Advantech Fleet Management Solution trialed on Tower Transit buses

Disclaimer: This article is based on actual observations of Advantech equipment installed in selected public buses which may be visible to commuters boarding these buses and is not an official press release from Advantech. Refer to Advantech’s press release website for more information.

In late March 2021, several Tower Transit buses deployed on Bus Services 41 & 285 were installed with a fleet management solution from Advantech, in an unannounced trial with the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The trial equipment runs parallel to the existing Trapeze Common Fleet Monitoring System (CFMS) which is currently installed on all public buses. Buses under the trial are affixed with an “LTA Trial Bus” label in the drivers’ cab.

A Driver Display Unit (10-inch In-Vehicle Smart Display TREK-306) is installed at the right side of the drivers’ cab, next to the door controls. It is a touchscreen display with 5 function keys, and a built-in microphone and speaker.

The DDU is wired up to other Advantech equipment concealed within the bus, likely an onboard computer.


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