SMRT Bus Service 190

SMRT Bus Service 190 operates between Choa Chu Kang and Kampong Bahru, passing through Teck Whye, Bukit Panjang, Stevens, Orchard Road, Clarke Quay and Chinatown. It utilizes the expressway between Bukit Panjang and Whitley Road, making it a popular route between Choa Chu Kang / Bukit Panjang and the City.

44009 Choa Chu Kang Int B1 NS4BP1 Choa Chu Kang Loop
44539 Lot 1/Choa Chu Kang Stn NS4BP1 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
44399 Opp Blk 210 Choa Chu Kang Dr
44299 Cck Polyclinic Teck Whye Ave
44289 Blk 6 Teck Whye Ave
44279 Blk 157 Teck Whye Ave
44141 Phoenix Stn BP5 Choa Chu Kang Rd
44251 Bt Panjang Stn/Blk 604 DT1-BP6 Bt Panjang Rd
44241 Opp Lompang Rd Bt Panjang Rd
44231 Zhenghua Pr Sch Bt Panjang Rd
44261 Blk 270 Bt Panjang Rd
40239 Bef Stevens Stn Exit 4 DT10TE11 Whitley Rd
40229 Bef Stevens Stn Exit 2 DT10TE11 Stevens Rd
40219 Bef Met YMCA Stevens Rd
40209 Novotel Mercure @ Stevens Stevens Rd
40199 Aft Balmoral Rd Stevens Rd
09219 Far East Plaza Scotts Rd
09047 Orchard Stn/Tang Plaza NS22TE14 Orchard Rd
09037 Bef Cairnhill Rd NS22TE14 Orchard Rd
08138 Concorde Hotel S'pore Orchard Rd
08057 Dhoby Ghaut Stn NS24NE6CC1 Orchard Rd
08069 Bencoolen Stn Exit B DT21 Bras Basah Rd
04159 Aft CHIJMES Victoria St
04149 Grand Pk City Hall Hill St
04229 High St Ctr Hill St
04239 Opp Clarke Quay Stn NE5 New Bridge Rd
05059 Hong Lim Pk NE5 New Bridge Rd
05049 Chinatown Stn Exit E NE4DT19 New Bridge Rd
05039 New Bridge Ctr New Bridge Rd
05019 Aft Duxton Plain Pk EW16NE3TE17 New Bridge Rd
10011 Bef Neil Rd New Bridge Rd
10041 Bef Kampong Bahru Ter Kg Bahru Rd
10499 Kampong Bahru Ter Spooner Rd
10499 Kampong Bahru Ter Spooner Rd
10049 Opp Kampong Bahru Ter Kg Bahru Rd
10017 Aft Hosp Dr EW16NE3TE17 Eu Tong Sen St
05012 Bef Pearl's Hill Terr EW16NE3TE17 Eu Tong Sen St
05022 Aft Chinatown Stn Exit D NE4DT19 Eu Tong Sen St
04222 Clarke Quay Stn Exit E NE5 Eu Tong Sen St
04223 Old Hill St Police Stn Hill St
04143 Stamford Ct Hill St
04121 SMU CC2 Stamford Rd
08041 YMCA Orchard Rd
08031 Dhoby Ghaut Stn Exit B NS24NE6CC1 Penang Rd
08111 Winsland Hse Penang Rd
08121 Somerset Stn NS23 Somerset Rd
09011 Opp Ngee Ann City Orchard Turn
09023 Opp Orchard Stn/ION NS22TE14 Orchard Turn
09213 Thong Teck Bldg Scotts Rd
40191 Aft Draycott Pk Stevens Rd
40201 Chelsea Gdns Condo Stevens Rd
40211 Opp Met YMCA Stevens Rd
40221 Stevens Stn Exit 3 DT10TE11 Stevens Rd
40231 Raffles Town Club DT10TE11 Whitley Rd
44269 Blk 223 Bt Panjang Rd
44239 Opp Zhenghua Pr Sch Bt Panjang Rd
44249 Blk 174 Bt Panjang Rd
44259 Blk 183 Bt Panjang Rd
44149 Opp Phoenix Stn BP5 Choa Chu Kang Rd
44271 Bet Blks 13/14 Teck Whye Ave
44281 Blk 8 Teck Whye Ave
44291 Opp Cck Polyclinic Teck Whye Ave
44391 Aft Blk 202 Choa Chu Kang Dr
44009 Choa Chu Kang Int NS4BP1 Choa Chu Kang Loop
Route Overview
Route WAB_logo_20px Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange ↔ Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal 
Passes Through Teck Whye Ave, Bt Panjang Rd, Stevens Rd, Orchard Rd / Orchard Turn, Hill St, New Bridge Rd / Eu Tong Sen St
Route Length Towards Kampong Bahru: 23.0 km
Towards Choa Chu Kang: 22.3 km
Travelling Time 80 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Choa Chu Kang–Bukit Panjang Bus Package
Current Operator SMRT Buses Ltd
Current Depot Kranji Bus Depot (KJDEP)
Current Fleet Single Deck Bus:
– MAN A22
– Mercedes-Benz OC500LE
Double Deck Bus:
– Alexander Dennis Enviro500
– Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (3 Door)
– Volvo B9TL
– MAN A95
Operating Hours
Departure Times from Choa Chu Kang
Saturdays & Sundays / Public Holidays
05:30 – 23:30 05:50 – 23:30
Departure Times from Kampong Bahru
Weekdays & Saturdays Sundays / Public Holidays
05:55 – 23:30 06:25 – 23:30
Operating Frequency
6:30am–8.30am 8.31am–4.59pm 5.00pm–7.00pm After 7.00pm
From Choa Chu Kang
2 – 5 mins 4 – 7 mins 6 – 7 mins 7 – 11 mins
From Kampong Bahru
8 – 11 mins 4 – 7 mins 4 – 6 mins 5 – 8 mins
Fare Information
Fare Charges regular distance fares


Service 190 is a major trunk route linking Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang with the City areas of Orchard Road, Clarke Quay and Chinatown. The express nature of the route provides a highly convenient connection between housing estates and the City areas, leading to frequent overcrowding along the route prior to the commencement of Downtown Line Stage 2.

Service 190 was among the most patronized bus services in Singapore, experiencing high demand throughout the day, and even more so during the peak hours. This is partially due to the lack existing bus routes between CCK / Teck Whye and the City before end-2015. Also, the inconvenience of multiple transfers on the MRT (before the Downtown Line Stage 2 opened) led to more commuters preferring the direct bus route over a train ride. Difficulty boarding Service 190 during weekday and weekend peak hours are commonplace. With the opening of the Downtown Line Stage 2 in Dec 2015, demand for this bus service has been reduced.

MRT/LRT Stations Served:
Special Departures:
  • Bukit Panjang Road (Bt Panjang Stn/Blk 604) → Kampong Bahru Ter
    Weekdays: 05:40
  • Bukit Panjang Road (Blk 223) → Choa Chu Kang Int
    Weekdays: 06:00, 06:05, 06:10, 06:15, 06:20, 06:25, 06:29, 06:33, 06:41, 06:45, 06:53, 06:57 & 07:05
    Saturdays: 06:00, 06:13 & 06:26
    Sundays / Public Holidays: 06:00, 06:10, 06:20, 06:30, 06:40, 06:50 & 07:00
  • Orchard Road (YMCA) → Choa Chu Kang Int
    Weekday Evening Peak Hours & Weekend Nights
  • Somerset Road (Somerset Stn) → Choa Chu Kang Int
    Weekday Evening Peak Hours & Weekend Nights
Short Trip Service:
  • Service 190A: Choa Chu Kang Int → Orchard Rd (Dhoby Ghaut Stn)
    Weekdays (except Public Holidays): 05:33 – 07:46


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Poster Gallery:

Operator History:
  • 1988 – 1999: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 1999 – 2004: Trans-Island Bus Services Ltd
  • 2004 – Present: SMRT Buses Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) will be renewed in 2026 under the Choa Chu Kang–Bukit Panjang Bus Package.

  • 1988 (10 Jul): Introduced between Bt Panjang Ter and New Bridge Rd Ter
  • 1990 (16 Dec): Integrated with Service 179 and extended to Choa Chu Kang Int
  • 1992: Amended to ply Orchard Link, skipping Grange Rd
  • 1993 (03 Jan): Amended to ply PIE and Whitley Rd under TransitLink Network Integration Exercise Phase 11, skipping Jln Anak Bt/Upp Bt Timah Rd and Dunearn Rd/Bt Timah Rd
  • 1993 (11 Apr): Amended to ply Victoria St, Hill St and New Bridge Rd, skipping North Bridge Rd, South Bridge Rd and Upp Cross St
  • 1995: Amended to ply Orchard Turn
  • 1997 (07 Dec): Amended to ply Upp Pickering St, South Bridge Rd and Kreta Ayer Rd with the partial closure of New Bridge Rd to facilitate the construction of Chinatown MRT station on the North East MRT Line
  • 1999 (25 Jul): Operations transferred to Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS)
  • 1999 (26 Dec): Amended to ply Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, Choa Chu Kang Dr and Teck Whye Ave under Bukit Panjang LRT Rationalisation, skipping Choa Chu Kang Way
  • 2000: Serves additional bus stop opposite Blk 333 along Kreta Ayer Rd
  • 2002 (20 Apr): Amended to ply the reinstated New Bridge Rd, skipping Upp Pickering St, South Bridge Rd and Kreta Ayer Rd
  • 2002 (07 Jul): Skips the bus stop outside Orchard Emerald along Orchard Rd
  • 2005: Serves additional bus stop outside Clarke Quay Stn along Eu Tong Sen St
  • 2005 (02 Jul): Amended to ply Grange Rd and Orchard Link with the partial closure of Somerset Rd
  • 2006 (29 Oct): Serves relocated bus stop outside Orchard Stn along Orchard Turn
  • 2015 (14 Jun): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2018 (10 Mar): Extended to Kg Bahru Ter with the closure of New Bridge Rd Ter
  • 2018 (16 Dec): Amended to relocated Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange.

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  • 29 September 2023 at 10:43 AM

    Can consider extending 190 to end at bukit merah to further increase bus travel options between bukit merah and orchard area

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    190 got bendy bus

    Every weekday about 4.30 start from Choa Chu Kang

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      i saw too
      to the website owner: can you add man a24 on the fleet section of 190 and 190A

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