Zhongtong LCK6121G HEV

Zhongtong LCK6121G HEV
SMRT Zhongtong Hybrid
Other names Zhongtong
Manafacturer Zhongtong
Bodywork Zhongtong Integral
Year 2011
Local Operators SMRT Buses
Technical Data
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Entry Low entry
Engine Dongfeng-Cummins ISBe4 225B
Gearbox Eaton F0-6406A-ASW
Emission Standard Euro V

The Zhongtong LCK6121G HEV is a low-entry single-decker hybrid transit bus built by Zhongtong Bus. The Chinese bus builder primarily supplies vehicles for the domestic market.

SMRT Buses is a past operator of the LCK6121GHEV, with a single unit brought on trial for six months before it was rejected. The same unit was later sold to local private bus operator Travel GSH, where it was deployed on Peak Period Short Service 291P between 2014 and 2016.

SMRT Buses Zhongtong LCK6121GHEV Demonstrator (SMB137A):

In 2011, SMRT Buses brought in its second China-made bus on a diesel-electric hybrid vehicle trial. Registered on 3 January 2011 as SMB137A, it served on a six-month trial period from January 2011 to July 2011.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dongfeng-Cummins ISBe4 225B engine
    6,693 cc, 165kW (225hp) @ 2500rpm
    Torque rating of 850Nm @ 1500rpm
  • Eaton UltraShift F0-6406A-ASW transmission
    Six-speed automatic
  • Zhongtong Bus Integral Bodywork
    Bus was completely built up (CBU) in China and shipped to Singapore. Air-conditioning is also provided by a in-house manufacturer
  • Mobitec MobiLED Electronic Display Signage (EDS)
    Orange LED matrix

Being a diesel-electric hybrid bus, it combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. The small 7-litre diesel engine is supplemented by a 10-60Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, the key to its high fuel economy.  The battery supplies additional power to the bus during acceleration directly to the drive train via a set of permanent-magnet synchronous motors. The batteries are gradually recharged through dynamic braking. The added electric propulsion system reduces the load on the diesel engine, resulting in better fuel economy and lower vehicular emissions.

On 18 Jan 2011, SMRT issued a press release about SMB137A as follows:

“Continuing its focus on customers, SMRT Buses has put on trial two environmentally-friendly buses. It will introduce its first diesel-electric hybrid bus made by Zhong Tong, one of China’s premier bus manufacturers. This new environmental-friendly bus runs on both diesel and electricity – using up to 30% less fuel and emitting up to 30% less greenhouse gases, making travel on public transport even greener. SMRT’s first hybrid bus also emits less noise, making it a more pleasant journey for passengers and road users. The hybrid Zhong Tong bus will be put on a six-month trial starting 19 January 2011 and will ply on Service 106 first, before being put on Service 945 from April 2011.”

A day later, on 19 Jan 2011, SMB137A mode its debut on Feeder Service 945, contrary to the April launch as stated in the press release. While on its six-month trial, it was under the care of SMRT’s Kranji Depot (KJDEP), and was a common sight on Service 106, Service 188, Premium 530 and Feeder Service 941. On one occasion, it was deployed to the high-demand Service 190.

During its trial period, it was evident that the Zhongtong was not capable with handing heavy loads, and was frequently running behind schedule on feeder and trunk routes alike. Acceleration was slow and the bus felt sluggish. After its six-month trial, the bus was deregistered, with no further purchases made. It resided in a private heavy vehicle park near Bukit Batok Driving Centre, until it was sold to a private operator, Travel GSH Pte Ltd. It retained its SMRT beige & red base livery (but without the SMRT logos) and the front Zhongtong badge, before being repainted into its new livery.

Travel GSH Pte Ltd:

PC2086J operting on PPSS 291P

Following the successful tender for three PPSS services, Travel GSH Pte Ltd purchased the bus and repainted it into a green and white livery which promotes the hybrid properties of the bus. The bus was re-registered as PC2086J.

Between Jun 2014 and September 2016, the bus was a common sight on Peak Period Short Service 291P, operating during the weekday peak hours between Tampines Bus Interchange and Tampines Street 33, and one of three buses deployed on the route. Shortly before the route’s withdrawal, the green and white livery was removed and restickered with a Night Safari advertising wrap.

Additional Specifications:

SMB137A has a total licensed capacity of 81 passengers, including 34 seating, 47 standing, and one passenger-in-wheelchair. A manually-operated wheelchair ramp at the exit door allows for disabled access.


Zhongtong LCK6121G HEV operated by Travel GSH with Night Safari advertisement.
Zhongtong LCK6121G HEV operated by Travel GSH
Zhongtong bearing SMRT base livery in 2014, already sold to private company Travel GSH
SMB137A at its holding area in Bukit Batok


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