SBS Transit Express Bus Service 196e

SBS Transit Express Bus Service 196e is an express variant of Service 196, plying between Marine Parade Road and Shenton Way. It passes through Marine Terrace, Nicoll Highway and Fullerton, operating drips during the morning and evening peak hours.

93049 Lagoon View Marine Parade Rd
93039 Laguna Pk Marine Parade Rd
93201 Victoria Sch Marine Parade Rd
93029 Mandarin Gdns Marine Parade Rd
93019 Neptune Ct Marine Parade Rd
92089 CHIJ Katong Convent Marine Parade Rd
92211 CHIJ Katong Convent (Sec) Marine Terr
92221 Blk 19 Marine Terr
92231 Blk 34 Marine Cres
92069 Tao Nan Sch Marine Parade Rd
92059 Bet Blks 72/74 Marine Parade Rd
92049 Parkway Parade Marine Parade Rd
92241 Amber Gdns Amber Rd
02119 Opp War Memorial Pk CC3 Nicoll Highway
03019 OUE Bayfront EW14NS26 Collyer Quay
03059 One Raffles Quay Raffles Quay
03129 UIC Bldg TE19 Shenton Way
03218 Opp MAS Bldg EW15 Shenton Way
03222 Hub Synergy Pt Anson Rd
03111 Aft Capital Twr Robinson Rd
03071 80 Robinson Rd Robinson Rd
03031 Raffles Pl Stn Exit F EW14NS26 Robinson Rd
03011 Fullerton Sq EW14NS26 Fullerton Rd
80151 Opp Suntec City Nicoll Highway
92249 Opp Amber Gdns Amber Rd
92041 Opp Parkway Parade Marine Parade Rd
92051 Opp Blk 72 Marine Parade Rd
92061 CHIJ Katong Convent (Pr) Marine Parade Rd
92239 Blk 45 Marine Cres
92071 Opp Blk 57 Marine Parade Rd
92081 St. Patrick's Sch Marine Parade Rd
93011 Opp Neptune Ct Marine Parade Rd
93021 Opp Mandarin Gdns Marine Parade Rd
93031 Opp Victoria Sch Marine Parade Rd
93041 Hua Xin Ct Marine Parade Rd
Route Overview
Route WAB_logo_20px [AM]: Marine Parade Road (Lagoon View) → Shenton Way (Opp MAS Bldg)
[PM]: Anson Rd (Hub Synergy Pt) → Marine Parade Road (Hua Xin Ct)
Passes Through Marine Terrace, Amber Rd, Nicoll Highway
Route Length Towards Shenton Way: 13.0 km Towards Marine Parade Rd: 13.5 km
Travelling Time 51 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Bedok Bus Package
Current Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Current Depot Bedok North Bus Depot (BNDEP)
Current Fleet Single-Deck Bus:
– Mercedes-Benz Citaro
Operating Hours
Departure Times from Marine Parade Rd
Weekdays, except Public Holidays
07:56 – 08:20
Departure Times from Anson Rd
Weekdays, except Public Holidays
18:18 – 18:42
Operating Frequency
From Marine Parade Rd
8 mins
From Anson Rd
8 mins
Fare Information
Fare Charges express distance fares

Service 196e was introduced as an express variant of Service 196, benefiting residents of Marine Parade with a fast connection to the City areas of Nicoll Highway and Shenton Way, travelling more quickly than its parent route and operating during the peak hours. It also charges express fares.

The route skips selected stops throughout its route in both directions. It also plies express sectors along Nicoll Highway and Mountbatten Road where Service 196 would normally stop.

MRT Stations Served
Departure Timings
  • Morning Peak from Marine Parade Rd (Lagoon View):
    07:56, 08:04, 08:12 & 08:20
  • Evening Peak from Anson Rd (Hub Synergy Pt):
    18:18, 18:26, 18:34 & 18:42
Route Variant

Gallery (Buses):
Poster Gallery:

Operator History
  • 2005 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed under the Bedok Bus Package, in which the negotiated contract term was extended by an undisclosed number of years from 2023.

Route History:
  • 2005 (12 Dec): Introduced between Marine Parade Rd (Lagoon View) and Shenton Way (Opp MAS Bldg) during morning peak hours and between Anson Rd (Apex Twr) and Marine Parade Rd (Hua Xin Ct) during evening peak hours as a peak hour one-directional Fast Forward service on weekdays
  • 2007: Serves additional bus stop outside Victoria Sch along Marine Parade Rd
  • 2016 (25 Jan): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2018 (12 Aug): Renamed as an Express Bus Service from a Fast Forward Bus Service
  • 2020 (08 Apr – 01 Jun): Temporarily suspended due to Singapore COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Measures.

Past Routings

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One thought on “SBS Transit Express Bus Service 196e

  • 22 September 2022 at 7:59 PM

    This service will likely to be withdrawn with the opening of TEL4 (Marine Parade section).


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