Tower Transit Bus Service 870

Tower Transit Bus Service 870 is a trunk service operating from Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange and loops at Plantation Crescent in Tengah new town, serving the new housing estates of Plantation Acres and Plantation Grange as well as existing housing estates in Bukit Batok West.

Service 870 commenced operations on 26 November 2023, in tandem with the opening of the new Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange.

Jurong Town Hall Int
↺ Plantation Crescent (Loop)
29009 Jurong Town Hall Int NEW EW24NS1 Venture Dr
28441 Seventh-Day Advent Ch Jurong East Ctrl
28311 Blk 209 Jurong East Ctrl
28621 Blk 241 Jurong East Ctrl
43691 Blk 190 Bt Batok Ave 1
43379 Blk 185 Bt Batok West Ave 6
43329 Blk 146 Bt Batok West Ave 6
43531 Blk 140 Bt Batok West Ave 3
43341 Princess E Pr Sch Bt Batok West Ave 3
40381 Blk 111 Plantation Crescent
43769 Dulwich Coll/Blk 445 Bt Batok Rd
43349 Opp Princess E Pr Sch Bt Batok West Ave 3
43539 Opp Blk 140 Bt Batok West Ave 3
43321 Opp Blk 144 Bt Batok West Ave 6
43371 Blk 109 Bt Batok West Ave 6
43699 Blk 298 Bt Batok Ave 1
28629 Blk 266 Jurong East Ctrl
28319 Blk 207 Jurong East Ctrl
28449 Bef Seventh-Day Advent Ch Jurong East Ctrl
28211 Bef Jurong East Stn EW24NS1 Jurong Gateway Rd
29009 Jurong Town Hall Int NEW EW24NS1 Venture Dr
Route Overview
Route WAB_logo_20px Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange ↺ Plantation Crescent (Loop)
Passes Through Jurong East Ctrl, Bt Batok Ave 1, Bt Batok West Ave 6, Bt Batok West Ave 3, Bt Batok Rd
Route Length 10.6 km
Travelling Time 50 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Bulim Bus Package
Current Operator Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd
(Tower Transit Singapore)
Current Depot Bulim Bus Depot
Current Fleet Single-deck & Double-deck buses
Operating Hours
Departure Times from Jurong Town Hall
06:00 – 23:15
After 23:15 – 00:45 daily, buses operate as Service 870A, terminating at Plantation Cres (Blk 111)
Operating Frequency
  6:30am–8.30am 8.31am–4.59pm 5.00pm–7.00pm After 7.00pm
Loop Service
10 mins 12 mins 10 – 12 mins 10 – 15 mins
Fare Information
Fare Charges regular distance fares

Bus Service 870 serves new housing estates in Tengah as well as existing housing estates in Bukit Batok West with direct links to Jurong East, as well as other amenities along its route.

Introduced on Sunday, 26 November 2023, the route is one of the first few services to serve the new Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange at launch.

Initial Announcement

Plans for the introduction of Bus Service 870 first emerged in October 2023, as mentioned within LTA Travel Guides outlining transportation options for residents of HDB Plantation Village. The guide also highlighted several amenities that Service 870 will serve such as Bukit Batok Swimming Complex and Bukit Batok Blk 156 Market.

As a designated Transit Priority Corridor, Tengah Link will be designated solely for buses from 27 December 2023 (as per signage along Tengah Link). In the interim period from 27 August 2023, other motorists can also use Tengah Link via the left-in-left-out entrance and exit to Bukit Batok Road.

December 2023 Extension

On 1 November 2023, the routing and launch date for Service 870 was revealed in a Facebook Post by local Member of Parliament Dr. Amy Khor.

In addition, the post also highlighted plans for the route extension of Service 870 in December 2023 to serve future Bus Stop 40391 along Tengah Boulevard for Plantation Village estate and a non-stop sector along Tengah Drive.

An article from The Straits Times regarding the new bus service in Tengah based on the Facebook Post by Dr Amy Khor mentioned that Tower Transit would be operating this bus service.

MRT Station Served
Special Departures:
  • Plantation Cres (Blk 111) → Jurong Town Hall Int
    Daily: 06:05
Short Trip Service:
  • Service 870A: Jurong Town Hall Int → Plantation Cres (Blk 111)
    Daily: 23:30 – 00:45

Gallery (Buses):
Poster & Misc Gallery

Operator History:
  • 26 Nov 2023 – Present: Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2026 under the Bulim Bus Package.

Route History:
  • 2023 (26 Nov): Introduced between Jurong Town Hall Int and Plantation Cres (Loop)
  • 2023 (Dec): Planned extension along Tengah Blvd, Tengah Dr and Bukit Batok Rd

Past Routings


26 thoughts on “Tower Transit Bus Service 870

  • 26 November 2023 at 2:00 PM

    Les goo 870 is launched but why is the fleet SD only?

  • 3 November 2023 at 11:17 PM

    To be honest, when they first mentioned that 870 will pass by Blk 156 market, I thought they will run into the old Bukit Batok West neighbourhood centre. That’s why I thought that maybe will be 941 extension.

    It is honestly a pleasant surprise that 870 will take the direct route via the main roads at Bukit Batok.

    Considering the direct connection to Jurong East MRT station, 870 may be a temporary route, before the Jurong Region Line is available.

    Next time can just remove 870, and ask affected passengers to either take the Jurong Region Line or another bus route can already (eg. 992 or 174 or other bus route).

    A bit off topic, but 174 rerouting to Tengah is very likely, because it used to run along the now defunct Jurong Road – which is in the present-day Tengah. Now running express along the Pan Island Expressway. Next time high chance may be rerouted to Tengah.

    Anyway, Tengah roads, still need to wait many years then will be fully completed. The situation by then may be different.

    The above is just my own personal opinion.

    • 7 November 2023 at 9:07 AM

      At the same time, don’t you think that 870 looks like BTO? 😊 Probably this is a temporary bus service, and the number will be reused for other temporary bus service of the same nature in the future, where applicable (makeshift bus service, before the MRT connection is available).

      • 8 November 2023 at 2:41 PM

        870 is definitely a permanent svc, meant to complement the JRL

  • 2 November 2023 at 4:09 PM

    TTS Bulim has lease 8 Batch 3 Euro V SG A22 from storage for this service.

  • 22 October 2023 at 10:20 PM

    Seems like service 870 will pass by jurong gateway road. Who knows? Maybe we get to see some new bus stops along Jurong East Street 21. I feel this street can use 2 new bus stops (one at Devan Nair Institute and another at Block 215), then head towards Jurong East Avenue 1 > Jurong East Central > Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 > Bukit Batok Street 11 > Bukit Batok West Avenue 3 (towards Tengah area)

  • 21 October 2023 at 1:29 PM

    I have traced a possible route where 870 could ply and it currently does not duplicate with any svc. There is no renumbering occuring, it is a brand new svc.


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