Changi Airport PTB4 Bus Stand

Changi Airport Passenger Terminal Building 4 (PTB4) Bus Stand is located at Terminal 4 of Changi International Airport. The bus stand serves public bus services calling at Changi Airport Terminal 4 bound for the City and other parts of Singapore.

Public bus services to Changi Airport PTB4 will be announced at a later date, closer to the official opening date of the Terminal.


Name Changi Airport PTB4 Bus Terminal | 樟宜机场第四搭客大厦巴士终站
Bus Routes To Be Announced
Berths Linear berths for alighting & boarding
Rail Connection Not Applicable
Changi Airport T4 Bus Stand
Changi Airport T4 Bus Stand

The bus stand at Changi Airport PTB4 is built just outside the arrival hall of the terminal building. Unlike the bus stands at Terminals 1, 2 and 3 which are located in the basement, the Terminal 4 bus stand is located at ground level. As a satellite terminal, it is not directly connected to Changi Airport MRT Station and requires connection via shuttle bus.

The bus stand is sheltered with a spacious passenger waiting area. Waiting benches and Information boards are also provided. A bus stop pole will be installed at a later date.

Located around 100 metres away from the bus stand are end-on berths for coaches.

Bus Connections:

Public bus services to Changi Airport PTB4 will be announced at a later date. However, Bus Service 36 will likely be rerouted to serve Terminal 4 as evident from signs, which point towards “Bus to City” among which only Service 36 connects to the City.

A future bus service from Compassvale Bus Interchange will also serve Changi Airport PTB4.

Future Bus services list:
Service Destination Notes
36 ↺ Tomlinson Road
via Marine Parade, Marina Centre, Orchard
Connects to the City. 36A operating at late hours terminate at Tomlinson Road
TBA Compassvale To Be Announced
    More services To Be Announced
Future Shuttle buses list:
Service Destination Notes
T4-T2 Shuttle (Public) Changi Airport PTB2 Free Shuttle
T4-T2 Shuttle (Airside) Changi Airport PTB2 Free Shuttle, for transit passengers only

Ad-Hoc Bus services:

Terminal 4 Open House Shuttle

  • Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Coach Bay) → Terminal 4 Departure Hall (Door 2)
  • Terminal 4 Arrival Hall (Door 5) → Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Coach Bay)

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3 thoughts on “Changi Airport PTB4 Bus Stand

  • 11 August 2017 at 9:57 PM

    Nice lol. Now sengkang will be packed with buses heading towards the airport. (S858, S34 calls at the before expressway bus stop which some parts of sengkang residence can connect to it via a overhead bridge.)
    (S27 and new service serve parts of sengkang.)
    Also means one thing, if there is a new service to airport at compassvale, most likely service 27 will not call at PTB 4 since i dont think SBST will duplicate routes with an existing one nearby.)

  • 9 August 2017 at 6:09 PM

    Question is, how do you know all this info when there is already a service 27 that ends at Hougang. Why aren’t all six services that go to the airport in the list, then?

  • 9 August 2017 at 12:31 AM

    I wonder if the rooftop is 4.5m?


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