Taman Putri Kulai Bus Terminal

Taman Putri Kulai is a roadside bus terminal located within the aforementioned housing estate. The terminal operates out of a single bus stop shelter along Jalan Sri Putri 4/3, with no other commuter facilities.


Name Taman Putri Kulai
Address Jalan Sri Putri 4/3
Facilities Bus stop shelter
Bus Routes T30 (as of Mar 2022)


Taman Putri Kulai is the terminus of myBAS T30 (JB Sentral ↔ Taman Putri Kulai). The route serves the Taman Putri Kulai estate before heading via the Kulai/Senai/Skudai/Danga Bay corridor towards JB Sentral. Most Johor Bahru local bus services plying the Skudai corridor terminate at Kulai Bus Terminal.

The terminus formerly served as the terminating point for Causeway Link 777B to JB Sentral, which was suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic and never resumed service. On 1 February 2023, myBAS T30 was extended from Kulai Terminal to Taman Putri Kulai, replacing lost sectors of the former Causeway Link 777B. myBAS T30 continues to serve Kulai Terminal in both directions.

Bus Services

Service Destination Remarks
T30 JB Sentral Daily service

Gallery (Feb 2023)

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