The Bus Collective

The Bus Collective is a bus-themed resort development spanning more than 8,600 square meters located at Changi Village, occupying the former empty space next to Changi Village Hawker Centre. It features 20 decommissioned SBS Transit single-deck Scania K230UB public buses which were re-purposed into accommodation rooms. Stays at The Bus Collective commenced from 1 December 2023.

Name The Bus Collective
Operator The Bus Hotel Pte Ltd
Address 5 Telok Paku Road, Singapore 508883


Construction & Development

The Bus Collective, then tentatively named The Bus Resort, was launched by local tour agency WTS Travel in partnership with LHN Group and Sky Win Holding in a groundbreaking ceremony held on 28 August 2022.

In addition to creating a new tourist attraction in Changi Village, the resort project also wants to complement the upcycling of retired buses by creating new experiences for visitors through creative and sustainable means.

A night at The Bus Resort is expected to be priced around $300-400. Each bus-turned-room will have 28 sq m of floor space, with an additional 15 sq m area outside each room which can be used for barbecues.


Recruitment notices placed onsite in June 2023 referred to the development as “The Bus Collective“.


The Grand Opening ceremony was held on 5 November 2023



The room numbers are placed on the front of the bus, mimicking the service number shown on the Electronic Display Signs.
Room 302 is wheelchair-accessible, featuring a ramp up to the door and a separate wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Room Number Bus Registration Room Number Bus Registration Room Number Bus Registration
101 SBS8115B 201 SBS8054T 301 SBS8121H
102 SBS8438U 202 SBS8060A 302 WAB_logo_20px
103 SBS8510T 203 SBS8059E 303 SBS8408G
104 SBS8320A 204 SBS8045U 304 SBS8062U
105 SBS8046S 205 SBS8066J
106 SBS8443D 206 SBS8257A
107 SBS8050D 207 SBS8076E
108 SBS8210J 208 SBS8049J


Room types are also named after various places in Singapore:

Room Type Name No. of Rooms Capacity Bedding
Duxton Twin 3 3 Adults 2 Single Twin Beds + 1 Sofa Bed
King George 3 3 Adults 1 King Bed + 1 Sofa Bed
Queen Victoria 5 3 Adults 1 Queen bed + 1 Sofa Bed
Pioneer North 1 4 Adults 1 King Bed + 2 Bunker Beds
Adams Drive 3 4 Adults 1 King Bed + 2 Bunker Beds
Clarke Quay 4 4 Adults 2 Single Twin Beds + 2 Bunker Beds
Hamilton Place 1 4 Adults WAB_logo_20px 1 Super Single Bed + 2 Single Twin Beds + 1 Sofa Bed

Room Interiors

F&B – BusKing by 555 Villa Thai

The Bus Collective features a Food & Beverage Outlet, BusKing by 555 Villa Thai, which is slated to open in January 2024.

A bus stop shelter along with seats as well as a bus-themed mural was erected within The Bus Collective.

History – Repurposed Buses

20 buses would be repurposed as accommodation rooms as part of The Bus Resort. A news article published by Today confirms that the buses for The Bus Resort were purchased from SBS Transit.

These buses are retired SBS Transit Scania K230UB (Euro IV) buses which first entered service between 2007-2009. The retirement of these buses commenced in 2022.

Back in July 2022, retired Scania K230UB (Euro IV) buses were spotted at 43 Keppel Road, a warehouse building owned by LHN Group. Buses parked there carried notices implying that these buses were among 20 units reserved for RVS Global, a local motor dealer.

When first spotted, these buses were received from SBS Transit with revenue service equipment removed (i.e. farecard readers, coin box, driver display consoles, etc.) but otherwise appear unmodified.

The product of further modification works was first seen in August 2022, when SBS8054T had most interior fittings, drivetrain components and electronics stripped out, leaving just the empty body shell on wheels. The exterior of these buses was also repainted white.

The 20 buses which are to be converted to accommodation rooms:

  • SBS8045U, SBS8046S, SBS8049J, SBS8050D, SBS8054T, SBS8059E, SBS8060A, SBS8062U, SBS8066J, SBS8076E, SBS8115B, SBS8121H, SBS8130G, SBS8210J, SBS8257A, SBS8320A, SBS8408G, SBS8438U, SBS8443D & SBS8510T
Post-retirement modification works

In August 2022, the first of these modified buses was spotted at Keppel in a white base coat.

Nearly all interior fittings of the bus had been removed, with the exception of the driver’s cab area.

Some observed modifications include:

  • Removal of all cabin interior fittings, including lights and air conditioning ducts
  • Floorboards replaced with aluminium panels
  • Inclined floorboard at the rear replaced with a flat podium
  • Exit door removed, with entrance door fixed shut (door mechanisms removed)
  • Smaller front wheel arch offering more interior space
  • Bodywork patches over holes where equipment was once installed (such as coinbox, driver display units, EDS controller)
  • Staircase between front/rear sections is offset to the left, where the fuel tank was formerly located
  • Removed engine, transmission and radiator, leaving the engine bay now empty
  • Removal of 2 of 4 rear wheel tyres

Further renovation work would be required to outfit these bus bodies for use as accommodation rooms, such as air-conditioning installation, plumbing, and interior fittings.

External Links & References:

Page 2 – Gallery (Construction progress, buses at Keppel)

10 thoughts on “The Bus Collective

  • 7 January 2024 at 8:14 AM

    I have a feeling, they will eventually lower the price significantly to match the five star hotels in the rural areas of Johor, which charge at RM60 to RM70 per night.

    Only then, will people stay, and only then will the business really make money. Think about the higher turnover rate, when the price becomes lower.

    I really foresee they will lower the price significantly. After all, already make so much investment already. Otherwise, it would be the owner eventually declare bankrupt.

    I really wonder the bus collective everyday lose how much money. Lowering the price to match demand-supply would be the only way to solve the problem.

  • 31 December 2023 at 1:32 PM

    Actually, they should have acquired multiple buses for this, instead of just the Scania K230UB single deckers.

    After all, it called “bus collective” (collection of buses).

    They missed the opportunity to acquire the former CDGL B9TL.

    Imagine getting to stay inside a double decker bus for one whole night. Would be damn interesting.

    Also, they should have retained some of the passenger seats, to retain the feel of the bus interior as much as possible.

    From the pictures that I see, the inside looks like a typical hotel room.

    Overall, a lot of wasted opportunity, and it is very overpriced. If price it as the same as the Malaysia budget hotels (those with quality, about RM70, $21 per night), would have been much more appropriate, and would be able to attract visitors more better.

  • 6 November 2023 at 10:26 PM

    Room 204 was formerly SBS8045U while Room 203 was formerly SBS8059E.


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