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[Cancelled] Extension of Bus Service 101 to Buangkok MRT

11 October 2020

Bus 101: SBS Transit MAN Lion's City DD A95 (SG6044Y)

A planned extension of Bus Service 101 to serve Buangkok MRT station was due to take place from 11 October 2020.

However, this extension was cancelled on 2 October 2020 and replaced with Bus Service 114.

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2 bus stops along Buangkok Link would be skipped. Commuters along Buangkok Link would have to access Bus Service 101 along Buangkok Crescent, or take alternative Bus Service 329 instead.

Originally Skipped Bus Stops
  • 66551 – Blk 984
  • 66561 – Blk 991B

Cancellation of Route Extension

Initially announced in September 2020, the planned route extension of Bus Service 101 was due to take place on 11 October 2020.

However, the route extension was cancelled by the Land Transport Authority on 2 October 2020, following feedback from commuters and Grassroots Adviser Ms Ng Ling Ling. In particular, concerned was raised regarding the skipping of two bus stops along Buangkok Link as part of the amendment.

In lieu of Service 101’s planned route extension, Bus Service 114 would be introduced from Buangkok MRT Station to loop at Buangkok Crescent instead, from 25 October 2020.

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11 October 2020
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14 thoughts on “[Cancelled] Extension of Bus Service 101 to Buangkok MRT

  • 4 October 2020 at 12:43 PM

    It’s better to duplicate service that ply high demand area and you’re talking about 243 & 258 which start from different ITH.Both of the svc got good demands during peaks so it isn’t much problem either

    • 5 October 2020 at 4:49 PM

      258 loading is like 974 loading during peak hours.

      However, during non-peak hours, 258 loading is lower than 974 loading.

      258 loading pattern is typical for a Jurong Industrial Service, which it is categorised under.

      Whereas for 974, it is a regular trunk service, so loading better than 258 during non-peak hours is obvious.

      At the very least, 258 can operate using all-single decker buses during all periods of the day, with higher frequencies during peak hours.

      If only use single decker buses on 258, then whenever 258 runs empty buses from Jurong West Street 64 to Jurong West Street 82, there would be less wastage, as the double decker buses can be redeployed to other services that really need the double decker buses.

  • 2 October 2020 at 6:30 PM

    I refer to the new bus service that the LTA intends to introduce to replace the planned amendment of 101.

    Actually, the way the new bus service links Buangkok MRT Station with the residential apartments at Buangkok Crescent, can be used to amend 258 at Jurong West which has a heavy duplication with 243.

    In the same way as how the new bus service would loop at Buangkok Crescent, 258 can first ply Jurong West Street 81 from Jurong West Street 71, and then ply Jurong West Street 82 and Jurong West Avenue 5 to return to Jurong West Street 71.

    Affected commuters may take 243 at the intersecting bus stops at Jurong West Street 61.

    This amendment would reduce the duplication of 258 with 243 significantly. At the same time, it would extend the coverage of 258 to areas along Jurong West Avenue 5 that are presently not within walking distance to a 258 bus stop, so that 258 being a public bus service that primarily provides bus connection to Pioneer MRT Station (like the new bus service in Buangkok) would be able to optimise its reach to the residential areas that are closer to Pioneer MRT Station than Boon Lay MRT Station – while the feeder bus services 242 and 243 continue to run to provide the connection to Boon Lay MRT Station, which is the town centre of Jurong West.

    Honestly, 258 is a public bus service that needs to be amended, as 258 is usually empty between Jurong West Street 82 and Jurong West Street 64 (the current looping point of 258).

    Today’s partial reveal of the new bus service at Buangkok has given me an idea of how 258 can be amended to reduce the duplication with 243, while remain the bus service that connects Pioneer MRT Station to the nearby residential areas.

    Hopefully LTA would amend 258, so that the public bus service resources would be optimised.

  • 2 October 2020 at 3:03 PM

    The current routing of bus 101 is already winding to begin with. Making it go further to Buangkok MRT Station and looping is only going to add additional stress to the operations of bus 101.

    I applaud the decision to cancel the planned amendment of bus 101 to Buangkok MRT Station, and replace the planned amendment with a new bus service.

    For the sake of operating the new bus service efficiently, I feel that the LTA should let the new bus service originate and end at Compassvale Bus Interchange.

    When Buangkok Bus Interchange opens, I believe the new bus service can be shortened to Buangkok Bus Interchange, and let bus 110 (presently from Compassvale Bus Interchange to Changi Airport) take over the skipped sector and also originate and end at Buangkok Bus Interchange.

    Whereas for that feeder 374 at Compassvale Bus Interchange, that service honestly has very little passengers. In fact, 374 can merge with 110 for more effective use of resources.

    1. Good move to cancel the planned amendment of bus 101 and replace the planned amendment with a new bus service.

    2. This new bus service can use Compassvale Bus Interchange for a few years. Then when the new Buangkok Bus Interchange opens, this new bus service can shorten to Buangkok Bus Interchange and let bus 110 take over the skipped sector and also originate and end at Buangkok Bus Interchange.

    3. In addition, 374 can merge with 110, due to the low utilisation of 374, and actually 110 also has low utilisation in Sengkang. The Compassvale Bus Interchange can effectively be replaced by the new Buangkok Bus Interchange when it opens a few years from now.

    • 6 October 2020 at 12:53 PM

      As a resident staying in Buangkok Crescent, I was really looking forward to bus 101 extension to Buangkok MRT. I personally feel sad when it is cancelled as we (Buangkok Residents) may have to wait for another month for the new bus service. Do you know how inconvenient it is for us ? Having to take bus 329 or 101 to and from Hougang MRT, and both bus journeys takes up to 20mins excluding waiting time. It’s just that we have been looking forward to bus 101 extension for months. I just hope LTA will make a firm decision before releasing it, so that residents like us would not be happy for nothing. Now we still have to continue with taking bus 329 or 101 to Hougang MRT, taking up to 1 hour to and fro everyday. But it would be so much faster if there is a direct bus service to Buangkok MRT as it doesn’t go thru the estates of Hougang like bus 329 or 101 do.


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