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Single Deck Buses


Double-Decker Buses


Articulated Buses


Other city buses

Bus Model Operator Years in Operation
BYD C6 (Private Bus) HDT Singapore 2018 –
Volvo B8RLE Sentosa Development Corporation 2018 –
Volvo B9L ComfortDelGro Bus 2015 –
Yutong ZK6126HGC Bedok Transport (formerly SMRT Buses) 2009 –

Mock-Up / Special Purpose Buses

Model Purpose Year
2getthere ParkShuttle Autonomous bus 2017
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 LTA Concept Bus 2016
BYD K9 Go-Ahead Singapore (LTA Trial) 2016 – 2017
MAN Lion’s City DD (3-door) LTA Concept Bus 2016
Nissan RX102K3 LTA Restoration 1967
MAN Lion’s City SD (3-door) / LTA Smart Bus LTA Concept Bus 2017 / 2019
Bolloré Bluetram Supercharger Bus; Trial 2018
Volvo 7900 Electric Autonomous bus 2019
ST Engineering Retrofitted Electric Bus (MAN A22) Proof of concept TBA
ST Autobus (Yinlong CAT6680CRBEVT2) Autonomous bus 2019
STE-Linkker Autonomous Electric Bus (Linkker 12) Autonomous bus 2018
ST Engineering STROBO Series 7 Autonomous bus 2019
ST Engineering STROBO Series 12 (Linkker 12 LE) Autonomous bus 2018
Navya Autonom Shuttle Autonomous bus 2019
New Bus for London (2014) Special Visit 2014
New Bus for London (2016) Special Visit 2016

Retired buses are listed on Page 2.

3 thoughts on “Bus Models

  • 26 January 2021 at 3:46 PM

    This place is so cool! I got to discover all types of buses in Singapore! (I was interested in buses since I was 3 years old and kept telling my parents what bus is this what bus is that…)

  • 22 January 2021 at 2:11 PM

    I have ridden the 3 door man a95 bus, and I’m very lucky because the bus 143 is just beside my house and 143 have a lot of the man a95 3 doors

  • 14 October 2020 at 6:07 PM

    I missed Scania K230U3 buses…The new MAN A22 buses are uncomfortable…Seats on the last row is very warm after sitting down for >15 mins. Then I realised the engine compartment is right behind the seats. I think the heat insulation is poor. Also the seat at second last row on the passenger side is crammed because there is a box underneath the seat in front, forcing the passenger to bend their legs when sitting down. This would be worse if the journey is an hour trip


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