Tengah Bus Interchange

Tengah Bus Interchange is an upcoming interim Bus Interchange, currently under construction, sited in the Park district of Tengah new town. It is bounded by Tengah Park Avenue and Tengah Boulevard.

This interchange is not to be confused with the upcoming Tengah Integrated Transport Hub at Tengah Central (Tengah Town Centre).

Name Tengah Bus Interchange
Address 42A Tengah Boulevard, Singapore 699896
BCM Route Package TBC
Anchor Operator TBC
Bus Routes TBC
Berths 6 sawtooth boarding berths
Rail Connection Not Applicable

The current site occupied by the interchange is likely temporary, as it is zoned for residential use under the URA Master Plan 2019.

Brief History

In December 2019, the construction tender for the bus interchange (Contract PT396 – Proposed Design and Construction of Bus Interchange and Associated Works at Tengah Boulevard) was put up by the Land Transport Authority. The contract was later awarded to Tat Hin Builders Pte Ltd in October 2020.

The location of the bus interchange was earlier indicated on maps issued by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) for new housing estate launches in Tengah town in 2020.

Updated Name

This article formerly referred to the interchange as “Tengah Boulevard Bus Interchange”. In October 2023, mock up signage at the bus interchange indicated that it will be named as Tengah Bus Interchange.

In addition, the bus interchange name is featured in a map of the Tengah town bus network in a Facebook Post by local Member of Parliament Dr. Amy Khor.

Berth Allocation:
Berth Bus Services
A1 For Alighting Only
A2 For Alighting Only
A3 For Alighting Only



Construction Progress


19 thoughts on “Tengah Bus Interchange

  • 13 May 2024 at 10:40 PM

    Hi LTA/MP Amy

    Why why the why have you not replied us?
    Please update us on the development plans so that we TENGAHan are inform of the progress thank you

    • 14 May 2024 at 1:10 PM

      This page is not run by LTA or Amy Khor, they’re not going to read your comments here. Write your feedback to LTA directly.

  • 30 March 2024 at 4:11 PM

    Hi LTA/MP Amy
    As the Tengah Garden District is going to hold the Roadshow to mark down the 1st batch of its owner to collect keys to be the real residents at Garden Vale@Tengah and Garden Vines@Tengah in end April 2024, have your team working closely with LTA to complete the Tengah Drive as well as SBS/Tower Transit to get more buses.
    1. LTA matter:
    a. Complete Tengah Drive for access to both Garden Vale and Garden Vines, which currently was disconnected at the junction of Tengah Boulevard.

    b. Secondary road from Plantation Crescent to Tengah Garden Walk, which currently the Plantation Crescent is providing the u-turn at the Tengah Garden Walk only

    ***with this current plan, none of the Garden District residents is able to drive into the Estate which is scheduled to be open in May 2024.

    c. Bus Stand is still ongoing installation work but this has to work closely with LTA and Bus Operator in advance, to avoid last year’s incident to be repeated and show no improvement from the government after so many passed examples.

    2. Bus Operator matters
    a. Thanks for having 870 to route toward Tengah Boulevard which had helped the residents of Plantation Village last December 2023. However, this Bus Stand located at block 231B which is more than 500m away from 228A and is too far for those moving into Garden Vines 238A.

    b. Till date, we do not see the provisions of Rain Shelter or Covered Linkway from this Bus Stand toward any of the Garden District Estate. These may cos major issues to those with kids, elderly or wheels.

    c. Understand that Amy had helped to increase the bus frequency but yet with additional of two(2) new Estates of total 4 Blocks, it is time for your team to get more buses to be on board to Tengah before end May 2024.

    d. With the current 870 to Jurong East and 992 to Bukit Batok which may also jamming at JE MRT Station… do your team review the need of BUS toward CCK and Boon Lay to balance of the crown at JE MRT Station as well as allow the residents to be able to source their amenities from more areas.

    As part of the TENGAHan that will be join the coming roadshow, I hope Amy KHOR able to announce the confirm good news at the event to let’s us have a smooth moving in progress.

    Tengah Boulevard Bus Interchange updated on March 2024

  • 14 March 2024 at 11:16 AM

    Here are my ideas for bus services in Tengah Int:

    171: Extend to Tengah via Teck Whye
    Ave, CCK Ave 1,6. [Yishun – Tengah]

    172: Amend to serve Brickland Rd from Boon Lay. [Boon Lay – Tengah]

    173: Extend to Tengah and to Ghim Moh. 992 withdrawn, lost sectors served by 173.
    [Tengah – Ghim Moh]

    184: Extend to Tengah from Bukit Panjang, extend to HarbourFront to cover NUS & Pasir Panjang.
    [Tengah – HarbourFront]

    506: Must be done!
    [Tengah – Woodleigh]

    870: Not expected to be withdrawn due to great coverage of BB West to Tengah/JE. Amend to serve greater areas of Jurong East.
    [Jurong East – Tengah].

    Feeder services with 34x numbering.

    -WLTransit 100 (YT)


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