Manufacturer BYD Auto
Bodywork Gemilang Coachworks Sdn Bhd
Years in operation 2021 –
Operator TBC
Technical Data
Length 12 metre
Motor 2x AC Synchronous wheel hub motors
Battery TBC
Accessibility Low floor
Emission Standard Zero tailpipe emissions

The BYD K9RC is a fully electric, low-floor double-deck city bus manufactured by BYD in China. The bus was bodied by Gemilang Coachworks, based in Malaysia.

One such example was sighted in Singapore back in April 2021, featuring the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s lush green livery and SG Bus Decals.

The bus is built by Gemilang Coachworks on a BYD D9RC chassis (based on delivery documents), equipped with two wheelchair bays and other unique features for a pandemic era. It is the second electric double-deck bus model in Singapore after the Yutong E12DD.

Basic Technical Specifications
Electric Motor BYD3425TZA AC Synchronous wheel hub motors (2x)
Battery BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
Bodywork Gemilang Coachworks bodywork
EDS Luminator ULTIMA Electronic Display Sign (EDS)
Orange LED Matrix design. Luminator Basic driver controller.
PIDS Luminator SMART Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)
Driver Assistance TNT Surveillance T-Guard
– Forward collision warning system (T-FA Front Alert Camera)
– Side collision warning system (Side Alert Cameras)
Anti-Fatigue system (T-DA Driver Alert Camera)
– T-SEEDS telematics system
Passenger Capacity Seating (Upper deck): 51 | Seating (Lower deck): 21 | Standing: 50 | Total: 122
Not including 2 foldable seats, 2 wheelchair bays
Additional Specifications Masats door systems
Valeo REVO-E Global electric air-conditioning system (Spheros SC 600 controller)
Ster NewCity seats
USB Charging Ports
Valeo DD540
air-conditioning (TBC)
Pandemic Public Transport Features

Trial Bus

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) procured 60 electric buses in 2018. With no new electric bus orders since, it is likely that the BYD Double-Deck Electric Bus is offered to the LTA as a trial, similar to that of the MAN Lion’s City SD (3 Door) in 2017, and the Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid in 2020.

Based on the VIN number (LC06S44P5J1000001), the chassis was built in 2018 by BYD in Shenzhen, China. It is propelled by two BYD3425TZA motors.

The bus’ traction batteries are located at the rear of the lower deck. Like the Yutong E12DD, the passenger compartment on the lower deck ends just above the rear axle.

More batteries are located in the underfloor next to the exit door, on both sides of the bus. This is similar to the BYD K9 (Gemilang) and results in the raised floor and narrow passenger aisle near the exit door.

Delivery documents on the bus initially referred to the bus as the BYD D9RC, which is likely the name of the chassis and not the actual bus. Similarly, the BYD C6 (Gemilang) buses were built on BYD D6R chassis, and BYD K9 (Gemilang) buses were delivered as BYD D9A chassis. The final model name was later confirmed to be the BYD K9RC.

The bus was fitted with registration plate SG4005Z, pending its registration.

Pandemic Public Transport Features

The bus cabin was fitted with several features installed for public transport in a pandemic era. These include:

  • Driver cabin protective shield
  • Temperature detectors at the entrance doors
  • Touch-less bus stopping bell pushes
  • Ventilation windows on lower and upper decks

Some of these non-standard features are expected to be removed prior to its registration and revenue service commencement.

Other BYD 3-axle double-deck buses

BYD has produced 3-axle double-deck buses since as early as 2012, when images of a gold-coloured, right-hand-drive BYD K10 was circulated on Chinese social media, strongly hinting at a potential trial with Kowloon Motor Bus of Hong Kong. The purported trial did not materialize.

In June 2020, the BYD B12D three-axle double-deck bus (full model name:  BYD6120BD1EV1) was first mentioned in《道路机动车辆生产企业及产品公告》(第334批), the 334th issue of a regular publication by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology listing new models of domestic road vehicles. A bus operator in Shenzhen took delivery of 10 units in October 2020, configured as sightseeing buses.

BYD also offers the 45-foot (13.7-metre) BYD C10MS for the North American market, unveiled in January 2020 at the United Motorcoach Association’s annual expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gallery: (Exterior)
Gallery: (Interior)

Edit History

This article was formerly titled “New BYD D9RC electric double-deck bus in Singapore” and updated to BYD K9RC August 2021 to reflect new information about the bus.

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  • 17 August 2021 at 12:54 AM

    So what happen to this bus ? So far any updates. ?

  • 29 April 2021 at 7:09 AM

    This kinda reminds me of a Dennis Trident

  • 27 April 2021 at 7:59 AM

    Trademark of CN design
    I hope the final design is nicer looking.
    It’s appalling to know LTA has been engaging CN makers. In the end, there’s gonna be a SG company that distributes it and it will be obvious.

    • 27 April 2021 at 8:59 AM

      What’s so appalling about engaging CN makers, can share? Meanwhile, mind you, this is Sg!

  • 27 April 2021 at 6:25 AM

    probably for SBST since the BYD SDs are based at seletar & its charging facilities are there too

    • 27 April 2021 at 8:04 PM

      If its indeed for sedep. Wonder wat service will get it. Would love to see it on 851.

      • 28 April 2021 at 1:07 AM

        maybe 71? since volvo B8 demo did 71

        or even 807… follow BYD SDs lol
        well it can be other service the operator wants to trial on… cant deny that

    • 15 October 2021 at 6:56 PM

      Don’t understand why 825 can’t be allocated to Seletar package since it uses BYD vehicles too.

  • 26 April 2021 at 9:08 PM

    The design looks cool, but would be more effective if it’s a 3-door bus


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