Singapore Traction Company Mock-up Bus

A unique mock-up bus made its first appearance at LTA’s Our Bus Journey Carnival at Ngee Ann City. A Singapore Traction Company bus, STC 609, a 1967 Nissan RX102K3, was salvaged from a scrapyard and restored to its former glory, and showcased to the public for the first time.

STC 609 was one of fifty Nissan RX102K3 buses delivered to Singapore Traction Company (STC) in 1967, built with bodywork by Fuji Heavy Industries. Back then, STC held a monopoly over all bus services serving the Central Business District (CBD) ever since it began operations in October 1925. Service 18 was one such service, running between Tampines Road and Shenton Way.

A similar Nissan RX102K3 bus, photo retrieved from

Shortly after the 1971 Bus Reorganization, STC was forced to close down in December 1971 owing to great financial losses leading to the revocation of its omnibus license. Resources were distributed to three new bus operators, namely Associated Bus Services (ABS), Amalgamated Bus Company (ABC) and United Bus Company (UBC), and by 1973, all were merged to form the new Singapore Bus Service (SBS). Eventually registered as SBS6076T, this particular bus continued revenue service until its retirement in the late 1980s.

Located in a scrapyard (perhaps with the assistance of bus enthusiasts), in SBS livery and in decrepit condition, the bus was subsequently restored to its former glory. The interior and exterior were patched up and given a fresh coat of paint, new seats modelled after the old ones were installed, as well as modern handgrips. Only the front half of the bus was fully restored; the rear half was free of interior furnishings. At the bus carnival, a projector screen was installed, detailing the restoration of the bus.

Gallery: (Exterior)

Gallery: (Interior)


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  • 10 February 2017 at 6:42 AM

    May I know is the Singapore Traction Company Mock-up Bus still on display somewhere? Or is there another carnival coming up anytime?



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