (DTL). Built underneath the junction of Victoria Street, Rochor Road and North Bridge Road, the station brings rail connections to the diverse Bugis and Rochor area, with offices, shopping centres, commercial and residential developments, preserved shophouses and places and worship.

The station, and surrounding area, was named after the Bugis people who began settling in the area since 1819. A conventional interchange station, both lines built in different eras share different platforms and concourse levels, and are connected by both paid and unpaid links. The DTL platform, at Basement 5, cuts underneath the older EWL tunnel, at Basement 2.

While not officially linked to a bus terminal, the station is within walking distance of Queen Street Bus Terminal, where cross-border bus and taxi services are offered.

First / Last Train Timings

East West Line – (EW12) Bugis
Destination First Train Last Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays Daily
EW1 Pasir Ris 6:03am 6:31am 12:13am
Connecting to CG2 Changi Airport 11:29pm
EW33 Tuas Link 5:56am 6:22am 11:53pm
Downtown Line – (DT14) Bugis
Destination First Train Last Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays Daily
DT1 Bukit Panjang 6:03am 6:32am 12:22am
DT35 Expo 5:57am 6:17am 12:00am


Station Layout

L1 Street level Bus stops, Taxi stand, pick-up/drop-off point
B1 Underpass Underpass (Linking Exit D / DTL Ticket Concourse) / Exit E
EWL Ticket Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Service Kiosks, Passenger Service Centre (EWL), Retail Shops, SimplyGo Ticket Office
Unpaid transfer link to DTL Ticket Concourse
B2 EWL Platform A East West Line towards EW1 Pasir Ris
EWL Platform B East West Line towards EW33 Tuas Link
DTL Ticket Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Service Kiosks, Passenger Service Centre (DTL), Retail Shops
Unpaid transfer link to EWL Ticket Concourse
B3 Linkway Paid Transfer Linkway between EWL & DTL
B5 DTL Platform A Downtown Line towards DT1BP6 Bukit Panjang
DTL Platform B Downtown Line towards DT35CG1 Expo


East-West Line (B2):
Platform A: East West Line towards EW1 Pasir Ris via EW11 Lavender (→)
Platform B: East West Line¬†towards EW33 Tuas Link via EW13NS25 City Hall¬†(‚Üź)
Downtown Line (B5):
Platform A: Downtown Line towards DT1BP6 Bukit Panjang via DT13 Rochor (‚Üí)
Platform B: Downtown Line towards DT35CG1 Expo via DT15CC4 Promenade (‚Üź)

Bugis station has four platforms utilized by both rail lines for trains travelling in either direction, arranged in a island platform layout for each rail line.


Both EWL and DTL concourses feature faregates for automatic fare collection and provides access between paid and unpaid areas of the station, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for the benefit of passengers-in-wheelchairs and those carrying bulky items or travelling with prams.

The stations are also connected by both paid and unpaid links that allow seamless connection between both rail lines, and pedestrians can get around using the station’s network of underground walkways without having to enter the paid areas. The unpaid link connects both EWL and DTL concourses at Basement 1 level (on the EWL side) and Basement 2 level (on the DTL side) and is lined with retail shops.

The paid link at Basement 3 is located underneath the unpaid link, with travelators to speed up commuter flow. It connects to the EWL concourse paid area (Basement 1) with a set of escalators, so commuters pass over the EWL westbound tunnel (Basement 2).

¬†Art in Transit:¬†“Ephemeral”¬†by Patrick Chia

Spanning two floors and the length of the B3 transfer linkway, the artwork is intended to engage each commuter at his or her own moment, over the many times they might commute across. Some commuters might notice it immediately, invoking different feelings at different encounters, or simply take it in only at a subconscious level.

Station Amenities

  • Wheelchair accessible toilet at EWL Concourse level (B1 paid area, next to lift to platform)
  • Public Toilet at DTL Concourse Level (B2)
  • Retail Shops at EWL Concourse Level (B1) & DTL Unpaid Transfer Linkway (B2)
  • ATMs and Self-service machines at EWL Concourse level (B1)
  • Self-service machine at DTL Unpaid Transfer Linkway (B2)
  • Bicycle Racks at Station Exits
  • Top Up Kiosks
  • SimplyGo Ticket Office at EWL concourse


Bugis MRT station has four exits at ground level (A, B, C and D), but Exits A and C are inaccessible to the disabled.
Exit C leads to both street level (via a pair of escalators) and a direct link to Basement 1 of Bugis Junction, via another pair of escalators.
The basement link to Bugis Junction is open from 6am to 12 midnight daily.

Exit Location Nearby
A Victoria Street
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Fu Lu Shou Complex, OG Albert Complex, Sim Lim Square, Sim Lim Towers, Queen Street Bus Terminal, Sri Krishnan Temple, Stamford Arts Centre, The Bencoolen
B Victoria Street
Raffles Hospital, The Golden Landmark, Village Hotel Bugis
C Bugis Junction
(Level 1 / Basement 1)
Bugis Junction, Bugis+, Bugis Village, Hotel Inter-Continental Singapore, Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen, Mercure Singapore Bugis, National Design Centre, National Library, Saint Joseph’s Church
D Tan Quee Lan Street Istana Kampong Glam, Malay Heritage Centre, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road, Parkroyal@Beach Road, Parkview Square, Shaw Tower, Sultan Mosque, The Concourse, The Gateway (East / West), The Plaza
E Duo
(Basement 1)
Andaz Singapore, Duo Residences, Duo Tower, Duo Galleria, Parkroyal@Beach Rd, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Rd, Shaw Towers, The Gateway (East/West), The Plaza, The Concourse
F Duo
(Basement 2)

Transport Connections

Bugis station connects to several bus stops in the vicinity, as well as taxi stands and passenger pick-up points at selected exits.


There are seven official bus stops linked to Bugis station.

No. Bus stop Exit Bus Routes
B/s 1 07551 – Rochor Road (Fu Lu Shou Cplx) A 48, 57, 170, 851, 851e, 960, 960e, 980
B/s 2 01112 – Victoria Street (Opp Bugis Stn Exit C) C 7, 12, 12e, 63, 80, 175, 197, 851, 851e, 960, 960e, 980
B/s 3 01119 РVictoria Street (Aft Bugis Stn Exit C) C 2, 12, 12e, 33, 130, 133, 960, 960e
B/s 4 01113 РVictoria Street (Bugis Stn Exit A) A 2, 32, 33, 51, 61, 130, 133, 145
B/s 5 01059 РVictoria Street (Bugis Stn Exit B) B 2, 12, 33, 130, 133, 960, 960e
B/s 6 01541 РRochor Road (Bugis Stn Exit D) D 12e, 48, 57
B/s 7 01139 РNorth Bridge Road (Bugis Stn/Parkview Sq) D 7, 7A, 32, 51, 61, 63, 63A, 80, 145, 175, 197, 851, 851e


Taxi stands and pick-up/drop-off points are located next to station exits:

Exit Road Provisions
A Queen Street open-air carpark Pick-up/drop-off point
C Victoria Street
(Bugis Junction Towers)
Taxi stand
D Tan Quee Lan Street Taxi stand (B12), pick-up/drop-off point
E/F Fraser Street
(Duo Residences / Towers)
Taxi stand, pick-up/drop-off point

MRT Bus Bridging Service

In the event of a MRT service disruption affecting Bugis station, MRT Bridging Buses may be activated to ply affected stretches of the East West Line or Downtown Line. In which case, the buses can be boarded from the following bus stops:

Towards Bus stop Exit
East West Line (EWL Bridging Bus)
EW1 Pasir Ris B/s 4: 01113 Victoria St (Bugis Stn Exit A) A
EW33 Tuas Link B/s 5: 01059 Victoria St (Bugis Stn Exit B) B
Downtown Line (DTL Bridging Bus)
DT1BP6 Bukit Panjang B/s 6: 01541 Rochor Rd (Bugis Stn Exit D) D
DT35CG1 Expo B/s 3: 01119 Victoria St (Aft Bugis Stn Exit C) C

In addition, passengers can board free regular bus services at the following bus stops when activated:

  • East West Line
    Bus Stops 2, 4 & 5
  • Downtown Line
    Bus Stops 3 & 6

Passenger Usage Patterns

Located in the diverse Bugis and Rochor area, the station serves offices, shopping centres, mixed commercial and residential developments, preserved shophouses, places and worship and other places of interest in the vicinity. As such, Bugis station sees high commuter traffic throughout the day. While not officially linked to a bus terminal, the station is within walking distance of Queen Street Bus Terminal, where cross-border bus and taxi services are offered.

As an interchange station between the East West Line and Downtown Line, the station is also utilized frequently by transfer passengers between both rail lines.


Downtown Line Stage 1 (DTL1) Contract 903 for the Construction and completion of Bugis Station and its associated tunnels was awarded to Soletanche Bachy РKoh Brothers Joint Venture for approximately S$582 million in Nov 2008. To facilitate the construction of the station and tunnels, Rochor Road was diverted in stages in accordance with the sequence of construction.

Major Incidents

Scaffolding collapse incident

On 18 July 2012 at around 6:50am, two workers were killed and another eight injured when a temporary scaffolding collapsed at the Downtown Line worksite. The scaffolding structure was about four metres high and was being used to construct a roof slab above the transfer linkway. Chinese nationals Dou Chunjie and Meng Huaiyou were plugging gaps in the formwork, from which concrete was leaking, when the scaffolding collapsed. They were pinned under planks of wood and scaffolding, buried in concrete and died. A complex seven-hour operation by SCDF personnel recovered the two bodies, which left nine SCDF personnel with chemical burns.

The main contractor in charge of building the Bugis Downtown Line station, Soletanche Bachy-Koh Brothers joint venture, was fined $70,000 for breaching workplace safety and health regulations. A sub-contractor, Sin Herh Construction, was fined $100,000.


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