Seletar Bus Depot

Seletar Bus Depot is a bus depot near Yio Chu Kang, bordered by Yio Chu Kang Crescent, Seletar Expressway (SLE) and the Sungei Seletar Simpang Kiri canal. The depot is presently occupied by SBS Transit as the successful tenderer of the Seletar Bus Package, the third route package under the Bus Contracting Model (BCM). During the construction phase, the depot was also referred to as Sungei Seletar Bus Depot.

The bus park, which was constructed first, was previously also used by SBS Transit used for the overnight parking of buses while the rest of the depot was under construction.

General Information
Name Seletar Bus Depot
Address 3 Yio Chu Kang Crescent, Singapore 786010
Depot Information
Anchor Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Tenant Operator SMRT Buses Ltd
BCM Route Package Seletar Bus Package
Type Main bus depot with offices and maintenance facilities
Catchment Yishun, Yio Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio


Seletar Bus Depot (formerly Sungei Seletar Bus Depot) was commissioned by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to accommodate additional buses being introduced over the years, as the overall bus capacity increases under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP). Under the Bus Contracting Model, the Depot was then allocated to the Seletar Bus Package.

The depot was designed to accommodate 525 buses and is equipped with facilities for daily bus operations, bus repair and maintenance, bus parking areas, offices, a rest area for bus drivers, and a canteen. An access road linking to Yio Chu Kang Road and Lentor Avenue (named Yio Chu Kang Crescent) was built to serve the depot. The bus depot was handed over to the first incumbent, SBS Transit, in August 2017 for outfitting and preparatory works before the Seletar Bus Package commenced operations.

Contract RD299 for the construction of Sungei Seletar Bus Depot was awarded to Tiong Seng Contractors (Private) Limited / T.Y. Lin International Pte. Ltd. for S$72.9 million in October 2015. Construction was completed in 3Q 2017.

The 96,000-square-metre depot boasts many features. The green roof of Seletar Depot reduces energy consumption by about 10% as it lowers the temperature of the building. The automatic bus washing system recycles about 80% of the water that is used in the washing process. Free Wi-Fi access, handphone charging stations and a modern gym are just several of the amenities provided at Seletar Bus Depot.

SBS Transit Bus Park use

Seletar Bus Depot (Bus Park), with container offices under a metal roof and portable toilets
Seletar Bus Depot (Bus Park), with container offices under a metal roof and portable toilets

In December 2016, SBS Transit took over the newly-completed bus park for the overnight parking of its buses, relieving pressure off its nearby Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot.

Several shipping container offices under a large shelter made of corrugated metal hoarding sheets formed the main depot building. A row of portable toilets are located nearby, and another shipping container office at the vehicular entrance/exit doubled up as a guardhouse. The rest of the depot remained under construction.

A similar arrangement was used at Bulim Bus Depot for the parking of SMRT Buses between August 2014 and July 2015, and then continuing for several more months even after the depot was handed over to Tower Transit. At Loyang Bus Depot, its completed bus park was used for parking of newly delivered and unregistered SBS Transit Mercedes-Benz Citaros for Bedok North Depot between March and December 2015.

SBS Transit operated an employee shuttle service between Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot and Sungei Seletar Bus Park. Additionally, existing Employee Bus routes were amended to serve the depot.

BCM Takeover

Seletar Bus Depot: View from Lentor Avenue
Seletar Bus Depot: View from Lentor Avenue

On Wednesday, 19 April 2017, LTA announced SBS Transit Ltd as the winner of the Seletar Bus Package. As a result, Seletar Bus Depot was officially handed over to SBS Transit in August 2017 to allow them sufficient time to expand their current operations by recruiting and training bus captains and technicians.

On 23 December 2017, from 1800hrs, SBS Transit bus services under the Seletar Bus Package started refuelling and garaging at Seletar Bus Depot. This is in addition to the other bus services such as 13, 72, 128, 168 & CT8 which were then already garaging at Seletar Bus Depot. These non-Seletar Package bus services were shifted back to Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot when the Seletar Package officially kicked in the first half of 2018.

Carnival & Official Opening

On 27 January 2018, during the Seletar Bus Depot Carnival, Seletar Bus Depot was officially opened by Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure & Minister for Transport Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

Partial SMRT Buses Use

SMRT Buses was allocated parking space of 65 rigid parking lots and 16 articulated parking lots based on the bus depot layout plan in 2018, giving SMRT Buses additional parking space in addition to their nearby Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot. Additionally, SMRT Task Force 50 is also mainly based in Seletar Bus Depot.

Depot Facilities

On the ground floor is a parking area for 525 buses, as well as bays for repair and maintenance. A separate area contains washing and refuelling facilities.

Located on the second floor are the Depot offices and Operations facilities, such as the Bus Operations Control Centre and NTWU Office.

Crew rest and recreation areas are also located on the second floor. Facilities offered include a recreation room, a gym and various crew rest rooms.

Food and beverages are sold at the NTWU Canteen on the second floor. Television screens are placed around the canteen to display staff notices and reminders. Corner tables are also equipped with power sockets and USB charging ports for staff to recharge their mobile devices.

Electric Bus Charging Infrastructure

Ten 150 kW overnight charging systems were installed at Seletar Bus Depot to support the overnight charging of 20 BYD K9 buses. These buses were part of the 60 electric buses that LTA procured in 2018.

Based on observations, 10 electrical cabinets (rated at 150 kW each) were installed, and paired to at least 21 depot charging boxes (each with its own CCS charging cable), with this excess number of charging boxes likely for redundancy.

Bus Contracting Model (BCM)

Under the BCM, Seletar Bus Depot is bundled with 27 bus routes as part of the Seletar Bus Package. These routes would operate mainly from Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange, Yio Chu Kang Bus Interchange, and Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, with the Depot handling the operations of all buses operating on these routes.

Allocated bus services to Seletar Bus Depot under the Seletar Bus Package include:

Service Route Type
Ang Mo Kio ↺ Changi Airport PTB2 Trunk
Yio Chu Kang ↔ Shenton Way Trunk
71 Yio Chu Kang ↺ Bishan Street 11 Trunk
76 Yio Chu Kang ↔ Eunos Trunk
130 Ang Mo Kio ↔ Shenton Way Trunk
133 Ang Mo Kio ↔ Shenton Way Trunk
135 Ang Mo Kio ↔ Jalan Kembangan Trunk
138 Ang Mo Kio ↺ Mandai Lake Road Trunk
162 Yio Chu Kang ↔ Shenton Way Trunk
261 Ang Mo Kio ↺ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Feeder
262 Ang Mo Kio ↺ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2 Feeder
265 Ang Mo Kio Depot ↺ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Feeder
268 Ang Mo Kio Depot ↺ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 Feeder
269 Ang Mo Kio ↺ Ang Mo Kio Street 61 Feeder
800 Yishun ↺ Sembawang Road Feeder
803 Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 6 Feeder
804 Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 11 Feeder
805 Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 1 Feeder
806 Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 6 Feeder
807 Yishun ↺ Yishun Street 71 Feeder
811 Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 5 & Yishun Avenue 1 Feeder
812 Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 4 & Yishun Avenue 3 Feeder
850E Yishun Street 41 → Shenton Way
Anson Road → Yishun Ring Road
851 Yishun ↔ Bukit Merah Trunk
851e Yishun ↔ New Bridge Road / Eu Tong Sen Street Express
852 Yishun ↔ Bukit Batok Trunk
860 Yishun ↺ Yio Chu Kang Trunk
Short Trip & Supplementary Bus Services

These services do not add to the overall service count.

Service Route Type
70A Yio Chu Kang → Temasek Avenue (Opp The Ritz-Carlton) Short Trip
70B Yio Chu Kang Road (Opp Serenity Pk) → Serangoon Central (S’goon Stn Exit C/Blk 201) Short Trip
70M Yio Chu Kang ↺ Temasek Avenue Supplementary
130A Ang Mo Kio → Sin Ming Road (Blk 25) Short Trip
138A Ang Mo Kio → Mandai Lake Road (S’pore Zoo) Short Trip
138B Ang Mo Kio → Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 (Opp Blk 604) Short Trip
162M Yio Chu Kang ↺ Temasek Avenue Supplementary
268A Ang Mo Kio Depot → Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 (Techplace 2) Short Trip
268B Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 (Opp AMK Police Div HQ) → Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 (Aft Ang Mo Kio Stn Exit A) Short Trip
268C Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 (Opp Ang Mo Kio Stn) → Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 (AMK Police Div HQ) Short Trip
269A Ang Mo Kio → Ang Mo Kio Street 61 (Opp Yio Chu Kang CC) Short Trip
807A Yishun → Yishun Ring Road (Khatib Stn Exit D) Short Trip
811A Yishun → Yishun Avenue 5 (Opp Yishun Stn Exit B) Short Trip
811T Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 5 /
Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 1
Terminating Trip
812T Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 4 /
Yishun ↺ Yishun Avenue 3
Terminating Trip

Bus Models

SBS Transit currently houses the following models of buses in Seletar Bus Depot:

Single Deck Buses
Articulated Buses
Double Decker Buses

Gallery (December 2017 | Completed):

Gallery (July 2017 update):

Gallery (Bus Park, November 2016):

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