Tower Transit Feeder Bus Service 334

Tower Transit Feeder Service 334 is a Feeder service operating between Jurong East Interchange and Jurong West Street 42, passing through Boon Lay Way and Jurong East Avenue 1.

From 05 October 2019, the daily last bus timing from Jurong East will be extended to 0115hrs.

Jurong East Temp Int ↺ Jurong West St 42 (Loop)
28009 Jurong East Temp Int EW24NS1 Jurong Gateway Rd
28441 Seventh-Day Advent Ch Jurong East Ctrl
28071 Blk 105 Boon Lay Way
28081 Blk 112 Boon Lay Way
28281 Opp Blk 227 Jurong Town Hall Rd
28451 Parc Oasis Jurong East Ave 1
28461 Blk 347 Jurong East Ave 1
28491 Opp Jurong Polyclinic Jurong East Ave 1
28501 Blk 490 Jurong West Ave 1
28511 Blk 463 Jurong West Ave 1
28521 Blk 457 Jurong West Ave 1
28401 Blk 502 Jurong West Ave 1
28541 Blk 551 Jurong West St 42
28551 Blk 560A Jurong West St 42
28561 Blk 402 Jurong West St 42
28571 Blk 416 Jurong West St 42
28509 Blk 422 Jurong West Ave 1
28499 Jurong Polyclinic Jurong East Ave 1
28469 Blk 316 Jurong East Ave 1
28459 Opp Parc Oasis Jurong East Ave 1
28289 Blk 228 Jurong Town Hall Rd
28089 Bef Yuhua CC Boon Lay Way
28079 Blk 210 Boon Lay Way
28449 Bef Seventh-Day Advent Ch Jurong East Ctrl
28009 Jurong East Temp Int EW24NS1 Jurong Gateway Rd
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange ↺ Jurong West Street 42 (Loop)
Passes Through Boon Lay Way, Jurong East Ave 1, Jurong West Ave 1
Route Length 9.0 km
Traveling Time 32 – 45 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Bulim Bus Package
Current Operator Tower Transit Singapore
(Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd)
Current Depot Bulim Bus Depot
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck Bus:
Alexander Dennis Enviro500
Volvo B9TL
Departure Times from Jurong East
0530hrs – 0115hrs (Daily)
Frequency Loop Service
0630hrs – 0830hrs: 05 – 06 mins
0831hrs – 1659hrs: 06 – 10 mins
1700hrs – 1900hrs: 05 – 06 mins
After 1900hrs: 05 – 12 mins


Feeder Service 334 serves residents and schools around Jurong East Neighbourhoods 1, 2, 3, and Jurong West Neighbourhoods 4 and 5 to Jurong East Regional Centre. With a large catchment area, it encounters the highest demand among Jurong East feeder services, operating almost a full fleet of double-decker buses. Despite crossing between the Jurong East and Jurong West town planning boundaries, the route is classified as a Feeder service.

Service 334 also shares the same origin and looping point as Bus Service 49, taking a much more direct route.

During Eves of Public Holidays, as well as MRT Early Closure affecting Jurong East MRT Station, operating hours will be extended. Exact last bus hours are announced by Tower Transit closer to these dates.

Fare: Charges basic distance fares, capped at 3.2km for Feeder Services. See Bus Fares.

MRT Stations Served
Special Departures
  • Jurong West St 42 (Blk 551)  Jurong East Temp Int
    Daily: 0520hrs onwards till 0545hrs

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