2getthere ParkShuttle

2getthere ParkShuttle
2getthere ParkShuttle
2getthere ParkShuttle
Manufacturer 2getthere
Years in operation 2017 –
Operators Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Technical Data
Length 6.0 metre
Motor TBC
Accessibility Low Floor
Emission Standard NA (Zero tailpipe emissions)

The 2getthere ParkShuttle is an autonomous, low-floor, battery-electric minibus built by Dutch company 2getthere. With a capacity of 24 passengers, the vehicle is marketed as 2getthere’s solution to Group Rapid Transit (GRT), a form of automated rapid transit utilizing autonomous minibuses operating at high frequency.

Background Information:

2getthere is a¬†Dutch company offering¬†automated transit applications,¬†ranging from Automated People Movers to Shared Autonomous Vehicles. The company’s¬†ParkShuttle autonomous minibus¬†is¬†envisaged as a Group Rapid Transit (GRT)¬†vehicle for high-frequency shuttle services, with potential applications in¬†universities, hospitals, business parks and airports.

In Singapore,¬†2getthere and¬†SMRT Services formed a joint venture in April 2016 known as¬†2getthere Asia, which markets, installs, operates and maintains automated vehicle systems for customers in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific. It also aims to commercialise 2getthere’s GRT vehicle system in Singapore.

Trial Information:

On 18 September 2017, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), JTC and SMRT Services Pte Ltd (SMRT) launched “jalan” – an urban mobility solution which seamlessly integrates multiple modes of transportation, for better connectivity and accessibility.¬† The app is termed as a Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS) testbed.

As part of the app “jalan”, the 2getthere ParkShuttle served as an autonomous vehicle shuttle between NTU Residential Hall 12 and Hall 15, operating only in the afternoon for 2 hours on weekdays, excluding public holidays. The autonomous vehicle shuttle started in November 2017.

Autonomous Technology:
Ground-embedded magnets for ParkShuttle navigation
Ground-embedded magnets for ParkShuttle navigation

The 2getthere ParkShuttle stores¬†an electronic map of the operating area in its¬†on-board computer and plans its route from point A to point B. It¬†uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and ultrasound radars installed at the vehicle’s bumper to guide the vehicle around while detecting obstructions. Cameras provide visual feedback to the vehicle operations centre.

While the vehicle is moving, the distance travelled is measured using wheel revolution counters. However, to deal with minor inaccuracies arising from changes in vehicle load (full or empty) or an uneven or slippery road surface, magnets embedded in the road surface are used as calibration points and are installed at regular intervals along the route.

Using this method of guidance, the vehicle is able to determine its location accurately to within 3 cm, sufficient for the vehicle to stop accurately at en-route bus stops.

Charging System:

Plug-in Charging System

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2getthere ParkShuttle:

Basic Technical Specifications
Size 6.0m (Length) x 2.1m (Width) x 2.8m (Height)
Weight Vehicle Weight: 3,300kg | Maximum weight: 5,418kg
Motor / Battery 2x 18.4 kWh Electric Motors
Paired with 2x 46 Ah @ 400 V DC Li-ion nano NMC batteries
Bodywork Not Applicable (Integral bodywork)
Seating Capacity Configurable
Standard: 8 Seated, 16 Standing
Maximum: 12 Seated, 6 Standing
Door 1 set of Sliding Plug Doors
Maximum Operating Speed Up to 60 km/h
Operating Range > 50km in normal operational conditions

Mobility-as-a-Service Testbed:
Hall of Residence 12 – Hall of Residence 15 Shuttle

Since November 2017, the 2getthere ParkShuttle operated a 350m shuttle service between NTU Hall of Residence 12 to NTU Hall of Residence 15, with an intermediate stop at NTU Hall of Residence 13.

The shuttle operates only in the afternoon for 2 hours on weekdays, excluding public holidays

NTU Hall of Residence 12

NTU Hall of Residence 13

NTU Hall of Residence 14 / 15

Further Trials

On 16 April 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by 2getthere, NTU and SMRT Services, to integrate the 2getthere ParkShuttle into NTU’s transport network as part of the NTU Smart Campus by 2019.

The 350m shuttle service between NTU Halls 12 & 15 would be expanded to a 500m route which includes NTU South Spine and Canteen 2 in Q4 2018.

In the future, the ParkShuttle will operate between NTU’s halls of residences and the main academic areas.

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