RTS Link Rolling Stock

RTS Link Rolling Stock
In service End 2026 (projected)
Manufacturer CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd
Constructed TBA
Number built 8 trains (4 cars each)
Formation 4 cars per trainset
Operators RTS Operations Pte Ltd
Depot(s) Wadi Hana (Johor Bahru)
Line(s) served Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link
Technical Data
Operating speed 80 km/h
Doors 6 per car
Electrification 750V DC (3rd rail)
Track gauge Standard Gauge (1435mm)

The RTS Link Rolling Stock (final name TBC) is a light rapid transit train procured for the Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link. These electric multiple unit (EMU) trains are projected to enter service in end-2026 with the opening of the RTS Link.

Eight trains were procured, with each train formed of four train cars.

In May 2021, RTS Operations announced that it had awarded the rolling stock tender to CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co Ltd.


As a light rapid transit line, the rolling stock will be similar to that used on the Ampang and Sri Petaling lines in Kuala Lumpur, and the Jurong Region Line in Singapore. According to technical information released by MRT Corp, each four-car train is 76 m in length and 3.86 m in height. The trains have a normal maximum capacity of 605 passengers, and a crush load maximum capacity of 1,069 passengers. Car bodies are made of either lightweight aluminium or stainless steel.

The trains will be furnished with stanchions, handrails, and wheelchair spaces (1 per car). Free movement between passenger cars will be possible via walkthrough gangways at all intermediate car ends. Trains will also be driverless, using an Automatic Train Control system, but a manual driving console is also provided at the end of each train.

Each train car has three sets of bi-parting doors on each side with an interior emergency release.

Trains will be built to Standard gauge (1,435 mm). Traction power is delivered via a 3rd rail system, with a conductor rail that supplies 750V DC traction power. Trains are limited to a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h.

Other standard features include ventilation and air-conditioning, an in-saloon and cab front CCTV system, passenger emergency communication facilities, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.

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One thought on “RTS Link Rolling Stock

  • 27 January 2021 at 3:01 PM

    Such a small order (8 train sets), confirm will be additional order of either the Malaysia LRT3 rolling stock or the Singapore JRL rolling stock, where both lines are currently under construction. The LRT3 rolling stock is by a China company, whereas the JRL rolling stock is by a Korea company. Due to costs consideration, the answer is quite obvious. Probably the LRT3 rolling stock will be used. Furthermore, the depot is at Malaysia. To deliver the LRT3 rolling stock would be easier than to deliver the JRL rolling stock.


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