Scania L94UB

Scania L94UB
SBST Scania L94UB
SBST Scania L94UB
Manufacturer Scania AB
Bodywork Volgren
Years in operation 1999 – 2016
Operators SBS Transit
Technical Data
Length 12 metre
Engine Scania DSC9 12
Transmission ZF 4HP 590
Accessibility High Floor
Emission Standard Euro II

The Scania L94UB¬†is a low-entry single-deck transit bus built by Scania AB as part of the Scania 4-series. Commonly referred to as the “L94”, the chassis is manufactured in Europe, and the bodywork supplied by Australian¬†bus bodybuilder Volgren. Originally available with a Euro 2 engine, options for a Euro 3 and CNG engines were available later. The chassis was built as a direct replacement for the Scania L113 (which were already on the roads of Singapore back then) but later succeeded by the Scania K-series.

SBS Transit was the sole operator of the L94UB citybus in Singapore, with a single demonstrator unit (SBS2888T) brought in for trial purposes in April 1999. After ten years on revenue service, the bus was relegated to bus driver training duties before being scrapped in June 2016.

Technical Data:

Similar to the Volvo B10BLE, the Scania L94UB incorporates a low-entry design featuring zero-step access at the entry and exit doors, allowing for safer and easier boarding and alighting activity. Three-branch stanchion poles opposite the exit door allow more passengers to hold on to them.

The powerplant of this bus is a rear-mounted, turbocharged Scania DC902 inline six-cylinder delivering 260 horsepower, and a four-speed ZF gearbox (ZF 4HP 590). The Euro II-rated engine made it one of the most environmentally-friendly buses when it was introduced. In contrast to the drum brakes of older buses, the Scania L94UB uses disc brakes for its front wheels, allowing for more uniform and stable deceleration of the bus.

Demonstrator Unit (SBS2888T):

SBS2888T was one of two low-floor single-deck demonstrators brought in by Singapore Bus Services in 1999 (alongside SBS1688K), registered on 9 Apr 1999. At the time, it boasted multiple new features, such as the environmentally-friendly Euro II engine, plug doors for the rear exit (as opposed to leaf doors), and electronically-controlled suspension.

Basic Technical Specifications
Engine Scania DSC9 12, In-line 6-cylinder, 8974cc
Power rating of 260 hp (190 kW) @ 1900 rpm
Torque rating of 1250 Nm @ 1100 Р1300 rpm
Transmission ZF Ecomat 4HP 590 gearbox, four-speed automatic
Bodywork Volgren CR221L bodywork
Chassis built in Europe, bodywork supplied by Volgren of Australia (of the CR221L make, similar to the B10BLE demonstrator (SBS1688K))
EDS Mobitec MobiDOT Electronic Destination Signage (EDS)
Green flip-dot matrix design. Paired with a Mobitec Zebra 300TD controller.
Air-conditioning Sutrak roof-mounted air-conditioning pod

With only one unit acquired for trial, no further L94UBs were purchased. Scania low-entry buses would make a comeback in 2007 with the large intake of Scania K230UB buses for large-scale fleet renewal.

In 2009, SBS2888T was redeployed from its regular duties on Express 518 to a training bus based at Bedok North Depot and Hougang Depot, used mainly for the orientation of new bus drivers. The bus never returned to revenue service, and it was scrapped on 20th June 2016.

Foreign Exhibition

Prior to entering service with SBS, SBS2888T was exhibited at the UITP City Transport 1998 Exhibition held in Hong Kong on October 21-23, 1998.


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