Mandai Rail Depot

Mandai MRT Depot
Location 320 Mandai Road, Singapore 779405
Operator SMRT Trains
Type At-grade
Rolling stock CT251
Opened 2020

Mandai MRT Depot is an at-grade MRT train depot serving the future Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), integrated with a bus depot.

The depot is built in Mandai just off the Seletar Expressway (SLE), covering an area of 320,000 square metres, and is bordered by Mandai Road, Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Lorong Lada Hitam. Located within the Mandai Agrotechnology Park, land previously occupied by Orchidville (Singapore’s largest orchid farm) was acquired to make way for the depot, along with the diversion of the Ulu Sembawang Park Connector.

Accessed from Mandai Road, the depot will contain the Thomson-East Coast Line Operations Control Centre along with administrative and support offices, as well as maintenance facilities and stabling areas for trains, and ancillary facilities such as a train wash, paint shop and locomotive workshop. It has the capacity to stable up to 90 trains, and is the largest train depot in Singapore by land area occupied.

Mandai Depot is situated between Woodlands South and Springleaf stations, with a total of 3 reception tracks: 2 heading southbound towards Springleaf, joining the mainline after Woodlands South station, and 1 heading northbound towards Woodlands, joining the mainline before Woodlands station.

In addition to trains, Mandai MRT Depot will integrate a bus depot within its premises, built above the train depot’s maintenance shed. Mandai Bus Depot will house maintenance facilities and an enclosed bus park.

Contract CT201 for the construction of Mandai Depot was awarded to Jurong Primewide Pte Ltd of Singapore, at a contract sum of S$329 million.

Rolling stock:

Mandai Depot maintains CT251 trains operating on the Thomson-East Coast Line. It will also maintain the rolling stock for the future Singapore–Johor Bahru RTS Link.


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