Tengah MRT Depot

Tengah Depot
Location TBA
Operator TBA
Type TBA
Rolling Stock TBA
Opening 2026

Tengah MRT Depot is a future MRT train depot serving the Jurong Region Line (JRL). Currently under planning, the depot is envisioned as an integrated rail and bus depot in the Tengah region, adjacent to the Pan-Island Expressway and Kranji Expressway.

Tengah MRT Depot will house the Operations Control Centre and provide stabling and maintenance facilities for about 100 JRL trains. In addition, there will be a stabling facility near Peng Kang Hill Station to further enhance the launching and withdrawal operations of trains instead of relying solely on the main depot.

A multi-storey bus depot, Tengah Bus Depot, is co-located with the MRT depot to optimise land use and streamline construction processes. It will house a Bus Operations Control Centre, and provide parking and maintenance facilities for about 600 buses.

More details will be released when made available.


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