Commemorative last Service 900 trip from Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange

To accommodate modification works for the Thomson-East Coast Line, Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange was scheduled for a three-year closure, with its last day of service operations on Friday, 11 March 2016. SMRT Buses arranged for a commemorative trip of Bus Service 900 as the last revenue service bus departing the interchange.

Scheduled for early Saturday morning, 12 March 2016, the last Bus Service 900 was to depart Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange at 1.00am, from Berth 2. Commuters on the last bus would receive a special SMRT certificate during the journey to commemorate the milestone.

On the ground:

Over 160 people, mostly bus enthusiasts, turned out for the commemorative trip of the last Bus Service 900 trip. This resulted in an additional bus being deployed for the last bus.

A MAN NG363F bus, SMB8018H driven by Bus Captain Krishna Rao, better known for his nickname of the Pilot Bus Captain, performed the scheduled commemorative trip of Bus Service 900, departing Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange at 0105hrs. A second bus (TIB1104K, a Mercedes-Benz O405G) was pulled over to pick up the remaining passengers, making it the actual last trip of Service 900.

Both buses ended their trips at the new Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange, making them the first revenue service buses to terminate at the new interchange. Passengers onboard both buses were presented with a special commemorative SMRT certificate upon disembarking the bus for their participation.

This is the second commemorative last bus departure organised by SMRT, the first close to a year ago on 13 March 2015 for the closure of Yishun Bus Interchange for renovation works.




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