Bus Models

Go-Ahead Singapore Mercedes-Benz Citaro
Go-Ahead Singapore Mercedes-Benz Citaro

This page lists all the public bus models running on Singapore roads.

You may refer to this article for a visual guide to all buses.

Single-Deck (Rigid) Buses

Model Operator Year
MAN A22 (NL323F) SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
Go-Ahead Singapore
Tower Transit
2010 –
Mercedes-Benz Citaro SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
Go-Ahead Singapore
Tower Transit
2010 –
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE SMRT Buses 2008 –
Scania K230UB SBS Transit 2007 –
Sunlong SLK6121UF14H Republic Express
Travel GSH
2010 –
Volvo B5LH SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
Volvo B7RLE SBS Transit 2007 –
Volvo B8RLE Sentosa Development Corporation 2018
Volvo B9L ComfortDelGro Bus 2015 –
Volvo B10BLE SBS Transit 1997 –
Yutong ZK6126HGC Bedok Transport 2009 –
Zhongtong LCK6121G HEV Travel GSH 2011 –

Articulated (Bendy) Buses

Model Operator Year
MAN NG363F (A24) SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
2013 –
Mercedes-Benz O405G SMRT Buses 1996 –

Double Decker Buses

Model Operator Year
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 SMRT Buses
Tower Transit
2014 –
MAN ND323F (A95) SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
Go-Ahead Singapore
2014 –
Scania K310UD SBS Transit 2008 –
Volvo B8L SBS Transit 2017 –
Volvo B9TL SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
Tower Transit
Go-Ahead Singapore
2006 –
Volvo B10TL SBS Transit 1999 –

Mock-Up / Special Purpose Buses

Model Purpose Year
2getthere ParkShuttle Autonomous bus 2017
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Facelift LTA Concept Bus 2016
BYD K9A Go-Ahead Singapore Trial 2016 – 2017
MAN Lion’s City DD (3-door) LTA Concept Bus 2016
Nissan RX102K3 LTA Restoration 1967
MAN Lion’s City SD (3-door) LTA Concept Bus 2017
Bolloré Bluetram Supercharger bus trial 2018
Volvo 7900 Electric
Autonomous bus development 2019
STK MAN Electric Bus Proof of concept TBA
ST Autobus Autonomous bus 2019
STE-Linkker Autonomous Electric Bus
Autonomous bus 2018
Navya Autonom Shuttle Autonomous bus 2019
New Bus for London (2014) Special Visit 2014
New Bus for London (2016) Special Visit 2016

Retired Buses

Model Operator Introduced Retired
DAF SB220 SMRT Buses 1990 2016
Dennis Dart SBS Transit 1994 2011
Dennis Lance Strides Transportation / SMRT Buses 1997 2018
Dennis Trident SBS Transit 2001 2018
Higer KLQ6129GQH2 SBS Transit 2010 2010
King Long XMQ6121G Hybrid Not Applicable NA NA
Leyland Olympian SBS Transit 1986 2013
Mercedes-Benz O405 SMRT Buses 1990 2016
Scania L94UB SBS Transit 1999 2016
Scania L113CRL SMRT Buses 1995 2013
Volvo B5RLE Hybrid SBS Transit 2015 2016
Volvo B10M Mark III SBS Transit 1992 2012
Volvo B10M Mark IV SBS Transit 1994 2018
Volvo Olympian SBS Transit 1994 2017

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