[Defunct] Yutong ZK6126HGC

Yutong ZK6126HGC
Yutong ZK6126 (PH8811S) - Service 621
Yutong ZK6126 (PH8811S) – Service 621
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Bodywork Yutong Integral
Years in operation 2009 – Present
Operators SMRT Buses (2009 – 2010)
Bedok Transport (2011 – 2023)
Technical Data
Length 12.0 metre
Engine Cummins ISLe4 280B
Transmission ZF 6HP 504C
Accessibility Low Entry & Wheelchair-accessible
Emission Standard Euro IV

The Yutong ZK6126HGC was a low-entry, twin-axle, single-deck city bus built by Yutong Bus. The Chinese manufacturer produces a wide variety of commercial vehicles (mostly buses), with many types of city buses in its lineup.

A single Yutong ZK6126HGC bus was trialled by SMRT Buses for a year’s duration between 2009 and 2010. Following its trial, it was sold to Bedok Transport Pte Ltd, a private bus operator, and no new units were procured. However, other private operators purchased several units of the Yutong ZK6126HGA bus years later.

SMRT Buses Yutong ZK6126HGC Demonstrator (SMB135E):

In 2009, SMRT Buses brought in its very first China-made bus. Registered on 18 August 2009 as SMB135E, it served on a year-long trial period from August 2009 – August 2010.

The Yutong ZK6126HGC bus was first identified in January 2009 within a photo posted to Chinese bus enthusiast forum 92bus.com (now defunct), painted in SMRT livery and awaiting shipping. In February 2009, the Yutong bus was spotted doing test runs around Singapore. The bus was only registered several months later, on 18 August 2009, bearing the registration number SMB135E.

The bus made its debut on 20 August 2009, and was permanently deployed on Bus Service 854, where it would remain for the duration of its trial period.

Basic Technical Specifications
Engine Cummins ISLe4 280B, 8849 cc
Power/torque rating of 206 kW (280 hp) @ 2100 rpm
Torque rating of 1060 Nm @ 1100–1700 rpm
Emissions control Euro IV-compliant
Requires diesel exhaust fluids such as AdBlue.
Transmission ZF Ecomat IV 6HP 504C
Six-speed automatic transmission
Bodywork Integral bus design. Built by Yutong in China.
EDS Tongda TD-05
Orange LED Matrix design. Tongda Center Controller driver controller.
Passenger Capacity Seating: 30 | Standing: 51 = 81 total
Not including 1 wheelchair bay
Additional Specifications Cling BFFD-06G roof-mounted air-conditioning
Announcement system

For SMRT, the Yutong ZK6126HGC was the first China-made bus in its fleet. Historically, SMRT (and its predecessor TIBS) only procured buses or their chassis from European or Japanese brands only. Furthermore, the bulk of buses procured before SMB135E were all Mercedes models, namely the O405, O405G and OC500LE.

SMB135E was also fitted with identical electronic display signs (EDS) for the front, side and rear, all of which were programmed identically to display the bus service number and route details side by side. This meant that SMB135E was the first public bus in Singapore to have route details shown on the rear EDS panel.

Throughout the duration of its trial, SMB135E was allocated to Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot, and permanently deployed on Bus Service 854 where it spent the rest of its trial period. The bus was never deployed on other routes, and the EDS was only programmed with bidirectional route data of Service 854.

The layout of the passenger cabin resembles other low-entry buses then operating in Singapore. Much like the Scania K230UB (Euro IV), the bus was fitted with a wheel arch seat behind the driver’s cab, and four side-facing seats on the left side, between the front wheel arch and rear doors. On the right side, there were two wheelchair bays, and a manual wheelchair ramp was offered at the rear door.

The rear section of the bus features six rows of seats and the last row only seats four abreast. Seat covers were red for priority seats and wheelchair backrests, and beige for non-priority seats, reflecting the corporate colours of SMRT.

Despite the satisfactory performance of SMB135E, SMRT would make no further purchases of the Yutong ZK6126HGC, eventually opting for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro and MAN A22 for its fleet renewal and expansion efforts. SMB135E was deregistered around August 2010.

Bedok Transport (PC194T / PH8811S):

After a brief hiatus following the end of its trial period with SMRT, SMB135E was sold to private bus operator Bedok Transport Pte Ltd.

With no intention of carrying passengers-in-wheelchair, the two wheelchair bays were removed and installed with four rows of front-facing seats with green seat covers. The red seat covers for priority seats were also replaced with green ones. Beige seat covers were retained on all remaining seats.

Initially registered as PC194T in 2011, it was later re-registered as PH8811S in 2013. The bus has been a common sight on Scheme B Bus Service 621 since 2011, connecting Bedok Reservoir, Bedok and Marine Parade with the CBD during weekday peak hours.

The bus was eventually deregistered in 2023.

Similar Buses:

Woodlands Transport purchased eight Yutong ZK6126HGA buses in 2014 for use at Changi Airport for both landside and airside shuttle bus services. These buses bore an orange-purple themed livery and were fitted with luggage racks and a single wheelchair bay.

Advan Engineering Pte Ltd owns a Yutong ZK6126HGA in a plain orange livery.


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  • 29 September 2020 at 2:22 PM

    This bus could have stayed with Smrt and be deployed perm on service 981. But its a pity smrt choose not to keep it.


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