Bus Models

Retired Buses
Bus Model Registration Units acquired Propulsion Operator Years in Operation
DAF SB220 TIB391D – TIB424T; CSS270B – CSS289Z; TIB675K – TIB724C 84 Euro I Diesel SMRT/TIBS/CSS 1995–2016
Dennis Dart SBS8009A – SBS8018Z 10 Euro I Diesel SBST/SBS 1994–2011
Dennis Lance TIB906U – TIB946D; CSS310U; TIB1257C; PA639M, PA644Y, PA648L, PA649J, PA669B, PA715B, PA716Z, PA4076K  |  TIB1002X – TIB1016G; PA2020J, PA2022D, PA2054L, PA2058B, PA2063K  |  TIB1017D & TIB1018B 72 Euro II Diesel SMRT/TIBS/CSS, Bus-Plus/Strides 1998–2018
Dennis Trident SBS9671E – SBS9690A 20 Euro II Diesel SBST/SBS 2001–2018
Higer KLQ6129GQH2 RD6066L 1 Hydrogen fuel cell SBST 2010
Hino HS3KRK TIB905Y, TIB947B – TIB957Y 12 Euro II Diesel SMRT/TIBS 1998–2013
King Long XMQ6121G NA (never registered) 50* Euro ? Diesel hybrid SBST (never entered service) 2010
Leyland Olympian (2-axle) SBS3550K – SBS3571A, SBS6907X – SBS6999E, SBS7113M – SBS7197X 200 Diesel SBS 1986–2003
Leyland Olympian (3-axle) SBS9000S – SBS9199C 200 Euro I Diesel SBST/SBS 1993–2013
Mercedes-Benz O405 (SBST) SBS82P – SBS281R; SBS282D – SBS581R; SBS3723D – SBS3922X 700 Diesel SBST/SBS 1990–2011
Mercedes-Benz O405 (SMRT) TIB425R – TIB561E, TIB572Z – TIB634D; TIB725A – TIB797S; TIB798P – TIB832Z; TIB958U – TIB972C 323 Euro I Diesel SMRT/TIBS 1994–2016
Mercedes-Benz O405G (SBST) SBS999U 1 Euro I Diesel SBST/SBS 1996–2006
Mercedes-Benz O405G (SMRT) TIB838H; TIB849B – TIB904A; TIB973A – TIB1001Z; TIB1019Z – TIB1247G 315 Euro I / II Diesel SMRT/TIBS 1996–2020
Nissan Diesel U31RCN CSS178K – CSS187J; TIB362M – TIB377X; CSS188G – CSS211Y; TIB1248D – TIB1256E 50 Diesel SMRT/TIBS/CSS 1992–2012
Scania L94UB SBS2888T 1 Euro II Diesel SBST/SBS 1999–2016
Scania L113CRL SH971E — SH982Z (later PA-plated) TIB562C – TIB571B, TIB635B – TIB674M 12 50 Euro I Diesel SBS Leisure SMRT/TIBS 1995–2005 1995–2014
Sunlong SLK6121UF14H SBS8000Z & SBS8001X (later PC-plated) 2 Euro VI Diesel-hybrid SBST (2010-2012), then private operators 2010–2019
Volvo B5RLE Hybrid SBS8002T 1 Euro V Diesel-hybrid SBST 2016
Volvo B9TL (Gemilang) SBS7777Y 1 Euro V Diesel SBST 2014–
Volvo B8L SG4003D 1 Euro VI Diesel SBST 2017–2020
Volvo B10BLE SBS1688K SBS2988M – SBS2999G 1 12 Euro II Diesel Euro IV CNG SBST/SBS 1997–2015 2002–2019
Volvo B10M-61 (Mark III) SBS582M – SBS881A 300 Diesel SBST/SBS 1992–2012
Volvo B10M-60 (Mark IV) SBS882Y – SBS996C; SBS1896B – SBS1999M, SBS2593T – SBS2838M; SBS8019X – SBS8028U, other SH- and PA-plated 435 Euro I Diesel SBST/SBS, private operators 1995–2018
Volvo B10M-70 Mark IV SBS997A 1 Euro I Diesel SBST/SBS 1995–2012
Volvo B10MA-60 Mark IV SBS998Y 1 Euro I Diesel SBST/SBS 1996–2006
Volvo Olympian (2-axle) SBS7198T – SBS7297R 100 Diesel SBST/SBS 1994–2013
Volvo Olympian (3-axle) SBS9200G – SBS9670H 471 Diesel SBST/SBS 2017–2020
Volvo B10TL SBS9800A – SBS9849K; SBS9888Y, SBS9889U 52 Euro II Diesel SBST/SBS 1999–2020
Zhongtong LCK6121GHEV SMB137A 1 Euro VI Diesel-hybrid SMRT (2011), then private operator 2011–2019

6 thoughts on “Bus Models

  • 22 August 2021 at 11:34 AM

    um you mean scania k230UB? And also they haven’t retired yet and are VERY common on the roads, i live in kovan, and i always meet my worst nightmare: seeing ONLY scania buses

  • 26 January 2021 at 3:46 PM

    This place is so cool! I got to discover all types of buses in Singapore! (I was interested in buses since I was 3 years old and kept telling my parents what bus is this what bus is that…)

  • 22 January 2021 at 2:11 PM

    I have ridden the 3 door man a95 bus, and I’m very lucky because the bus 143 is just beside my house and 143 have a lot of the man a95 3 doors

    • 4 January 2022 at 4:25 PM

      The 3-door buses not deployed on service 143

      And if it is SG 5999Z it is only 1 bus not many


  • 14 October 2020 at 6:07 PM

    I missed Scania K230U3 buses…The new MAN A22 buses are uncomfortable…Seats on the last row is very warm after sitting down for >15 mins. Then I realised the engine compartment is right behind the seats. I think the heat insulation is poor. Also the seat at second last row on the passenger side is crammed because there is a box underneath the seat in front, forcing the passenger to bend their legs when sitting down. This would be worse if the journey is an hour trip

    • 22 August 2021 at 11:33 AM

      um you mean scania k230UB? And also they haven’t retired yet and are VERY common on the roads, i live in kovan, and i always meet my worst nightmare: seeing ONLY scania buses


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