Go-Ahead City Direct Bus Service 666

Go-Ahead City Direct Bus Service 666 is a Weekday Peak Hour City Direct service between Punggol and the Central Business District, passing through Punggol Drive, Punggol Field, and and express sector via TPE and CTE. It is the sixteenth City Direct route as well as the fifty-seventh (57th) route introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

65309 Damai Stn Exit A PE7 Punggol Dr
65319 Oasis Stn Exit A PE6 Punggol Dr
65329 Kadaloor Stn Exit A PE5 Punggol Dr
65189 Bef Punggol Ctrl Punggol East
65239 Riviera Stn Exit A PE4 Punggol East
65179 Coral Edge Stn Exit A PE3 Punggol Field
65169 Meridian Stn Exit A PE2 Punggol Field
65159 Cove Stn Exit A PE1 Punggol Field
65209 Blk 201A Punggol Field
65341 Opp Blk 272C Punggol Field
65331 Opp Blk 268D Punggol Field
65431 Twin Waterfalls Punggol Way
03241 Mapletree Anson Anson Rd
03111 Aft Capital Twr Robinson Rd
03071 80 Robinson Rd Robinson Rd
03381 The Sail Marina Blvd
03391 Marina Bay Financial Ctr NS27TE20CE2 Marina Blvd
03539 Marina Bay Stn NS27TE20CE2 Central Blvd
03529 Downtown Stn Exit E DT17 Central Blvd
03129 UIC Bldg TE19 Shenton Way
03218 Opp MAS Bldg EW15 Shenton Way
65439 Blk 220C Punggol Way
65339 Blk 268C Punggol Field
65349 Blk 272C Punggol Field
65201 Opp Blk 201A Punggol Field
65151 Cove Stn Exit B PE1 Punggol Field
65161 Meridian Stn Exit B PE2 Punggol Field
65171 Coral Edge Stn Exit B PE3 Punggol Field
65231 Riviera Stn Exit B PE4 Punggol East
65181 Aft Punggol Ctrl Punggol East
65321 Kadaloor Stn Exit B PE5 Punggol Dr
65311 Oasis Stn Exit B/Blk 617D PE6 Punggol Dr
65301 Damai Stn Exit B PE7 Punggol Dr
Route Overview
Route WAB_logo_20px [AM]: Punggol Drive (Damai Stn Exit A) → Marina Boulevard (Marina Bay Financial Ctr)
[PM]: Central Boulevard (Marina Bay Stn) → Punggol Drive (Damai Stn Exit B)
Passes Through Punggol East, Punggol Field, Anson Rd / Shenton Way
Route Length Towards Marina Blvd: 27.6 km Towards Punggol Dr: 27.7 km
Travelling Time 70 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Loyang Bus Package
Current Operator Go Ahead Singapore Pte Ltd
(Go-Ahead Singapore)
Current Depot Loyang Bus Depot
Current Fleet Single Deck Bus:
Mercedes-Benz Citaro
Operating Hours
Departure Times from Punggol Dr
Weekdays, except Public Holidays
07:25 – 07:40
Departure Times from Central Blvd
Weekdays, except Public Holidays
18:10 – 18:25
Operating Frequency
From Punggol Dr
15 mins
From Central Blvd
15 mins
Fare Information
Fare Charges express distance fares

City Direct Service 666 provides residents of Punggol with greater connectivity to the Central Business District. The service provides a travel alternative for commuters who relied on the rail network and feeder buses to and from the CBD. The route incorporates an express sector between Punggol Way and Anson Rd via TPE, CTE, Outram Road and Cantonment Road.

This is the sixteenth City Direct service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), which provides more options for commuters using stretches of the existing rail lines that experience persistently high ridership, while the ongoing rail enhancement measures are being implemented. Rides were provided free-of-charge on its first day of service.

Travel Smart Journeys

This bus service is part of the Travel Smart Journeys – North-East Line Scheme from 20 Mar 2023, where commuters who switch to this service can earn cashback in the form of e-transport vouchers.

MRT / LRT Stations Served
Departure Timings

Weekdays (except Public Holidays)

  • Morning Peak from Punggol Drive (Damai Stn Exit A):
    07:25 & 07:40
  • Evening Peak from Central Boulevard (Marina Bay Stn):
    18:10 & 18:25

Poster Gallery

Operator History
  • 29 Feb 2016 – 28 Feb 2020: BT & Tan Transport Pte Ltd
  • 02 Mar 2020 – Present: Go Ahead Singapore Pte Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2026 under the Loyang Bus Package.

Route History
  • 2016 (29 Feb): Introduced between Punggol Dr (Opp Blk 612A) and Marina Blvd (Marina Bay Financial Ctr) during morning peak hours and between Central Blvd (Marina Bay Stn) and Punggol Dr (Blk 612A) during evening peak hours as a peak hour one-directional service on weekdays under the BSEP. Operated under Contract PT233B.
  • 2020 (02 Mar): Operations transferred to Go Ahead Singapore Pte Ltd under the Loyang Bus Package
  • 2020 (08 Apr – 01 Jun): Temporarily suspended due to Singapore COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Measures.
  • 2021 (15 Sep) – 2022 (02 Feb): Temporarily suspended due to the impact of COVID-19 on available manpower

Past Routings

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