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AIRBUS Services, operated by SBS Leisure (SBSL), were launched on 27 April 1995. These express services were aimed at tourists and locals alike, aiming to provide cost-effective and comfortable service to and from Changi International Airport.

The AIRBUS fleet comprised of 12 brand-new Scania L113CRL buses in a coach configuration. These 37-seater buses are equipped with a unique kneeling facility, which lowers the bus by 12cm from 58cm to 26cm at kerb level, making it easier for commuters to board and alight. In addition to a spacious luggage compartment, the bus features an electronic information display, next stop announcements, and a video on various attractions in Singapore which is screened during the ride.

Two routes are operated. AIRBUS 1 serves the hotel belt along Scotts Road and upper Orchard Road. It calls directly at the entrances of Orchard Hotel, Orchard Parade Hotel and Royal Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza. AIRBUS 2 serves the lower Orchard Road and Marina Centre hotel belt, calling directly at the entrances of the Westin Stamford and Pan Pacific Hotel. Other hotels along the two AIRBUS routes are served by selected bus stops in the vicinity.

Ticket are priced at $5 for adults, $3 for children under 12 years, and are available at AIRBUS counters at hotels and at the AIRBUS counters at Changi Airport Terminals 1 and 2. The service operates daily from 6 am to 12 midnight, at a frequency of 20 minutes.

To complement the luxurious ensemble of the AIRBUS, Drivers and Customer Relations Assistants are smartly dressed in designer uniforms by local designer Esther Tay. The uniforms feature the motif of Singapore’s national flower – the Vanda Miss Joaquim.


The AIRBUS fleet comprised of 12 brand-new Scania L113CRL buses with bodywork by PSV International (assembled by Soon Chow). They were registered as SH971E — SH982Z.

However, with the opening of the Changi Airport MRT Extension in 2001, the Airbus services were replaced by 7-seater Maxicab services operated by CityCab, another SBS subsidiary. The Scania L113CRL buses were re-configured with a conventional seating layout, re-registered as PA-plated private hire buses (PA840Y – PA842S, PA846G, PA903A, PA904Y, PA907P, PA908L, PA912Z, PA915R, PA918H & PA919E).


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