Yutong ZK6126HGA

Yutong ZK6126HGA

Woodlands Transport Yutong ZK6126HGA
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Bodywork Yutong Integral
Years in operation 2014—Present
Operators Woodlands Transport
Ridewell Travel
Length 12 metre
Engine Cummins ISB6.7E5 285B
Cummins ISB6.7E6 D300B
Transmission ZF 6HP 504C
ZF 6 AP 1200 B
Accessibility Low Floor
Emission Standard Euro V / VI

The Yutong ZK6126HGA is a twin-axle, low-floor, single-deck city bus built by Yutong Bus. The Chinese manufacturer produces a wide variety of commercial vehicles (mostly buses), with many types of city buses in its lineup.

In Singapore, the Yutong ZK6126HGA bus is predominantly operated by Woodlands Transport and Ridewell Travel, mainly deployed to contracted shuttle services at Changi Airport and Bus Service AC7 respectively. Euro VI low-floor variants entered service in May 2021, owned by Woodlands Transport.

Woodlands Transport

Yutong ZK6126HGA buses procured by Woodlands Transport have been observed to be in three specifications, differing in interior specifications:

  • First Batch (Airport spec; low floor)
  • Second Batch (Airport spec; low floor)
  • Third Batch (Citybus & Airport spec; low floor)

Woodlands Transport Yutong ZK6126HGA – First Batch (2014)

The first batch of 8 buses entered service with Woodlands Transport in October 2014. Configured as airport shuttle buses, these low-floor buses were first deployed to a new shuttle bus service that connected Changi Airport Terminals 1 and 2 with the T2 Carpark (presently Car Park 2B).

Buses were registered as: PC2717Y, PC2795X, PC2809R, PC2827M, PC2949U, PC2963C, PC2993R, PC3026B. All buses were wrapped in an orange livery that promoted the shuttle service. The interior featured luggage racks and large standing areas that maximized room for passengers with baggage.

See also: Changi Airport Terminal 1 Carpark Shuttle

The shuttle bus operated for a five-day trial period from 17-21 October 2014, and then permanently from 12 November 2014 onwards. All eight buses were also cited under the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Registration and Licensing) (Exemption) Order 2014, covering the period of 1 Oct 2014 to 31 Mar 2019 (both dates inclusive), which granted these buses exemptions to restrictions governing standing passengers on private buses.

The carpark shuttle was abruptly discontinued in February 2015 likely owing to low demand. Following its withdrawal, most buses retained the orange livery but were confined mainly to airside duties, such as inter-terminal shuttle buses. In 2018/19, some buses were restickered with a purple Airport-themed livery.

Between Jan-Mar 2020, some buses were assigned to the Jewel Changi Airport Shuttle Bus Service connecting JEWEL and Terminal 4, and were stickered with a promotional livery for Jewel Changi Airport.

In 2022, Woodlands Transport sold six of these buses to Ridewell Travel Pte Ltd for use on Cross Border Bus Service AC7. Only PC2717Y and PC2993R remain in ownership of Woodlands Transport.

Bus Registrations:

  • PC2717Y & PC2993R
    Woodlands Transport
  • PC2795X, PC2809R, PC2827M, PC2949U, PC2963C & PC3026B
    (sold to Ridewell Travel in 2022)

Woodlands Transport Yutong ZK6126HGA – Second Batch (2018)

In tandem with the opening of Changi Airport Terminal 4, the second batch of six buses was procured to provide landside (public) and airside (transit area) shuttle services between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. These buses are operated by Woodlands Transport.

See Also: Changi Airport Terminal 4 Shuttle Bus

This batch of buses featured a more luxurious interior, having been fitted with upholstered coach seats (with headrests), wood-themed floorboards and interior panels, and an onboard passenger information system. For its airport shuttle bus role, the interior featured large standing areas that maximized room for passengers with baggage. These buses are also fully-low-floor for ease of passenger access.

All six buses were also cited under the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Registration and Licensing) (Exemption) (No. 3) Order 2017, covering the period of 25 September 2017 to 31 Mar 2019 (both dates inclusive), which granted these buses exemptions to restrictions governing standing passengers on private buses.

Bus Registration:

  • PC6031R, PC6043G, PC6052E, PC6083R, PC6138S, PC6313C

Woodlands Transport Yutong ZK6126HGA – Third Batch (2021)

The third batch of buses first entered service in May 2021. These buses are configured as full-low-floor buses and fitted with Euro VI engines.

These buses come in two interior layouts. The city bus specification comes with 32 seats and a single wheelchair bay, while the airport specification comes with just 18 seats. In the airport configuration, luggage racks are installed above the front axle, and the bus is standing space only between the front and rear doors.

The interior configuration takes heavy reference from the Yutong E12 city bus that entered service in Singapore a year earlier, featuring similar interior colour themes, floorboard patterns, and seats. Buses are also installed with a passenger information display and can support audio announcements.

The first two units (PH92C and PH8686L; city bus specification) entered service on 18 May 2021, operating on the Mandai Shuttle between Singapore Zoo and Khatib MRT Station, each bearing a unique full-body advertising wrap. The $1 fare is collected via card readers at the entrance.

In 2022, more of these buses were registered and put into operation at Changi Airport, those units being of the airport specification with luggage racks and larger standing areas.

Woodlands Transport also purchased two units previously owned by Tong Tar Transport (PC9803K and PC9851X).

Bus Registrations:

  • PC9803K, PC9851X, PH92C, PH8686L, PD483D, PD590C, PD605U & PD637C

Ridewell Travel Pte Ltd

In 2022, Ridewell Travel Pte Ltd procured second-hand Yutong ZK6126HGA buses from Woodlands Transport for use on Cross Border Bus Service AC7. These buses entered revenue service on 19 May 2022 with the post-pandemic relaunch of Bus Service AC7.

Buses received a plain white livery with AC7 identifying decals, and the roof-mounted beacon light (used for airside operations) was removed. Apart from additional fare collection equipment installed around the drivers’ cab, the bus’s interior remained unchanged, with generous luggage racks a legacy of former airport operations.

These buses replaced former Yutong ZK6118HGA high-floor city buses operated by Advance Coach between 2010 and 2020.

Tong Tar Transport (Former Operator)

Tong Tar Transport acquired two Euro VI Yutong ZK6126HGA buses in 2021. These surplus buses, fitted in the city bus specification, were bought from Yutong’s local dealer after Woodlands Transport reduced their orders, and are hence identical to WT-owned units. They were registered PC9803K and PC9851X.

Both buses entered service in October 2021, serving campus shuttle bus routes at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This lasted until 2022 when ComfortDelGro Bus replaced Tong Tar Transport as the provider of NTU campus shuttle buses.

These buses served briefly on Resorts World Sentosa Bus Service RWS8 in late 2022 before being bought over by Woodlands Transport.

Advan Transport & Trading

A single unit (PD2168B; formerly registered as PC5982C before 2022) is owned by Advan Transport. Sentosa Development Corporation formerly contracted this bus to perform supplementary trips on Sentosa Bus 2, commencing in April 2017. It bore a plain orange livery in keeping with the Sentosa theme, but without any Sentosa-related decals.

This arrangement was discontinued following the takeover of Sentosa Shuttle Bus Services by ComfortDelGro Bus.

The bus remains in the orange livery, performing worker trips under Advan Transport.

Basic Technical Specifications
Euro V; Low Floor Euro VI; Low Floor
Operators Woodlands Transport:
T1 CP Shuttle (1st Batch): PC2717Y & PC2993R
T4 Shuttle (2nd Batch): PC6031R, PC6043G, PC6052E, PC6083R, PC6138S, PC6313C
Ridewell Travel:
PC2795X, PC2809R, PC2827M, PC2949U, PC2963C & PC3026B
Woodlands Transport:
PC9803K, PC9851X, PD483D, PD590C, PD605U, PD637C, PH92C, PH8686L
Engine Cummins ISB6.7E5 285B, 6690cc
210kW @ 2300rpm
Cummins ISB6.7E6 D300B, 6690cc
Transmission ZF 6HP 504C ZF 6 AP 1200 B
Bodywork Yutong (Integral bus) Yutong (Integral bus)
EDS Hanover Hanover
Passenger Capacity Varies

Exterior / Interior – 2022 Batch (Airport)
Interior – 2018 Batch
Interior – 2014 Batch



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