MAN A95 (Euro 6) bus models launched by Knackstop

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The MAN A95 (Euro 6) die-cast model was launched by Knackstop on 12 December 2020, at 12pm.

Knackstop, a retail arm set up by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), sells a collection of public transport-inspired keepsakes and souvenirs. The MAN A95 (Euro 6) is its second die-cast bus model to be put on sale, retailing at $92. An earlier version of the MAN A95 was first sold by Knackstop in 2017.

The fourth & fifth batch of bus models are currently on sale on both Shopee & Lazada platforms as of 16 Mar 2021.

The MAN A95 (Euro 6) Bus Model

LTA procured 250 units of MAN A95 (Euro 6) buses back in 2017. The die-cast is modelled after this first batch of 250 buses.

However, these are not the sole MAN A95 (Euro 6) buses in Singapore. A further 111 MAN A95 (Euro 6) buses were procured in July 2018 (Batch 2), followed by another 50 in a 3-Door variant procured in April 2019. These later buses have exterior and interior differences from the first batch of buses.

As with the earlier batch of bus models procured, the die-cast bus model is manufactured by Model 1 Company Limited (also known as Network Shuttle), based in Hong Kong. Apart from large numbers of Hong Kong buses, the company also produced the SMRT Alexander Dennis Enviro500 die-cast model commissioned by SMRT in its pixel livery.

Each bus comes screwed to a plastic base plate, with a clear acetate display case and a colour card outer box. No limited edition certificate is supplied with this bus.

For the Electronic Display Signages, the bus model displays “LTA – SGBus” on the front, “SGBus” on the side and “SG Bus” (two lines) on the rear. The registration plate – SG2016M – was likely picked for the Singapore context and does not accurately reflect the actual registration. Buses of this type are registered SG5921Y – SG6171M, and even so, the checksum formula for 2016 yields SG2016E and not SG2016M.

The interior of the model is built to a high level of detail with minor details accurately represented, such as interior colour schemes and stickers, placement of handlebars, and the various controllers around the drivers’ dashboard.


The MAN A95 (Euro 6) diecast bus model was first announced on 9 December 2020 via a teaser image uploaded on the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s official Instagram page, and followed up with purchase instructions shortly after. The model would be released on the Shopee & Lazada e-commerce platforms, starting from 12pm on 12 December 2020 at $92 per model. Nett proceeds from Knackstop purchases go to the LTA Cares Fund to help those with transportation needs.

First Batch

On 12 December 2020, the model was released on Lazada at 1200hrs, and on Shopee at around 1230hrs, with an estimated 60 bus models on each platform. Both were sold out within 10 minutes of release.

Knackstop’s instagram post attributed the delay in the Shopee platform listing to the Shopee product review process.

Second Batch

The second batch of bus models was released on 19 January 2021, again on both platforms (60 models on Shopee, unknown quantity on Lazada). This was announced via Knackstop’s Instagram post. By 1530hrs on the same day of the announcement, the models were sold out again.

Third Batch

The third batch of models was released on 23 February 2021, again on both platforms (60 models on Shopee, unknown quantity on Lazada). However, the release this time was not publicized on Knackstop’s social media channels. Models on the Shopee and Lazada platform were sold out on 24 February and 26 February 2021 respectively.

Fourth Batch

The fourth batch of models was released on 16 March 2021, again on both platforms (60 models on Shopee, unknown quantity on Lazada). Once again, the release was not publicized on Knackstop’s social media channels.

Fifth Batch

The fifth batch of models was released in May 2021

A Nostalgic Bus Tickets Adhesive Tape was also shipped with the bus models as a freebie.


Knackstop is a retail arm set up by the Land Transport Authority which sells a collection of public transport-inspired keepsakes and souvenirs.

The “Singapore Bus Model”, featuring a Lush Green MAN A95 bus, was launched back in June 2017, retailing for $92 each, and all models were sold out by mid-October 2017. It was understood that around 500 pieces were produced.

The latest bus model is slightly different from the one released in 2017. The 2017 model references the MAN A95 (Euro 5), while the latest model is the MAN A95 (Euro 6).

2017 MAN A95 diecast model article:

Side-by-side comparison

2019 Unlicensed Release

In June 2019, a MAN A95 (Euro 6) bus model was launched in Hong Kong with the registration number “SG2016M”, which is very similar to that to be launched by Knackstop in December 2020. As the product was not licensed by LTA, no SG Bus decals was pasted on the bus model.

The official product sold in December 2020 is also based on this model, with the SG Bus decal already affixed on, as well as the interior & exterior stickers such as the Emergency Exit & Please fold your stroller if the bus is crowded

Photos of the June 2019 MAN A95 (Euro 6) model on

Gallery (Actual bus):
Gallery (Bus Model):


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    SGD92.00 exclusively on Lazada and Shoppee platforms from 12 December 2020, 12pm onwards.

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    Dun start to buy in bulk and then reselling them at a higher profit just for yourself. I think I am clear enough to make this statement targeting at individuals.

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    The rims need refinement..If have A24 and A22 i might consider.

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    How much is the MAN A95 Euro 6 Bus?


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