MAN A95 (ND323F) – Euro 5

MAN A95 (ND323F) – Euro 5
Manufacturer MAN Truck And Bus SE
Bodywork MAN Lion’s City DD (Gemilang Coachworks)
Years in operation 2015 – Present
Operators SBS Transit
SMRT Buses
Go-Ahead Singapore
Tower Transit
Technical Data
Length 12 metre
Engine MAN D2066 LUH-32
Transmission ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B
Accessibility Low Floor
Emission Standard Euro V  (EGR)

In 2015, SMRT Buses procured MAN A95 (or MAN ND323F) buses as part of fleet expansion works. These are the second model of double-deck buses to be purchased in bulk by SMRT, after an earlier batch of 201 ADL Enviro500 buses. An initial 16 MAN A95 buses were procured by SMRT, with follow-on orders for 181 buses by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in similar specifications.

MAN A95 buses are low-floor, wheelchair-accessible and environmentally-friendly, being compliant with the latest Euro 5 (or Euro V) emission standards back then. Buses are bodied by Gemilang Coachworks with the MAN Lion’s City DD bodywork.

The move to procure MAN A95 buses follow the successful evaluation of SMB5888H, a demonstrator unit that entered service a year prior. As part of the Bus Contracting Model, units purchased under the LTA were leased to SBS Transit and Go-Ahead Singapore. MAN A95 orders would eventually continue under the Euro 6 specification.

Tower Transit commenced operating MAN A95 (Euro V) buses as part of the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package from September 2021.

Main Article: MAN A95 (ND323F)

 Overview of MAN A95 (Euro V)

In 2014, as SMRT was introducing double-deck buses to its fleet, it initially committed to the ADL Enviro500 for initial bulk orders. At the same time, it trialled the MAN A95, a brand-new double-deck bus offered by MAN.

The MAN ND323F bus (chassis code A95) is more specifically a right-hand drive three-axle bus chassis, derived from the MAN Lion’s City DD integral bus. The bus is bodied with the similarly-named MAN Lion’s City DD bodywork which mirrors the appearance of the integral bus, but built by Gemilang Coachworks in Malaysia under design license.

Following the successful trial of a demonstrator unit (SMB5888H), a small batch of 16 MAN A95 buses were procured by SMRT. A second and third batch of buses were procured by Land Transport Authority (LTA), at 60 and 122 buses respectively. Built to similar specifications as the SMRT units, these buses are SG-plated and contribute to the LTA-owned bus pool, as Singapore was transitioning towards the Bus Contracting Model.

  • Batch 1 (16 Buses): SMB5889E – SMB5904U
  • Batch 2 (60 Buses): SG5740C – SG5799J
  • Batch 3 (121 Buses*): SG5800M – SG5920A

* = 122 MAN A95 buses were procured in the third batch, but the final unit was delivered in Euro 6 specification, registered SG2017C. A dedicated article here covers this bus.

Most MAN A95 (Euro 5) buses share similar technical specifications, as summarized in the table below:

Batch 1 Batch 2 Batch 3 (except SG2017C)
Registration no. SMB5889E – SMB5904U SG5740C – SG5799J SG5800M – SG5920A
Quantity 16 60 122
Registered 31 Aug 2015 – 30 Nov 2015 14 Apr 2016 – 19 Aug 2016 2 Feb 2017 – 27 Dec 2017
Engine MAN D2066 LUH-32 engine, turbocharged and inter-cooled, 10518cc
Power/torque rating of 235 kW (320 hp) @ 1900 rpm / 1600 Nm @ 1000 – 1400 rpm
Emission Standard Euro V compliant
MAN PURE DIESEL® Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) process, paired with PM-Kat® exhaust aftertreatment system (diesel oxidation catalyst + particle filter).
Compliant with Euro V emission standard without requiring diesel exhaust fluids.
Bodywork MAN Lion’s City DD
Built by Gemilang Coachworks under license. Uses Constellium’s EcoRange lightweight aluminium bus body.
Transmission ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B (6-speed automatic)
EDS Mobitec MobiLED
Connected to Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 402 controller
Air conditioning Denso
Doors Masats
Entrance: Pneumatic double-leaf inward-gliding door
Exit: Electric outward-swinging sliding plug door
Capacity 57 upper deck seating + 28 lower deck seating + 50 standing = 135 passengers
1 wheelchair bay
Driver Assistance See Table Below
Additional Features Tongda TD-10 Bus line managing and station announcer system
Stroller restraint system
Tree Guards
Daytime Running Lamp
USB charging ports (SG5790H – SG5799J) Masats RT1 Dual Telescopic Ramp (SG5835M)
USB charging ports with covers (all units)

Differences between the three batches of buses are largely cosmetic in nature, with several minor variations in the design of exterior body panels allowing for easy identification from the outside. All other technical specifications remain similar.

MAN A95 (Euro 5) buses of Batch 1 and Batch 2 first began revenue service with SMRT Buses. Under the Bus Contracting Model, Batch 3 MAN A95 buses were also leased to SBS Transit and Go-Ahead Singapore in addition to SMRT Buses.

Tower Transit started to operate these buses as part of the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package in 2021.

Public transport operators have also installed Driver Assistance hardware on their buses, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and telematics systems:

SBS Transit SMRT Buses Go-Ahead Singapore
Driver Assistance:
Mobileye 630 (all units)
Driver Assistance:
ST Engineering DriveSafe Intelligent Warning System (formerly I-SAW-U) (some buses)
– TNT Surveillance T-FA Front Alert Camera (some buses)
Driver Assistance:
ST Engineering DriveSafe Intelligent Warning System (formerly I-SAW-U) (some buses)
– TNT Surveillance T-FA Front Alert Camera (some buses)
– T-DA Driver Alert Camera (formerly SE-9 Anti-Fatigue Driving System) (SG5920A)
TNT Surveillance T-SEEDS telematics system (formerly SAGE R-BASIC)
NEC telematics system
GreenRoad telematics system


The MAN A95 buses are bodied by Gemilang Coachworks of Malaysia with the MAN Lion’s City DD bodywork. These are built to mirror the appearance of the similarly-named MAN Lion’s City DD integral bus. Gemilang assembled these buses at their factory in Senai, Johor, and then delivered to Singapore by road.

While the Batch 1 and Batch 2 buses are bodied similar to the demonstrator bus (SMB5888H), buses from Batch 3 onwards differ slightly in exterior appearance. All buses were also delivered in different variants of liveries.

Batch 1 Batch 2 Batch 3 (except SG2017C)
Registration no. SMB5889E – SMB5904U SG5740C – SG5799J SG5800M – SG5920A
Quantity 16 60 122
Exterior livery Full bodied SMRT pixel livery – SMRT pixel livery
– LTA’s Lush Green livery (darker shade of green, black painted front)
– LTA’s Lush Green livery (lighter shade of green, green painted front)
LTA’s Lush Green livery
Bodywork Pre-Facelift
(Resembles MAN Lion’s City DD (A39) integral bus in Europe)
Facelift Version 1
Facelift Version 2
Identifying characteristics – Upper deck tree guards.
– Pre-facelift bodywork; front appearance similar to SMB5888H.
– No tree guards.
– Black unpainted region above front entrance door (most units).
– Pre-facelift bodywork; front appearance to SMB5888H.
– No tree guards.
– Facelifted bodywork (grey exterior stripe, different front/rear body panels, larger headlights).
– Side EDS nearer to exit door than entrance door
– Turquoise ticket printer
– Mobitec EDS and no PIDS to distinguish from Euro 6 buses.

Euro 5 Batch 1 — MAN A95 (Lion’s City DD) — SMB5889E – SMB5904U

The first bulk order was placed by SMRT for 16 buses, registered SMB5889E – SMB5904U from 31 Aug 2015 – 30 Nov 2015, in numerical continuation after the demonstrator bus (SMB5888H). As the first production batch, many of its adopted specifications would become standard across future MAN A95 bulk orders.

Euro 5 Batch 1 buses featured aesthetic improvements over SMB5888H, such as a redesigned front and rear, including the addition of daylight running LEDs below the headlights, and a rearrangement of various components like the battery box and fuel tank.

These buses feature Mobitec MobiLED electronic display signs and Vogelsitze System 750/3 seats in standardization with most other SMRT-owned buses. Tree guards were also fitted on the upper deck, similar to those fitted to ADL Enviro500 buses.

The battery box is now housed below the bus driver’s compartment seat, like the MAN A22 buses, instead of below the staircase on SMB5888H. The fuel tank has also been moved from the rear axle to the staircase area.

Revenue Service

Allocated to Kranji Bus Depot, SMB5889E made its revenue service debut on Monday, 7 September 2015, appearing on Express Service 868. Following which, it was deployed on Service 700 on Tuesday, 8 September 2015.

The first of MAN A95 production batch buses (SMB5890A & SMB5891Y) were registered on 12 Oct 2015. These two buses made their revenue service debut on Thursday, 16 October 2015, on Services 188 and 190. These were followed by the remainder of the MAN A95 production batch.

Euro 5 Batch 2 — MAN A95 (Lion’s City DD) — SG5740C – SG5799J

As part of the Bus Contracting Model, a further purchase of sixty (60) more MAN A95 buses were purchased by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). These buses were registered between 14 April 2016 to 19 August 2016 as SG5740C – SG5799J, the first SG-plated MAN A95 buses.

Lush Green was announced as the colour of choice for LTA’s standardized bus livery on 11 March 2016, a month before Batch 2 buses commenced registration. The earlier buses in this batch, likely already painted in SMRT’s pixel livery, were launched in said livery but in two different versions. This was followed by an early version of the Lush Green livery (darker shade of green, black painted front), then the final version of the Lush Green livery (lighter shade of green) for the later registered buses.

Livery variants for Batch 2 buses are summarised as follows:

Rego Range Livery (at launch) Remarks Repainting
SG5740C – SG5754M
(15 units)
SMRT Buses’ Pixel Livery:
Silver base livery, black/red/gold styling elements
Most units:
Side panels above driver’s cab/entrance door painted black, no SMRT logo between upper/lower deck windows (example)
SG5745P – SG5748G:
Silver base livery fully covers left/right sides, SMRT logo between lower/upper deck windows. Closely resembles Batch 1 livery (example)
SG5755K – SG5782G
(28 units)
LTA’s Lush Green livery
(Dark green)
Early version of Lush Green livery. Uses a darker shade of green and a black front bumper. Side panels above driver’s cab/entrance door painted black. Buses are being progressively repainted to the finalised shade of Lush Green. (example) Lush Green (light green):
SG5755K, SG5756H, SG5757E, SG5762P, SG5769X, SG5777Y & SG5779S
SG5783D – SG5799J
(17 units)
LTA’s Lush Green livery
(Light green)
Finalised shade of Lush Green, applied over all exterior panels.

Also for reasons unknown, a Bright Red MAN A95 was delivered to Singapore before being repainted.

These buses have the same technical specifications as the Batch 1 buses. They are easily differentiated by the lack of tree guards on the upper deck. Furthermore, the last 10 buses of this batch (SG5790H onwards) are equipped with USB Charging Ports.

All Batch 2 buses were initially leased to SMRT Buses for revenue service operations, to make up for the shortfall of double-deck buses after BSEP-registered ADL Enviro500 buses were absorbed into the BCM bus pool and subsequently transferred to Tower Transit.

Some buses were transferred to Tower Transit as part of the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package in 2021. In September 2023, some buses were transferred over to SBS Transit as replacements for their retiring Volvo B9TL (CDGE) buses.

Euro 5 Batch 3 — MAN A95 (Lion’s City DD) — SG5800M – SG5920A

To further increase the Bus Contracting Model bus pool, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) purchased a further 122 more MAN A95 buses. 121 units of the MAN A95 (Euro 5 Batch 3) were registered as SG5800M – SG5920A from 2 February 2017 – 27 December 2017, in numerical continuation after Batch 2 buses.

The final unit, a Euro 6 MAN A95 registered SG2017C, is covered in a separate article.

Euro 5 (Batch 3) buses are the first buses to bear a facelifted version of the familiar MAN Lion’s City DD bodywork. The first 30 buses bore an early version of the facelifted bodywork (similar to SG5999Z, the MAN Lion’s City DD 3-Door Mock-Up Bus), and all later units got an updated version with more angled features.

There are no known official terms to distinguish these bodywork types, so this website uses the following characterization for bodywork types:

Bodywork Examples (Singapore) Examples (Overseas)
Demonstrator Demonstrator (SMB5888H)
Pre-Facelift Euro 5 Batch 1 (SMB5889E – SMB5904U); Euro 5 Batch 2 (SG5740C – SG5799J) Berlin: MAN Lion’s City DD (A39) integral bus
Hong Kong: Kowloon Motor Bus: AMNE1, AMNF1-20. New World First Bus 6090. New Lantau Bus MD1-10. Discovery Bay DBAY 215-218.
Australia: Transdev NSW (different rear design)
Facelift version 1 Euro 5 Batch 3 (SG5800M – SG5829G), 3-door demonstrator (SG5999Z)
Facelift version 2 Euro 5 Batch 3 (SG5830B – SG5920A, SG2017C) Hong Kong: New Lantau Bus MDR01-34. Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge Shuttle. Discovery Bay (fleet number unconfirmed).
Australia: State Transit Authority NSW (B-Line)
UAE: Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
Facelift version 3 Euro 6 Batch 1 & 2 (SG5921Y onwards)

Facelift design features:

The exterior styling of the bus bears new styling elements, most notably the large grey stripe on both sides of the bus. The larger headlamp design was likely inspired from MAN Trucks. The livery curves on the upper deck and angled livery overlaying the rear windows makes for a more sleek design with minimal structural modifications. The side-facing Electronic Display Sign (EDS) was also relocated to the second glass panel (near the exit door) as the grey stripe obscured a portion of the glass pane beside the entrance door.

The rear design features a large dark area that extends down from the upper deck window, subtly reducing the visual presence of large cut-out sections used for the ventilation of rear-mounted components. The placements of the upper brake lights was also relocated in-between the upper and lower decks in addition to their placement near the rear bumper. The upper indicator lamps are located on both sides of the upper deck rear window.

Differences between Facelift version 1/2:

The main differences between both facelift versions are cosmetic in nature, specifically in the bumper design and the rear body panels. For Version 1, the upper bumper is ‘smoother’ with less visible horizontal contour lines. In Version 2, the upper bumper features deeper, more visible lines, and the lower bumper is enlarged to accommodate larger number plates.

The rear of both designs feature a large dark area originating from the upper deck and extending to the rear engine cover, reducing the visual presence of ventilation gaps. In Version 1, the dark area extends lower than the rear brake lights. In Version 2, the rear brake light is mounted underneath the dark area. The shape of the dark-painted regions differs as well; with the Version 2 having a more angled appearance.


The first two Euro 5 Batch 3 units, SG5800M & SG5801K, were registered on 2 February 2017 and leased to SMRT Buses. On the evening of 14 February 2017, both units (SG5800M and SG5801K) buses made their revenue service debut on Bus Service 190 and Bus Service 972 respectively.

SBS Transit received its first MAN A95 bus registered as SG5835M on 20 July 2017. The bus features an automatic wheelchair ramp at the rear door. The RT1 Dual Telescopic Ramp is supplied by Spanish company Masats (who also supplies the door systems for the MAN A95 buses) and is electrically operated. Check out Launch of SBS Transit MAN A95 with Auto Ramp. Subsequently, more MAN A95 buses were leased to SBS Transit.

Go-Ahead Singapore also began leasing MAN A95 buses in January 2018. They began revenue service on 10 March 2018, appearing on Bus Services 212 and 12e. in tandem with the opening of Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

Tower Transit started to operate these buses as part of the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package in 2021.

Also, check out:

Main Article: SG2017C: The first Euro 6 MAN A95


Despite the significant exterior changes within the MAN A95 (Euro 5) buses, interior specifications are near identical. The following photos feature the MAN A95 (Euro 5 Batch 3) buses to represent the interior of all MAN A95 (Euro 5) buses.

Lower Deck

Like most single-deck buses in Singapore, the MAN A95 (Euro 5) buses are configured with two doors: an entrance door at the front, and an exit door in the middle. The entrance doors are conventional inward-swinging leaf doors, while the exit doors are outward-swinging sliding plug doors. They are supplied by Masats S.A. of Spain. A vocal “Doors Are Closing” chime, similar to those used on SMRT’s North South and East West lines, is played when the exit doors are being closed.

Seats were supplied by Vogel Industries of Malaysia (Model: System 750/3) in blue and purple, with priority seats in red, the interior colour scheme of choice for SMRT.

MAN A95 (Euro 5) buses feature one wheelchair bay located opposite the exit door, and accommodates one passenger-in-wheelchair (PIW). A stroller restraint system was later retrofitted at the wheelchair bay.

The seating layout at the rear is similar to the most double-deck buses configured for Singapore, with facing seats in-between wheel arches and more facing seats at the last row, which seats 5 passengers. As with all earlier batches of MAN A95 buses, headrests are not provided for the last row of seats.

Upper Deck

The upper deck of the bus seats 57 passengers. Seats are arranged in conventional four-abreast, with a central aisle running the length of the bus. The rearmost row seats 5 passengers.

Grab poles run the length of the aisle for commuters moving around the bus. All seats also have hand grips to provide commuters with additional support.

Bus stopping bell-pushes are located around the bus cabin, either mounted to stanchion poles or on the pillars in-between windows. Emergency hammers are also located on these pillars.


The staircase allows for passenger movement between the lower and upper decks of the bus. A seat counter (LED number display) on the lower deck displays the number of available seats on the upper deck. A second LED display is installed above the driver’s cabin.

The staircase is designed with two flat staircase landings (“straight staircase”) and a small triangular viewing window. The demonstrator bus (SMB5888H) did not feature flat staircase landings.

Additional Features

Driver’s Compartment

The MAN A95 (Euro 5) uses MAN’s standard modular dashboard and instrument cluster, common to MAN A22 (Euro 5) and MAN A24 public buses in Singapore. The Trapeze CFMS (Driver Display Unit), NOBE fare system, dual CCTV monitors and farebox are located to the left of the driver.

Electronic Display Signage controls and a seat counter are mounted above the driver’s cab.

USB Charging Ports

USB Charging Ports are only featured on the last ten Euro 5 (Batch 2) buses (SG5790H – SG5799J), and all 121 Euro 5 (Batch 3) buses.

  • Euro 5 (Batch 2): SG5790H – SG5799J (10 units): USB Ports (1A and 2.1A) without covers
  • Euro 5 (Batch 3): SG5800M – SG5920A (121 units): USB Ports (1A and 2.1A) with covers

Earlier registered buses do not have USB Charging Ports. For buses equipped with chargers, these chargers are fitted onto the sidewalls.

Wheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is offered via a manual wheelchair ramp installed at the rear door, and a wheelchair bay opposite the rear door. The wheelchair bay also doubles as a standing area, and a foldable seat for two people is integrated into the wheelchair backrest.

Unfolded prams are allowed onboard buses when the bus is not crowded, and can be positioned in the wheelchair bay. A stroller restraint system is offered for this, having been retrofitted on all MAN A95 buses by early 2020.


Bus Assembly

MAN bus chassis are manufactured in Germany, and then shipped to Malaysia for body assembly by Gemilang Coachworks Sdn Bhd.

After assembly, inspection and testing, buses are delivered to Singapore by road from Gemilang’s assembly plant in Senai, Johor.

Bus Dealership

ST Engineering Land Systems (formerly ST Kinetics) is the local importer and distributor of MAN Truck & Bus buses. The company is a division of ST Engineering, a large engineering group involved in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. It often engages Gemilang Coachworks for bus bodying, which is the case for the MAN A95 (Euro V) buses.

Apart from delivering MAN buses to the Singapore public transport fleet, ST Engineering Land Systems is also involved in many land transport-related projects, such as the delivery of three-door buses (concept double deck / concept single deck / 50 production double deck), and the development of autonomous driving technologies and driver assistance systems.

Major Accidents & Incidents

Registration Service Incident Date Description Location Link
SG5805A 169 15 Sep 2020 Accident with a rubbish truck; 4 passengers and 1 bus Captain taken to hospital. Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 [1]
SG5755K 911T 16 Apr 2024 58-year old Bus Captain died after an accident in which the bus mounted a kerb and crashed into a tree. Woodlands Avenue 2 [1]


Additional Specifications

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