Tiong Bahru Integrated Transport Hub

Tiong Bahru Bus Interchange is a future Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) located at Tiong Bahru, currently under planning. It is located at the junction of Tiong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road. Rail connections are offered via Tiong Bahru MRT Station along the East West Line.

Plans for the interchange were first mooted as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)’s 2019 Draft Masterplan.

However, this ITH was not mentioned in the Land Transport Master Plan 2040.

8 thoughts on “Tiong Bahru Integrated Transport Hub

  • 20 May 2024 at 9:15 PM

    Actually, I have this theory that this ITH will be eventually built to serve as a replacement for Kampong Bahru terminal instead of the speculated Bukit Merah interchange. Bukit Merah Int will likely stay as it is needed to serve the already underserved Bukit Merah town centre which does not have a MRT connection close by.

    According to URA land use plans, Spooner Road and Kampong Bahru terminal will be demolished for residential development. While it is also possible for Kampong Bahru Ter and Shenton Way Ter to be consolidated at Marina South ITH, I think replacing Kampong Bahru Ter with Tiong Bahru ITH makes more sense logistically considering the latter ITH will only be `1km+ from the existing location while Marina South is considerably further away at 3km+. In terms of bus stops, its just 4 additional bus stops for Kampong Bahru services. For services such as 120 and 122 which already pass by the proposed ITH and it cannot be shortened, it can be moved to Shenton Way/Marina South ITH together with 121.

    I think some BM int services will still be amended to this ITH nonetheless considering all Kampong Bahru services except 120 and 122 are not included in BM package. 5 and 16 are likely candidates to be shortened to Tiong Bahru ITH and perhaps 2 more services from Bukit Merah may be extended to Tiong Bahru ITH. My choices would be 198 and 273 (which can still call at Bukit Merah Int as enroute stops) to replace 5 and 16’s sectors. 75 and 851 can still continue to call at BM Int to bridge Tiong Bahru Rd – BM Int gap.

    Hoping my predictions come true at least partially, if not wholly, and we get an announcement for this ITH soon.

  • 3 January 2024 at 1:33 PM

    We still don’t know if this ITH will be built at all since there has been no confirmation or updates about Tiong Bahru ITH. If we look at the latest URA master plan map, the land next to Tiong Bahru MRT has been zoned for residential use only, indicating that there are no plans for a mixed use development unless URA amends the plan. There is a reserved site across Lower Delta Rd at Joint Testing & Vaccination Centre is but I highly doubt the ITH would be built there as it is hundreds of metres from Tiong Bahru MRT. So as of know its safe to assume the idea of Tiong Bahru ITH has been shelved.


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