Wadi Hana Depot

Wadi Hana Depot
Planned location of Wadi Hana Depot
Planned location of Wadi Hana Depot
Location Wadi Hana, Johor Bahru
Line Served Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link
Operator RTS Operations Pte Ltd
Type Elevated maintenance depot
Rolling Stock 8 four-car LRT trainsets
Opening End 2026

Wadi Hana Depot is a future train depot in Johor Bahru serving the Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link. The train depot occupies a 2.83-hectare site in Wadi Hana, located around 1 km north of JB Sentral.

The depot will be operated and maintained by RTS Operations Pte Ltd, an SMRT-Prasarana joint venture.

As the only train depot for the RTS Link, Wadi Hana Depot supports all day-to-day operations, such as:

  • Rolling stock maintenance, inspection, and cleaning
  • Stabling of trains, including LRT vehicles, locomotives and works trains
  • Maintenance base for RTS Link systems (e.g. permanent way, power supply systems, signalling systems, telecommunication equipment)
  • Administration and management of the RTS Link and its facilities


Wadi Hana MRT Depot is designed for the stabling and maintenance of 8 four-car LRT trains and services the RTS Link as its only depot.

To accommodate all depot functions within a compact land area, the main depot floor and approach tracks are elevated at 15 m above ground, enabling the main rolling stock workshop and other non-rail-related functions to be placed on the ground floor. Depot facilities include:

  • Upper Maintenance Tracks (Upper deck)
    • Work train maintenance
    • Light maintenance track
    • Heavy maintenance track
    • Lifting track
    • Stabling track
    • Train wash track with wash plant
  • Rolling Stock Workshop (Ground level)
    • Rolling stock bogie workshop
    • Wheel workshop
    • Traction motor workshop
    • Body equipment workshop
    • Main store
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Building (Ground level)
    • Rolling stock workshop (TBC)
    • Infrastructure maintenance workshop
    • Hardstand and outdoor storage

The Upper Maintenance Tracks on the elevated deck occupy a 55 m x 108 m footprint at the north end of the depot, where train maintenance tracks, stabling tracks, and the train wash are located.

Directly underneath the Upper Maintenance Tracks is the Rolling Stock Workshop, a two-storey building located at ground level, where train components are overhauled. There are separate workshop areas for rolling stock, wheels, traction motors, and body equipment, as well as the Main store.

Adjacent to the Rolling Stock Workshop is the Infrastructure Maintenance Building, a two-storey building with half-mezzanine floor. This building is located at ground level, underneath the approach tracks. This building houses an Infrastructure maintenance workshop and maintenance offices. It is not entirely clear whether the Infrastructure Maintenance Building refers to this building alone, or collectively refers to this building along with the Rolling Stock Workshop.

Road access to Wadi Hana Depot is offered via Jalan Mohd Taib and Jalan Wadi Hana.


In the initial plans for the RTS Link (as per the 2018 Bilateral Agreement), the RTS Link would share subsystems (e.g. signalling system, rolling stock, communication systems, integrated supervisory control system, etc.) with Singapore’s Thomson-East Coast Line. A light maintenance facility at Bukit Chagar was planned, with the main depot being Mandai Depot.

However, revised plans as formalised in the 2020 Bilateral Agreement called for the RTS Link to be an independent light metro system fully decoupled from Thomson-East Coast Line. All 8 four-car trainsets would be based out of Wadi Hana Depot, with no maintenance facilities in Singapore. The cost of depot construction (~RM500 million) was fully borne by Malaysia, and is expected to offer between 400 to 500 job opportunities for locals.


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2 thoughts on “Wadi Hana Depot

  • 8 December 2020 at 10:35 AM

    The name Wadi Hana is of Arabic origin. There existed years ago a Kampung of the same name. Needless to say, the residents were predominantly Arabs.

  • 30 November 2020 at 8:30 PM

    If they don’t build a KTM station next to the RTS station, but instead continue to have it at the JB Sentral location, having the RTS station is useless.

    If they don’t build sheltered elevated walkways to City Square and Komtad, having the RTS station is useless, as people will still take the public buses 170, 160, 950 to JB Sentral and walk to the shopping centres.

    Hopefully the above can be built in tandem with the RTS Link.


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