Getting to IKEA Tebrau by bus

IKEA Tebrau is a furniture mall located in the Tebrau area of Johor, roughly 13 kilometres from the Johor Bahru City Centre. The third IKEA outlet in Malaysia is also the largest in South-East Asia, spanning an area of 46,713 square metres and features 54 furniture showrooms.

The mall is conveniently located along Jalan Pandan, a major trunk road, and next to AEON Tebrau City. It is open from 10am to 10pm on Sundays – Thursdays, and 10am – 11pm on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of Public Holidays.

There are 2 different Free Shuttle Bus routes connecting shoppers to and from IKEA Tebrau, namely from JB Sentral and Larkin Terminal. In addition, commuters can consider taking local bus routes wherever convenient.

Locality Map

By Public Bus

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From JB Sentral, IKEA Tebrau can be reached via Services 6B, 188, 227, BET2, BET6 & S&S 1. With the exception of BET6 (which uses Bus Stop 3), the rest will call at Bus Stop 1. In reverse, when heading back to JB Sentral, one can board BET6 from Bus Stop 4 (Roadside), or Services 6B, 188, 227, BET2, & S&S 1 from Bus Stop 2 back to JB Sentral.

Similarly, from Larkin Bus Terminal, passengers can take Service 66 to IKEA Tebrau and alight at Bus Stop 1. Heading back to Larkin, passengers can board from Bus Stop 2.

Bus Stop 1 — AEON Tebrau City (Jalan Pandan)
Bus Service Origin Destination Bus Operator
6B JB Sentral Kota Tinggi Causeway Link
66 Larkin Kota Tinggi Causeway Link
188 JB Sentral Ulu Tiram City Bus
227 JB Sentral Kota Tinggi Maju
BET2 JB Sentral Ulu Tiram Maju
S&S 1 JB Sentral Ulu Tiram S&S International
S&S JB Sentral Kota Tinggi S&S International
Bus Stop 2 — Opp AEON Tebrau City (Jalan Pandan)
Bus Service Origin Destination Bus Operator
6B Kota Tinggi JB Sentral Causeway Link
66 Kota Tinggi Larkin Causeway Link
188 Ulu Tiram JB Sentral City Bus
227 Kota Tinggi JB Sentral Maju
BET2 Ulu Tiram JB Sentral Maju
S&S 1 Ulu Tiram JB Sentral S&S International
S&S Kota Tinggi JB Sentral S&S International
Bus Stop 3 — AEON Tebrau City (Persiaran Bandar Desa Tebrau)
Bus Service Origin Destination Bus Operator
BET6 JB Sentral Taman Setia Indah Causeway Link
P105 (1st stop) Ulu Tiram Causeway Link
P111 (1st stop) Desa Mutiara Causeway Link
Bus Stop 4 — IKEA Tebrau (Persiaran Bandar Desa Tebrau) (Roadside)
Bus Service Origin Destination Bus Operator
BET6 Taman Setia Indah JB Sentral Causeway Link
P106 (Looping Pt) PPR Sri Stulang Maju

Coming To/From Singapore

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Commuting between Singapore and IKEA Tebrau (Johor Bahru) via the Woodlands Crossing is recommended owing to many buses across the Causeway. Check out our article, Getting to Johor Bahru by bus, for more details. Transfer to any of the local bus services indicated above at JB Sentral or Larkin to continue your journey towards IKEA Tebrau.

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