NUS Internal Shuttle Bus CCX

NUS Internal Shuttle Bus CCX links NUS’ University Town and Kent Ridge MRT Station with no intermediate stops. This service operates on School Term Saturdays only.

In effect from 20 July 2020, this shuttle bus operates in line with NUS’ zoning strategy so as to ensure that each zone has a direct ISB service to the Kent Ridge MRT station and other key facilities.

Opp Kent Ridge Stn Exit A ↺ UTown Express (Loop)
18339 Opp Kent Ridge Stn Exit A CC24 Lower Kent Ridge Rd
University Town College Link
18339 Opp Kent Ridge Stn Exit A CC24 Lower Kent Ridge Rd

Under NUS’ zoning strategy as part of COVID-19 measures, the University is divided into five zones: A, B, C, D, E. Staff and students assigned to a particular zone are not allowed to cross into other zones, but are permitted into designated neutral zones (e.g. school accommodation, studios, sports facilities and student support facilities) subject to access restrictions.

Service CCX is offered for NUS students and staff allocated to Zone C. The route bypasses all of Zone C (which spans the southern edge of NUS’ Kent Ridge Campus), offering Zone C residents at UTown with a faster means of commuting to and from Kent Ridge MRT on Saturdays.

Commuters are reminded to be socially responsible, maintain good safe distancing and comply with the following measures when taking the ISB:

  • Maintain a distance of 1 metre from other commuters while waiting for the bus.
  • Only commuters with approved identifications will be allowed to board the ISB.
  • Keep to your designated zone.
  • Commuters are to board from the front bus entrance and alight from the back exit door of the buses.
  • Commuters are to adhere to spaces marked out for sitting or standing in the buses and at the bus-stops, where possible, especially during the off-peak.
  • The bus captain reserves the right to reject a commuter from boarding if the commuter does not wear a mask, is deemed not to be feeling well or if the bus is packed.
  • Commuters are required to wear a mask at all times and refrain from talking.


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