Bedok Reservoir MRT Station

Bedok Reservoir
勿洛蓄水池 | பிடோக் நீர்த்தேக்கம்
Lines Served   Downtown Line
Operator SBS Transit
Structure Underground
Platform Island
Opening on 21 October 2017

Bedok Reservoir MRT Station (DT30) is an underground station along the Downtown Line (DTL) Stage 3. It is built underneath Bedok North Avenue 3, near the PIE flyover and junction with Bedok Reservoir Road, serving residential areas in the vicinity.

The station takes its name from the nearby water catchment of Bedok Reservoir. It serves Bedok Reservoir Park and Bedok Town Park, multiple schools (Damai Secondary School, Yu Neng Primary School, Bedok Green Secondary School, Red Swastika School), as well as a mix of condominiums and HDB housing estates.

First / Last Train Timings

Downtown Line – DT30 Bedok Reservoir
Destination First Train Last Train
& Sat
Sun &
Public Holidays
DT1 Bukit Panjang
DT35 Expo

Station Layout

L1 Street level Bus stops, Taxi stand, pick-up/drop-off point
B1 Concourse Faregates, Ticketing machines, Passenger Service Centre
B? Platform B Downtown Line towards  DT35  CG1  Expo
Platform A Downtown Line towards  DT1  BP6  Bukit Panjang


Platform B: Downtown Line towards  DT35  CG1  Expo via  DT31  Tampines West (→)
Platform A: Downtown Line towards  DT1  BP6  Bukit Panjang via  DT29  Bedok North (←)

Bedok Reservoir station has two platforms in an island platform arrangement, with both platforms utilized for trains travelling in either direction. Full-height Platform screen doors isolate the air-conditioned station from the tunnel environment, enhancing commuter safety and station comfort.

Passenger Information Systems, which are plasma display screens located at each platform, display expected train arrival times and key messages. Tactile flooring helps to guide the visually-handicapped from the platform to the station exits.


The concourse features faregates for automatic fare collection and provides access between paid and unpaid areas of the station, with at least one bidirectional wide-swinging gate for the benefit of passengers-in-wheelchairs and those carrying bulky items or travelling with prams.

General Ticketing Machines allow commuters to purchase tickets for single or multiple journeys, and along with Top-up Machines, offer contactless card transactions. The station office functions as a Passenger Service Centre, and is staffed during operating hours, where commuters may make travel inquiries or perform card transactions using cash payment.

A public toilet is located in the unpaid area of the DTL concourse.

Civil Defence shelter

Bedok Reservoir station is one of seven stations along the Downtown Line 3 designated as Civil Defence (CD) shelters, which will be activated in times of national emergency. Apart from reinforced construction, the stations are designed and equipped with facilities to ensure the shelter environment is tolerable for all shelterees during shelter occupation. These facilities include protective blast doors, decontamination facilities, ventilation systems, power and water supply systems and a dry toilet system.

Art in Transit: TBC



Station Amenities

  • Public toilets at DTL concourse

Safety Features

  • Emergency Train Stop buttons on the station platform, when activated, will prevent approaching trains from entering the station, and any train already stopped at the platform will be prevented from moving off.
  • Emergency telephones at station platforms and the intercom system inside the lifts enable commuters to communicate with station staff in the Passenger Service Centre.
  • Emergency door handles allow the platform doors to be opened manually from the train-side in the event of failure.
  • Fire Extinguishers in various locations
  • All escalators equipped with Emergency Stop buttons

Transport Connections (TBC)

Rail Bridging Services (TBC)

Passenger Usage Patterns

Located in close proximity to schools, residential areas and parks, Bedok Reservoir station encounters moderate to high demand levels across the day.


Downtown Line Stage 3 (DTL3) Contract 927 for the construction and completion of Bedok Reservoir station and its associated tunnels was awarded to Cooperativa Muratori & Cementisti – C.M.C di Ravenna for approximately S$196.46 million in July 2011. Along with Contract 926 for Tampines West station, these two contracts were the first MRT contracts in Singapore undertaken by the Italian company, with prior experience in construction of railway projects in Italy.

Future Developments

Major Incidents


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  • 10 July 2017 at 10:38 PM

    Hi, is there any facilities like food court and supermarkets to be built near bedok reservoir mrt station?
    This will serve the residents of the nearby condominium and hdb.

  • 27 May 2017 at 8:11 PM

    Hi. I understand that the main entrance will be near Bedok north ave. will there be another entrance from the opposite end of the station?



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