Scania L113CRL

Scania L113CRL
SMRT Scania L113CRL
SMRT Scania L113CRL
Manufacturer Scania AB
Bodywork PSV International
Walter Alexander
ΕΛΒΟ (Hellenic Vehicle Industry)
Years in operation 1995 – 2014
Operators SBS Leisure
SMRT Buses
Technical Data
Length 12 metre
Engine Scania DSC1171
Transmission ZF 4HP500
Accessibility High Floor
Emission Standard Euro I

The Scania L113CRL is a low-floor, rear-engined, single-decker city bus built by Scania AB between 1989 and 1998. Built as a design compromise between the Scania N113 and K113, it was sold to a number of operators in Europe, South America and Singapore.

Singapore Bus Services (SBS) and Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) have been past operators of the Scania L113, with a total of 77 units acquired over three different variants of bodywork.

Technical Information:

The Scania L113CRL is a low-floor bus based off the previously-built Scania N113 citybus chassis and the K113 coach chassis. The front section of its chassis of a similar height to that of the N113, and an 11-litre engine that was mounted longitudinally as per the K113. However, it differed from both models by having this engine inclined to the side.

Like the Scania N113 series, the L113 comes with the Scania DS11 engine. The Scania DSC11 engine was made available later. Gearbox options varies between operators, but the ZF 4HP500 was a common choice.

SBS Leisure Scania L113CRL (PSV/Soon Chow): SH971E — SH982Z

In 1995, Singapore Bus Services (SBS) acquired 12 units of the Scania L113CRL for their charter subsidiary, SBS Leisure. Registered as private buses (SH971E — SH982Z), they were initially deployed on AIRBUS Services, which were charter services between Changi Airport and downtown Singapore.

At its introduction, these buses were the first zero-step entry buses in Singapore.

Basic Technical Specifications
Engine Scania DSC1171, 11020 cc, Euro I
Power/torque rating of 231 hp (170 kW) @ 2000 rpm / 1030 Nm @ 1050 rpm
Transmission ZF Ecomat 4HP500 gearbox, four-speed automatic
Bodywork PSV International Bodywork
Complete Knock-Down (CKD) kits supplied by PSV International and assembled locally by Soon Chow Workshop Pte Ltd.
Capacity 43 Seating / 51 Seating (reconfigured)
EDS Mobitec MobiDOT Electronic Display Signage (EDS)
Green flip-dot matrix
Air conditioning Sütrak
SH973A - Airbus 1
SH973A – Airbus 1

AIRBUS Services were launched on 27 April 1995 between Changi International Airport and downtown hotels. These buses were configured with a single door at the front and luggage racks over the front wheel arches, coach-style high-back seats with headrests, an electronic information display and next-stop announcements. A kneeling function allowed for easier access. Like the Volvo B10M Mark IV (PSV / Soon Chow) before it, these buses were also equipped with flip-dot Electronic Display Signages (EDS).

However, with the opening of the Changi Airport MRT Extension in 2001, the AIRBUS services were replaced by 7-seater Maxicab services operated by CityCab, another SBS subsidiary. The Scania L113CRL buses were re-configured with a conventional seating layout, re-registered as PA-plated private hire buses (PA840Y – PA842S, PA846G, PA903A, PA904Y, PA907P, PA908L, PA912Z, PA915R, PA918H & PA919E).

These buses were later re-allocated to the Turf City Shuttle, serving between Turf City at Bukit Timah to various bus interchanges. With their single-door layout, their use was limited only to contract services which were diminishing in number. When the SBS Leisure Volvo B10M Mark IV (PSV/Soon Chow) buses took over the Turf City Shuttle in early 2005 (SBS’ contract with Sentosa ended in 2004), PA908L, PA912Z and PA919E were sold to Westpoint Transit Pte. Ltd. while the remaining buses scrapped.

TIBS/SMRT Scania L113CRL (Walter Alexander): TIB562C – TIB571B, TIB635B – TIB674M

In 1995, Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) placed orders for 50 Scania L113CRL buses with the Walter Alexander bodywork. They were registered between 25 August 1995 and 3 December 1997 as TIB562C – TIB571B & TIB635B – TIB674M.

Basic Technical Specifications
Engine Scania DSC1171, 11020 cc, Euro I
Power/torque rating of 231 hp (170 kW) @ 2000 rpm / 1030 Nm @ 1050 rpm
Transmission ZF Ecomat 4HP500 gearbox, four-speed automatic
Bodywork Walter Alexander Strider Bodywork
Supplied by Walter Alexander Coachbuilders of Scotland, earning them the popular nickname “Striders“.
Capacity 39 Seating + 45 Standing = 84 total
EDS (Original) LAWO Electronic Display Signage (EDS), Green flip-dot matrix
EDS (Replacement) Mobitec MobiLED (TIB562C, TIB564Y, TIB569J, TIB640K, TIB670Z)
(TIB565U, TIB666L, TIB673R)
Both Orange LED matrix
Air conditioning Hispacold underfloor air-conditioning

10 units of the L113CRL were introduced by TIBS in mid-1995, registered as TIB562C – TIB571B. A further 40 units were introduced in late 1995, registered as TIB635B – TIB674M. Between these two deliveries, the registration numbers TIB572Z to TIB634D were given to Mercedes-Benz O405s.

The exterior design of these buses bear close similarities to the Strider Bodywork introduced by SBS at around the same time, which were bodied to the Volvo B10M MkIV chassis. Despite the zero-step chassis design, underfloor air-conditioning installed on these buses (supplied by Hispacold) necessitated a single step at the entrance and exit. The later batch of Scania L113CRl buses, bodied by ΕΛΒΟ (Hellenic Vehicle Industry), would feature a step-free entrance.

Additional Specifications:

SMRT Scania L113CRL (Walter Alexander) (TIB640K) - Service 187
SMRT Scania L113CRL (Walter Alexander) (TIB640K) – Service 187

TIB562C to TIB564Y received a first-generation mid-life refurbishment with blue and yellow seat covers. Subsequently, all other Scania Striders received a second-generation mid-life refurbishment with the newer red, blue and purple seat covers.

Several buses received EDS upgrades in the midst of their lifespan. TIB670Z was the first bus to receive a prototype Mobitec EDS with full LED technology in SMRT Buses’ fleet, after an accident in 2008 damaged its original EDS. It can be distinguished by its shorter display length. Widespread adoption of Mobitec EDS units would follow in the years to come. Later on, more buses received production-model Mobitec MobiLED and LAWO BENEFIT EDS units.

TIB643C was burnt down and de-registered.

Formerly under Ang Mo Kio Depot (AMDEP), these buses were moved to Woodlands Depot (WLDEP) until their retirement. All units are retired, with the last unit retired in December 2014.

TIBS/SMRT Scania L113CRL (EΛBO): TIB833X – TIB837K, TIB839E – TIB848D

While most of the Scania L113s were bodied by Walter Alexander, Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) placed orders for 15 additional Scania L113CRL buses with bodywork by Hellenic Vehicle Industry of Greece, also known as ELBO/ΕΛΒΟ/ELVO. They were registered between 13 February 1996 – 28 March 1996 as TIB833X – TIB837K & TIB839E – TIB848D.

Basic Technical Specifications
Engine Scania DSC1171, 11020 cc, Euro I
Power/torque rating of 231 hp (170 kW) @ 2000 rpm / 1030 Nm @ 1050 rpm
Transmission ZF Ecomat 4HP500 gearbox, four-speed automatic
Bodywork ΕΛΒΟ Bodywork
Supplied and assembled by Hellenic Vehicle Industry of Greece, pronounced “ELBO”
Capacity 45 Seating + 29 Standing = 74 total
EDS (Original) Mobitec MobiDOT Electronic Display Signage (EDS)
Green flip-dot matrix
Air conditioning Non-Air-conditioned during introduction
 roof-mounted air-conditioning (later installed)

At introduction, these buses were Non-Air-conditioned, purchased in an era where bus operators wanted a mix of air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses to offer commuters a choice, for non-air-conditioned bus fares were slightly cheaper. They were the last Batch of non-aircon buses to be purchased by any public transport operator in Singapore.

SMRT Scania L113CRL (ΕΛΒΟ) (TIB841Y) - Service 187
SMRT Scania L113CRL (ΕΛΒΟ) (TIB841Y) – Service 187

Air-conditioning drive

In 2001, TIBS installed air-conditioning on all 15 L113 ELBOs to pursue a fully air-conditioned bus fleet. Air-conditioning units supplied by Hispacold were installed on the roof of buses. However, the air-conditioning of these buses did not go as well as planned. The bus frequently felt stuffy owing to the poor performance of the air-conditioning unit.

In 2004, some of the Scania ELΒΟs had their original once-piece curved windscreen changed to a three-piece windscreen.

Refurbishment & Retirement

In 2010, some of the poorer-performing ELBOs faced retirement and were scrapped. The remaining ELBO fleet received refurbishments. Their original seats were swapped for standard Volgelsitze seats of the standard red, blue and purple colour scheme. Sliding windows were replaced with normal glass window panes, and the interior was painted grey. The emergency exit door, oddly located in the middle of the bus, was also sealed off. However, the original Mobitec flip-dot EDS remained.

All units are retired as of early 2013.

Scania L113CRL (SBS + TIBS/SMRT)
Registration Engine Gearbox Introduced Retired Bodywork
SH971E — SH982Z Scania DSC1171 ZF 4HP 500 1995 Sold/ Scrapped PSV International
TIB562C – TIB571B, TIB635B – TIB674M Scania DSC1171 1995-1997 2014 Walter Alexander Strider
TIB833X – TIB837K, TIB839E – TIB848D Scania DSC1171 1996 2013 EΛBO


TIB566S in TIBS livery, note the single step at the front door. It was burnt down along the BKE. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

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