SBS2989K – Volvo B10BLE preserved as TTSH Rehab Bus

An SBS Transit Volvo B10BLE CNG registered SBS2989K, formerly a public bus, has been converted for patient rehabilitation use and preserved at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). The bus is currently residing at TTSH Integrated Care Hub.

This bus is one of two known Volvo B10BLE CNG buses to have been preserved, the other being SBS2988M, which resides at St. Andrew’s Autism Centre.

SBS2989K Preservation

In December 2019, it was announced that Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) would be getting a decommissioned single-deck SBS Transit bus, slated to be part of a mobility circuit located at the hospital’s future Integrated Care Hub. Online sources also hinted that SBS2989K would be the decommissioned bus slated for use at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The preserved Volvo B10BLE bus was registered on 18 July 2002 as SBS2989K (Chassis Number YV3R4E3102A008496), and was one of twelve CNG buses brought in by SBS Transit. The bus was de-registered on 17 July 2019 after reaching its statutory lifespan of 17 years.

The “TTSH Rehab Bus” bears a white vinyl wrap, advertising its role as a gift from SBS Transit and ComfortDelGro to help patients re-integrate back into the community. The vinyl wraps also cover sections of the bus where the destination signs would have been placed.

As a deregistered vehicle used for static display, the registration plates use white letters on a brown background, with a metal seal affixed to each plate.

Donated for Rehabilitation use

The decommissioned bus was donated by SBS Transit to help patients rehabilitate as they integrate back into the community and resume regular routines such as boarding/alighting from public buses. References to SBS2989K’s TTSH preservation can also be found in SBS Transit’s 2o2o Sustainability Report.


An air-conditioning unit is mounted on the front headwall of the bus. All revenue service equipment has been removed.

The TTSH Rehab Bus is also modified with a manually-operated wheelchair ramp and wheelchair backrest to aid with the patient rehabilitation process. Although Volvo B10BLE buses were low-entry, they were never fitted with wheelchair accessibility features during their operating lifespan.

To accommodate the wheelchair backrest and enlarge the existing standing area, a pair of seats were removed from the offside of the bus. A photo of the original standing area is in the gallery below.

In addition, a wheelchair bell was installed on the stanchion pole beside the wheelchair bay.

Move to Integrated Hub

The bus was originally parked at TTSH’s loading bay beside Irrawaddy Road before its relocation to TTSH’s Integrated Care Hub in 2022, which is located approximately 300 m away. The mobility circuit at the Integrated Care Hub will also feature an old taxi (Hyundai Sonata) donated by ComfortDelGro.

The bus was subsequently covered with a tarp in June 2021.

A similar patient rehabilitation facility with public transport items is the Mobility Park @ Jurong Community Hospital, where mock-ups of a low-floor bus and train were commissioned and installed by SMRT in late 2015, as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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