Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) for buses

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) is an in-bus information display panel providing commuters with on-route information in real-time. These displays may combine audio announcements to complement the visual displays.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is responsible for bus procurement and their specifications since the start of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM). While several types of Passenger Information Display Systems have been trialled in the mid-2010s, the LTA made PIDS a mandatory requirement for future buses starting from 2018.

Upcoming PIDS trials:

As hinted by a report by the Family-Friendly Transport Advisory Panel, progressive introduction of a PIDS system commences in the fourth quarter in 2018, where new buses would be fitted with a PIDS system paired with audio announcements. Additionally, a trial of a new PIDS system for Bus Service 139 (which serves the Enabling Village in Redhill) was previously announced but has yet to be put in place.

Past PIDS Units

Gorba imotion TFT.slave

Model Gorba imotion TFT.slave (LCD screen display)
Buses MAN A22 (Euro 6)MAN A95 (Euro 6)
MAN A95 - Exterior-facing PIDS
MAN A95 – Exterior-facing PIDS

The Gorba imotion TFT.slave is a conventional LCD screen supplied to LTA’s newly-acquired buses delivered in 2018. Each bus has at least one on the interior, and one exterior-facing unit next to the entrance door.

For single-deck buses, a single unit is installed within the bus, and for double-deck buses, one unit is installed on each deck.

The full capabilities of this PIDS screen are to be confirmed. However, they are likely capable of providing real-time information on the next and subsequent bus stops along a route, and capable of supporting audio announcements

Mobitec MobiSCREEN

Model Mobitec MobiSCREEN  (LCD screen display)
Buses MAN A95 – Lion’s City DD (3-Door) Concept Bus (SG5999Z), MAN Lion’s City SD Concept Bus (SG4002G)

The Mobitec MobiSCREEN is a conventional LCD screen which displays real-time information on the next bus-stop along its route, and capable of supporting audio announcements. The system was activated on SG5999Z in end-March 2017 (several weeks after its launch) when the concept bus was trialled by Tower Transit on Bus Service 143, and scrolled through en-route bus stops.

Three identical units were installed around the bus: one on the lower deck (at the wheelchair bay) and two more on the upper deck (at the front of the bus, and at the rear staircase). A fourth unit on the lower deck (behind the rear staircase), which was present during public showcases in 2016, was removed to allow for more space in the confined seating area.

As of SBS Transit operations (April 2018), the PIDS is not in operation.

For SG4002G, the Mobitec MobiSCREEN PIDS display was never activated to display route details, and was stuck to displaying a static screen throughout the trial period.

OSG ScreeneX

Model OSG ScreeneX (LCD screen display)
Buses MAN Lion’s City SD Concept Bus (SG4002G)

The OSG ScreeneX® is an LCD screen fully embedded in a double-glazed window. The unique display screen takes no cabin space, increasing both vehicle capacity and passenger comfort. It was operational during the trial of SG4002G on Bus Service 190 and scrolled through en-route bus stops.

Two identical units were installed at the front section of the bus, above the facing seats.

Trapeze Multifunctional Display MFD

Model Trapeze Multifunctional Display MFD  (LCD screen display)
Buses MAN NL323F (SMB3053M)

The Trapeze Multifunctional Display MFD is a conventional LCD screen which displays real-time information on the next bus-stop along its route, with audio announcements. The system was installed on SMB3053M (a Tower Transit MAN NL323F) between December 2016 to mid-April 2017, as part of a trial initiated by the LTA. The bus was deployed on Bus Service 106 for the trial.

A single unit was mounted overhead in the centre of the bus. When it was launched, the display only scrolled through en-route bus stops; the system was upgraded to feature connecting bus/train information and audio announcements in early April 2017.

Main Article: LTA trials new information display for buses


Model Model Unknown  (LED matrix display)
Buses All buses built to SMRT specifications (Alexander Dennis Enviro500Mercedes-Benz CitaroMercedes-Benz OC500LEMAN NL323FMAN NG363FMAN ND323FMercedes-Benz O405G), SG5999Z

SMRT Buses uses an Orange LED matrix display which displays the next bus stop name on a single line. It is a standard feature on all its buses which were procured under their specifications.

Multiple variants of the LED display are installed across different buses in its fleet. On older buses, the unit is installed at the front section of the bus, mounted on the ceiling. On newer buses, the display is integrated into the front bodywork panel of the bus. Double-deck buses also have a second display unit at the front of the upper deck.

LTA Trial PIDS in 2015

Model Model Unknown (LCD screen + LED matrix display)
Buses Mercedes-Benz Citaro (SBS6103Z)

On 20 August 2015, LTA tested a new display in a private trial with elderly commuters. The display, installed on an SBS Transit Mercedes-Benz Citaro (SBS6103Z), showed the next three stops, along with audio announcements. The bus, permanently assigned to training duties, was never deployed on revenue service.

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