MAN A95 bus models launched by Knackstop

On 21 June 2017, Knackstop launched the “Singapore Bus Model”, featuring a Lush Green MAN A95 bus.

Knackstop, a retail arm set up by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), sells a collection of public transport-inspired keepsakes and souvenirs. The “Singapore Bus Model” is its first die-cast bus model to be put on sale, retailing at $92.

Marketed as the “Singapore Bus Model”, the bus is decorated with the Lush Green livery and SG<3BUS decals, but without any operator logo.

Bus 43M - Go-Ahead MAN Lion's City DD A95 (SG5918H)
Bus 43M – Go-Ahead MAN Lion’s City DD A95 (SG5918H)

The MAN A95 is the Batch 3 Facelift variant, of which 122 units were purchased by the Land Transport Authority. The die-cast model reflects the newer bodywork design which was present only in newer versions of the batch (92 out of 122 buses).

The bus model is produced by Model1 (also known as Network Shuttle) based in Hong Kong. Apart from large numbers of Hong Kong buses, the company also produced the SMRT Alexander Dennis Enviro500 die-cast model commissioned by SMRT in its pixel livery.

Each bus comes screwed to a plastic base plate, with a clear acetate display case and a colour card outer box.

For the Electronic Display Signages, the bus model displays “LTA – SGBus” on the front, “SGBus” on the side and “SG Bus” (two lines) on the rear. The registration plate – SG2016S – was likely picked for the Singapore context and does not accurately reflect the actual registration. Buses of this type are registered SG5800M to SG5920A & SG2017C, and even so, the checksum formula for 2016 yields SG2016E and not SG2016S.

The interior of the model is remarkable, built to a high level of detail with minor details accurately represented.

The model can be purchased exclusively at Knackstop @ Singapore Mobility Gallery (formerly known as Land Transport Gallery) located within LTA’s Hampshire Road Headquarters, retailing at $92. The address is 1 Hampshire Road, Singapore 219428. Nett proceeds from purchases go to the LTA Cares Fund to help those with transportation needs.

As a limited edition collectable, only around 500 pieces have been produced. All units were sold out by mid-October 2017.

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MAN A95 (Euro 6) Bus Model

The MAN A95 (Euro 6) Bus Model was launched by Knackstop on 12 December 2020.

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  • 31 January 2021 at 8:17 AM

    To some bus enthusiast, please just have one model only instead of buying another (or more) of the same model whenever knackstop releases a new batch of stock. It is really unfair for the rest of the public who wants to get their hands on one of it but couldn’t due to some enthusiast who buys so many of it. Please think about others before bulk purchasing.


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