SBS Transit CARES Community Bus

The SBS Transit CARES Community Bus is a repurposed Scania K230UB (Euro V) bus owned by SBS Transit. The bus was launched in November 2023 to support SBST’s community outreach efforts.

According to SBS Transit, the bus provides a safe and controlled environment for passengers with special needs, the elderly, and those undergoing rehabilitation. Additionally, it serves the community by facilitating school learning journeys, public bus orientation tours, and excursions for beneficiaries.

Bus History

The SBS Transit CARES Community Bus is registered as a Private Bus under SBS Transit Ltd, bearing the registration number PD1545C and registered on 13 October 2023. Before this, the bus operated on revenue service with SBS Transit under the registration plate of SBS8849S (Chassis No. YS2K4X20001865828).

The registration of PD1545C came with a fresh 10-year Category C (Goods Vehicle & Bus) Certificate of Entitlement purchased at a quota premium of $82,100.00. Consequently, the statutory lifespan of the bus was also extended by 3 years, now ending on 6 December 2029 (17-year statutory lifespan for omnibuses, versus 20 years for private buses).


The bus was officially launched at the Caring Carnival 2023 @ One Punggol on 4 November 2023 as part of the Public Transport Workers Appreciation and Caring Commuter Week 2023 by Mr Chee Hong Tat, Acting Minister for Transport.

Modification Works

Several interior & exterior modification works were undertaken on the bus, including the retrofitting of additional fixtures and reduction in seating capacity.


A diesel generator was fitted to the rear section of the bus. This necessitated modifications to the rear seating compartment and bodywork, and the removal of the rear window and EDS panel. Two out-swing access hatches with ventilation grills facilitate access to the diesel generator.

A vertical aluminium panel installed on the roof provides additional space for the CARES Community Bus livery, similar to the Moove Big Top advertising concept.

A split-type air-conditioning system was installed, an addition to the bus’ existing engine-driven air-conditioning system. This allows air-conditioning of the bus without having to leave the engine running and can be powered via the onboard diesel generator or external power source. The aircon condenser unit is mounted on the roof at the rear of the bus, largely concealed by the advertising fixture.


Revenue service equipment such as the Trapeze Common Fleet Management System and NOBE Driver Display Unit were removed, leaving only the Bus Card Validators (with mock screen images), coinbox and ticket printer onboard.

A TV screen was added above the front wheel arch seats.

Additional storage compartments were added below the side-facing seats before the exit door.

Two aircon Fan Coil Units were added in the bus’s interior – one unit beside the exit door, and the other unit at the rear of the bus.

The rear section of the bus also saw layout modifications, with a new bulkhead to separate the passenger cabin from the rear diesel generator. A table and modified seating layout in this area reduced the seating capacity to 24 seats from 34 seats.


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2 thoughts on “SBS Transit CARES Community Bus

  • 3 November 2023 at 11:23 PM

    The COE price cannot anyhow say wor, cuz a bit sensitive. If it is really 82k, it is very expensive.

    Furthermore, the new purpose is to be a carnival bus.

    Do we really need a party bus to do community outreach?

    I have a feeling, there is probably a misunderstanding.

    • 7 November 2023 at 12:22 AM

      idk if you read the same article as I did but I’m pretty sure it’s main purpose isn’t to be a party bus


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