Zhongtong LCK6750EVG

Zhongtong LCK6750EVG
Zhongtong LCK6750EVG Electric Minibus
Zhongtong LCK6750EVG Electric Minibus
Manufacturer Zhongtong
Bodywork Zhongtong
Years in operation 2022—Present
Operators ComfortDelGro Bus
Tong Tar Transport
Technical Data
Accessibility High Floor
Emission Standard Zero tailpipe emissions

The Zhongtong LCK6750EVG is a fully electric minibus manufactured by Chinese bus manufacturer Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd. (中通客车). In Singapore, ComfortDelGro Bus procured several of these high-floor minibuses. Tong Tar Transport also registered one unit in February 2023.

This vehicle resembles the Zhongtong V60 low-entry minibus launched by Zhongtong in 2020. However, local units have gone with a high-floor version of this bus, with an increased battery capacity of 175 kWh versus the original 117 kWh.

Technical Specifications
Basic Technical Specifications
Electric motors 200 kW electric motor
Battery CATL Lithium iron phosphate battery (Capacity 175 kWh)
Charged via DC plug-in charger (CCS Type 2 connector)
~250 km driving range
Bodywork Zhongtong integral bodywork
22 seats (ComfortDelGro), 20 seats (Tong Tar)
Weight 6940 kg (kerb), 8900 kg (max)

ComfortDelGro Bus

ComfortDelGro Bus (CDGB) procured several of these Zhongtong LCK6750EVG minibuses, fitted with 22 seats.

Starting on 26 October 2022, one unit was regularly deployed to shuttle bus services at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). As part of an environmental sustainability drive at SGH Campus, the bus would be trialled for six months, gathering data and insights in preparation for the entire SGH Campus fleet to be electrified.

The bus is equipped with a 175kWh DC fast-charging lithium battery and can cover 250km under urban road conditions on a full charge. An air-adjustable suspension system allows the driver to lower the bus for easier boarding and alighting, especially for patients with mobility issues. The bus also comes with an automatic passenger counting system, CCTV, electric display system, GPS and surround view monitoring system.

As of 2022, the SGH Campus has 18 diesel-powered minibuses plying three routes bringing approximately 10,000 patients and visitors daily from Outram Park MRT station to various institutions on campus.

The bus only has 22 seats, contrary to SGH’s post calling it a 23-seater bus.

Wheelchair accessibility

The Zhongtong LCK6750EVG bus is fitted with a wheelchair lift. However, with no onboard wheelchair bay, the wheelchair will have to remain on the raised wheelchair platform during transport. This blocks the entrance/exit door for other commuters and, while feasible for point-to-point transport, is unfeasible for shuttle bus operations with frequent boarding/alighting of passengers, and passengers commuting between different stops.

For the SGH trial, the wheelchair lift is not intended for use. SGH already uses a separate vehicle for wheelchair transport around the campus.

Tong Tar Transport

Private bus operator Tong Tar Transport procured at least one of these buses. The first unit is PD1008L, which was registered on 27 Feb 2023.

Gallery – Private Bus (Exterior)
Private Bus (Interior)

The bus is fitted with 22 passenger seats in both transverse and longitudinal arrangements.

The driver’s cab provides a 360-degree camera.



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