BYD C6 Electric Bus
BYD C6 Electric Bus
Manufacturer BYD Auto
Bodywork Gemilang Coachworks
Years in operation 2018—Present
Operators HDT, ShareTransport (Former), Grab, SMRT Buses (Future)
Technical Data
Length 7.3 metre
Motor BYD-3425TZA
Accessibility High Floor
Emission Standard Zero tailpipe emissions

The BYD C6 is a fully electric midibus manufactured by Chinese company BYD, which specialises in electric vehicles and new energy solutions.

The bus design incorporates large-capacity Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries which allow the bus to travel more than 200km on a single charge, under urban road conditions. Private operators ShareTransport and Grab first trialled the bus in 2018, and several similar BYD D6R buses are expected to enter service with SMRT Buses in the near future, destined for SMRT Bus Service 825, the only public bus service in Singapore operating using shorter-length buses.

Technical Specifications
Basic Technical Specifications
Electric motors BYD-3425TZA motors
Single motor rated at 150kW / 550 Nm
Battery BYD Iron-Phosphate battery
Lithium iron phosphate batteries, capacity of 135kWh. Full charge takes 4 hours
Bodywork Gemilang Coachworks
‘EcoRange’ aluminium bus body
Passenger Capacity Private Bus – 24 Seated
Other BYD C6 Buses in Singapore

Other current operators of the BYD C6 Bus includes:

  • HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd – PC7136R – Leased from BYD Singapore Pte Ltd
    Shangri-La Hotel Shuttle (Shoppers’ Route)
  • Grab – PC7344G – Leased from HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd
    GrabShuttle Plus (Cheng San – Seletar) trial

Former Operators:

  • ShareTransportPC7136R – Leased from BYD Singapore Pte Ltd
    One year trial from July 2018; Trial terminated before completion of trial period.

Gallery – Private Bus (Exterior)
Private Bus (Interior)

The bus seats four-abreast with a central aisle running the length of the bus. All seats also have hand grips to provide commuters with additional support while moving within the bus. Emergency hammers are mounted on pillars in-between windows.

At the front of the bus, the driver’s cab is separated from the passenger compartment by a single handlebar. Access to the cab is offered primarily via a driver’s door on the right side of the vehicle.


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