Jurong East Bus Interchange

The Relocated Jurong East Bus Interchange is an interim bus interchange located at Jurong East Central, serving the town of Jurong East. As part of the Jurong Regional Centre, it connects to many public amenities such as Jurong East MRT Station, Jurong Regional Library, Westgate, JEM and Jurong Community Hospital / Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

The relocated interchange, which opened on 6 December 2020, replaced the first Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange (2011 – 2020) located beside Jurong East MRT station, making it the second temporary interchange in Jurong East, despite LTA having formally dropped the ‘temporary’ designation. The site of the first interim interchange, which lasted nine years, would be demolished to make way for the Jurong Region Line station and a future Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) projected for completion in 2027.

With the relocation of the bus interchange on 6 December 2020, several bus service amendments took place.

The bus interchange is also in the vicinity of the Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange which opened on 26 November 2023 with several bus service amendments.

Name Jurong East Bus Interchange | 裕廊东巴士转换站
Also called: Jurong East Interim Bus Interchange
Address 17A Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608513
BCM Route Package Bulim Bus Package
Anchor Operator Tower Transit
Bus Routes 12 (Tower Transit), 6 (SBS Transit)
Berths 7 sawtooth boarding berths, 4 linear alighting berths
Rail Connection NS1EW24 Jurong East
The interchange:

Jurong East Interim Bus Interchange is located in the residential town of Jurong East, bordered by Jurong Town Hall Road, Jurong East Street 12, Jurong Gateway Road and Jurong East Central 1. Connecting with Jurong East MRT Station along the North South Line and East West Line, the interchange is a transport node for commuters heading in and out of residential estates within Jurong East, as well as the Penjuru and Toh Guan industrial areas, allowing for convenient transfers between the rail network and the many bus services at the interchange.

The relocated Jurong East Bus Interchange opened on 6 December 2020, having moved from the first temporary interchange. Vehicular access is via a combined entrance/exit leading to a signalized junction along Jurong Gateway Road. Secondary access into the bus park is via Jurong East Central 1, which is usually kept closed when not in use.

The layout of the interchange is unique in having the alighting berth detached from the main concourse where all boarding berths and commuter facilities are located. The alighting berth accommodates 4 buses simultaneously, and the main concourse contains 7 sawtooth boarding berths. All berths are wheelchair-accessible.

Access to and from Jurong East MRT Station is offered via a new pedestrian overhead bridge, equipped with escalators, staircases and lifts. The same overhead bridge forms the only sheltered access route between the alighting berth and main concourse.

Interchange Facilities:
  • Interchange Offices / Passenger Service Offices (SBS Transit & Tower Transit)
  • Barrier-free Boarding & Alighting berths
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Staff lounge
  • First Aid Room
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Information boards
  • Bus departure timing displays
  • Service guide rack
  • Retail outlets
  • Public Toilets
  • Nursing Rooms
  • Heartzone
  • SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centre
    Open 10am – 6pm daily, except Public Holidays

The LTA has touted improvements that benefit both commuters and public transport workers, such as more spacious boarding points at each of the seven berths and graduated kerb edges to facilitate boarding for passengers in wheelchairs. A bus berth availability system is installed near the bus park, indicating to bus captains when their boarding berths are available, thus mitigating the risk of congestion within the interchange boarding berths. In addition, high-volume low-speed fans have also been installed at the concourse area for better air circulation.

There are also more facilities that cater to the needs of the elderly, less mobile and families with young children, including four barrier-free alighting areas, priority queue zones with seats, a nursing room and barrier-free toilets. 64 bicycle parking lots are available for those who cycle.

The interchange also comes with upgraded facilities for public transport workers such as an air-conditioned staff canteen, dedicated staff toilets and a staff lounge.

Bus Services:
Service Berth Destination Remarks
41 B6 ↺ Jalan Anak Bukit
49 B6 ↺ Jurong West Street 42
51 B1 Hougang Central
51A B1 Pandan Gardens (Blk 407) Short Trip Service
B2 Bishan
B6 ↺ Upper Bukit Timah Road
97 B5 Marina Centre
97e B5 Marina Centre Peak Hour Unidirectional / Express Service
B4 ↺ Jurong Pier Way
B4 ↺ Corporation Road
105 B2 Serangoon
105B B2 Commonwealth Avenue West (Clementi Stn Exit B) Short Trip Service
B7 Toa Payoh
B7 ↺ Pandan Gardens
183 B5 ↺ Science Park Road
183B B5 Toh Tuck Avenue (Aft Toh Tuck Link) Short Trip Service
197 B2 Bedok
333 B4 ↺ Jurong East Street 32
334 B3 ↺ Jurong West Street 42
335 B7 ↺ Jurong West Avenue 1
B3 Serangoon Express Service
B1 ↺ Bukit Batok West Avenue 8

Services 160 & 160A were shifted to Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange from 26 Nov 2023.

For cross-border bus services operated by Causeway Link proceed to Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange from 22 Jan 2024.

Berth Allocation:
Berth Bus Services
A1 – A4 For Alighting Only
B1 51/51A, 993
B2 52, 105/105B, 197
B3 334, 506
B4 98, 98M, 333
B5 97, 97e, 183/183B
B6 41, 49, 66
B7 143, 143M, 335



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34 thoughts on “Jurong East Bus Interchange

  • 28 November 2023 at 10:34 AM

    Jurong East ITH might have 30-40 parking lots and some services might be relocated to JTH in the future

  • 3 January 2021 at 7:46 AM

    Based on observation… service 78 buses park at UPDEP

  • 15 December 2020 at 7:31 PM

    If 105 shortened to BVT then 91/191 should just combined else no parking space unless LTA plans for Buona Vista Interim Int.506 can just cut back to Bt Batok Int.97 can extend to Bt Batok too and 78/79 start from JE Interim Int

  • 11 December 2020 at 5:37 PM

    This week, I deliberately went to the relocated Jurong East Bus Interchange to experience the arrival and departure procedures. On the first day, I took bus 335 from the bus stop outside the relocated bus interchange to enter the bus interchange. On Tuesday, I went to the second berth from the inside to take bus 105 to Clementi MRT Station. On Wednesday, I went to the berth that is next to the entrance to take bus 335 to Chinese Garden MRT Station.

    Can see that a lot of resources has been put into designing and developing the bus interchange.

    When the buses are in the relocated bus interchange, I observed that the buses move at a low speed.

    The transfer time is about the same as that at Yishun Bus Interchange. Not sure why the authorities want people transferring to the MRT Station to alight at the bus stop before the relocated bus interchange instead of the relocated bus interchange, since eventually the linkway will be closed to make way for the construction works.

    When I was at the relocated bus interchange, I saw a bakery at the western end, and some yet-to-open shops at the eastern end that are currently undergoing renovation. There is a possibility that the relocated bus interchange may itself become a commercial destination, where people can have their meals and shop for their daily necessities.

    It is only a pity that not all bus services can be transferred to the relocated bus interchange. If bus 105 can be shortened to Buona Vista Bus Terminal (since bus 105 and bus 52 duplicate one another between Jurong East Bus Interchange and Clementi MRT Station, and bus 105 runs along the MRT alignment between Clementi MRT Station and Commonwealth MRT Station), bus 78 can enter the relocated bus interchange. This will ensure that all the bus captains still have access to a canteen, rest room and toilet, although some bus services’ point of origin need to change to other bus interchanges (bus 79 change to Boon Lay Bus Interchange, bus 105 change to Buona Vista Bus Terminal).

    I know the authorities have worked hard to plan this relocated bus interchange. However, the changes need time to adapt. If want to rate the bus interchange out of 10 marks, I will rate the relocated Jurong East Bus Interchange the full marks 10 marks, because the authorities really tried their best to plan this bus interchange already. Every detail has been taken care, and the passengers’ comfort has been placed at the centre. If this is a permanent bus interchange, I also would not mind. Just a temporary bus interchange and already invested so much resources. Can only imagine how advanced the eventual Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub would be when it is ready in around 2027.

    • 23 January 2022 at 4:02 PM

      There will be unlikely a Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub as Jurong East Bus Interchange has been relocated, so they do not want to waste the money to plan and build a new Jurong East Bus Interchange. Instead, they can use the money for other necessary resources.


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