SBS7376X – Volvo B9TL (CDGE) preserved at ITE College West

An SBS Transit Volvo B9TL (CDGE) bus, formerly registered SBS7376X, is preserved at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West for training purposes, branded as a Bus Engineering Lab. The official handover ceremony from SBS Transit to ITE College West took place on 24 July 2023.

This is the first known Volvo B9TL (CDGE) bus to have been preserved in Singapore.

SBS7376X Background & Preservation

SBS7376X (chassis no.: YV3S4H9236A112229) was part of a larger order for 200 Volvo B9TL (CDGE) double-deck buses. These buses were compliant with Euro III emission standards and featured locally assembled bodywork by ComfortDelgro Engineering (the engineering arm of SBS Transit’s parent company, ComfortDelgro). Notably, these buses were the first wheelchair-accessible public buses in Singapore, equipped with manual wheelchair ramps.

SBS7376X was registered to SBS Transit on 26 September 2006. With a 17-year statutory lifespan, the bus would have been due for retirement by September 2023. However, in May 2023, the bus reportedly entered non-user lay-up status. Later in June 2023, it was spotted within the premises of Liannex Corporation undergoing modification works. Paper signs affixed to the bus’s windscreen indicated “TRANSFER TO ITE“, alongside the usual “Do Not Deploy” notices associated with laid-up buses. The bus was formally de-registered on 20 July 2023.

In July 2023, the bus was moved to ITE College West. ITE College West offers Nitec and Higher Nitec vocational courses in Automotive Technology, which aim to provide training for individuals seeking a career in the automotive industry.

Bus Engineering Lab Press Release

Press Release: SBS Transit Transforms a Decommissioned Bus into a First-of-a-Kind Classroom-in-a-Bus for ITE’s Bus Engineering Lab – SBS Transit [Link] (24 July 2023)

The upper deck of the bus has been transformed into a sleek and modern training classroom equipped with working tables, TV screens and power-points, providing a conducive learning environment for up to 20 students. On the lower deck, specific sections of the bus have been cut open and fitted with acrylic panels for students to gain insights into the various bus components, such as the electrical control panel, chassis frame, fuel tank and propeller shaft, for training purposes.

The Bus Engineering Lab is a training centre equipped with a double deck bus where students learn essential bus engineering skills and knowledge. SBS Transit has also supplied three sets of training equipment for the Bus Engineering Lab – a half-height electrical door system, an air-conditioning system and Electronic Destination Signage – giving the students hands-on experience in diagnostics, repair and maintenance of the actual bus systems, fostering a deeper understanding of how these systems operate. The Bus Engineering Lab is part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year between SBS Transit and ITE to enhance the competency of ITE students and staff in land transport engineering.

As part of SBS Transit’s sustainability efforts, we are giving a second life to our decommissioned buses, as well as training the next generation of engineering professionals with the necessary expertise to meet the evolving demands of the land transport sector.


Liannex Corporation undertook several modifications on the bus, which included the following:

  • Removal of revenue service equipment and CCTV monitors
  • Repainting of the bus from Lush Green back to the original SBS Transit Livery
  • Installation of a split-type air-conditioning system:
    – Two indoor evaporator units (lower deck wheelchair bay & upper deck rear)
    – Two condenser units mounted on upper deck rear, with a bulkhead separating it from the passenger cabin
    – External vents on three sides for air circulation to and from the condenser units
  • Table, TV screens and power sockets installed on the upper deck
  • Acrylic panels on the lower deck with some seats removed (used as viewing windows for the electrical control panel, chassis, fuel tank and driveshaft)
  • Power outlet for external power supply

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    Any idea where is this bus park? near the swimming pool side?

    • 6 August 2023 at 3:10 PM

      u can see the bus from outside at the road T-junction of cck grove & keat hong link


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